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Hi, I’m Dr. Mike. I’m the Bow Tie Vet Guy. Today, we are going to talk about the process of rescuing your new pet. Hi, how are you doing? So when somebody comes in, do they just walk right up here and just say I’m looking for a pet? Yup. And lets take a look. And they can go right away and start looking? Absolutely, yea. They can either begin looking on their own or if they have a pretty good idea we can go ahead and go out there to help guide their decision. Well lets go look. Alright, lets go take a look. Alright. When you first meet a pet. When you first see it and the first moments that you have with it probably the best thing to do is nothing. Stand there. Look at it. See how it responds to you. Does it come right up to you and want to be friends with you right away? If it’s a dog or a cat, maybe bending down, just squating down rather than bending over, would be a good thing to do. Just squat down and be as neutral as you can. Let it come up to you. See what happens. That is a good way, in general, when you first meet an animal. Not to get bit. But this allows the animal to be the one in charge of does it want to come see you or not. So we have a yard that we can play in off leash but we also have another smaller room if you’d prefer. Usually we like going out to the yard though. A lot of times people want to push that dog and see how it “How does it react when I roll it over? How does it react when I grab it’s ears?” That is probably a “don’t” for the very first meeting. I would not do that. You want to let that dog be comfortable with you and there’s not really a benefit in trying to do all of those things. I tell people not to worry too much about behavior things. You’re going to see probably the worst that they’re going to be in the shelter. They’re going to be the most afraid. They’re going to be the most reluctant to come up to you. They’re going to be the most likely to just try to stay away from you But some of those dogs, once you get them into a home where they’ve got rules, where they’ve got people who love them, they’ve got food, and it’s quiet finally they just blossom and they are just the best pets you could ever have. If I was showing this dog and I find that maybe it’s not exactly what you were looking for based on how I’ve been talking with you already and the things that you’re telling me. I may have another dog in the back of my mind that might be a good fit for that. Cool. And then of course if you don’t find what you’re looking for today, you can come back in a week we have such a quick turnover here with all the adoptions we do, you’re going to find something else. Is it true that black cats are harder to get adopted out that’s something that I hear all the time Yes. There are a couple of different reasons from what I’ve been told about that. One that people tend to go to real quickly they say superstition. They say people are superstitious of them. But there was a study that was done, also, just on animals with solid colors and it showed that people just tend to pass them up because they’re not as noticeable. They don’t stand out as much. So if we were to look at for instance this flame point here or any orange tabby kind of cat these guys stand out. They’re bright colors and so people tend to want to rush towards them. Right Same thing with anything like a siamese. Where as this one people may not recognize. They may not see it even. They just kind of walk on by. Yea. It just blends in with the background. The same effect you’ll have with the tan chihuahua’s too. This was the kitten I already touched anyways. Hi kitty. Now, is there a difference with a cat and a dog on interacting with them for the first time? Generally the way I handle interactions with cats is I’ll initially have people see what they think of the cat inside the cat cage. A lot of the time when I take cats out of the cat cage they’ll want to hop right back into it/ Yeah. Because with cats especially they’re really out of their comfort zone here. So these guys may not be used to being around other cats and the minute they realize there’s other ones in the room they start hissing. I have to remind people that if it’s the only cat in the house this is normal for it to see it like this. This is a very abnormal environment for a cat. Exactly. It’s okay. It’s okay. You’re fine sweety. You’re okay. When it’s time to actually rescue the pet You may get asked a lot of questions. They may ask you where is the animal going to be staying? How many people are in the house? Where are they going to be going to the bathroom? All of these questions are just to be sure that you are prepared and they are not sending the animal into a home where it’s going to fail and end up right back there. Once I come back out with the paperwork here what’s going to happen is I’m going to go ahead and hand it off to you. You’ll be taking it off to customer service where you sign and pay for everything. That’s also where they give you all the information about how to register the chip and if the animal does need to be fixed customer service will let you know which hospital is going to be doing the surgery and on what day. We’ll have you pick it up from the hospital, after everything is done. In any case where we notice any kind of medical concern we felt you should be aware of whether it’s serious or minor, we’ll give you what’s called a medical awareness form. And so what would happen is that the medical staff would have to go and check everything off on this list as appropriate. So if it were having treatment for a serious illness you would want to make sure that is continued. And the common question we’ll get from people is, “Well can you guys prescribe the medication? Can you guy give me some doses?” And we can’t. We’re not set up that way. So we require people, especially if the animal is under medication that they take it right away to their veterinarian. We would give them a printed medical history so they would know kind of an itemized list of what we provided and when. and all the observations that the medical staff made. So you’re not starting from square one. So after they adopt it, a couple of things they might get from that? Well, so all the adoptions it’s a flat rate. And what you do, is that flat rate covers everything. And that is Fixing the dog, microchip, rabbies vaccine, all the other vaccines, first year’s license for LA city residents and a voucher for free vet exam within one week of adopting the animal in any southern California veterinary medical association veterinarian. Yea, we see these vouchers come in all the time and I just love to see it when usually they’re fairly healthy animals they come in and they just get a checkup and we answer the questions that they’ve wanting to ask and just like, “oh I forgot to ask about this, I forgot to ask about the food, I forgot to ask about the flee prevention and it’s a great time to, you know, get a relationship with the vet and get all those other questions answered. Exactly. Well this has been very easy. Yea, totally. This is not hard at all. Not scary. There’s nothing scary about this. No. Thank you so much Oh no problem. for taking us though that. Thanks for watching I hope you learned a lot. Keep watching and we will tell you lots more about your rescue pet.

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  1. wish my adoption would of been easy. the shelter never told me the dog I rescued was sick. Noticed she had a weird cough, the handler at the shelter when he was taking her to interact with us , our dog said it was just because she was pulling so much while on leash. I let it go, but the 1st night with her in our home, she kept coughing and throwing up. Went online to see what it might be, all signs pointed to kennel cough. called shelter, they told me to go in, they would give me anti biotics for her, but they couldn't do anything about my own dog , that most likely he probably did already get kennel cough. When I had gone online, read what I saw I immediately separated them both, didn't let them lick each other or drink from same water bowl. Was hard. If I ever do rescue again, it won't be from that shelter anymore. I learned from another different shelter employee that most of the time when shelters have discounts or constant monthly specials on animals for adoption it's because they are trying to get rid of the sick ones.

  2. nice video
    the shelter is realy beautiful may god guide and bless them
    thank you
    i am so happy for the animals in this shelter

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