Rescuing Cats From Super Tall Trees

(cat meowing) – [Shaun] A lot of people see a cat up in a tree, they’re just like, “Oh, yeah, that thing’ll get
down here in a couple days.” – [Tom] Hi sweetie, how
long you been in this tree? But what they don’t realize is that sometimes they don’t. I’m Shaun Sears. – And I’m Tom Otto with Canopy Cat Rescue. – And we rescue cats that
get stuck up in trees. (upbeat music) (cat meowing) – [Shaun] There you go, oh, let go. – Cats get stuck in trees a lot. – We’ve been rescuing since about 2008. – [Shaun] I’m getting ya. We probably do more cat rescues
than anybody in the world. – I got you. – We range from about 375 to 400 rescues every year. – [Tom] It’s okay. – There’s a lot of people that can’t afford to pay your normal arborist
five, six, 700 dollars to rescue a cat. Both Tom and I really love cats. – [Tom] He’s a total sweetie, ginger boy. – We’ll come out and rescue somebody’s cat for free. – [Tom] Hi sweetie. (phone ringing) – Alright. Canopy Cat Rescue, this is Shaun. – [Man] Yeah, it’s our cat. She’s climbed up and she’s been up there
for three or four hours and it just doesn’t look like she’s gonna figure this out. – Well, I think we’ll be there in about 45 minutes or so. – [Tom] Climbing trees
is inherently risky. – Our average tree
height is a hundred feet. Sometimes they’re a lot taller. – [Shaun] We sort of suss out how the cat’s doing as
we’re getting close. – [Tom] Hi. – [Shaun] And then hopefully
we can proceed with the rescue. – [Tom] You never want to stay. How’s that sound? (cat meowing) – [Woman] Wow! Good whew. – [Shaun] The look that we get from the cat owner’s face when we hand ’em their cat back is just this overwhelming sense of relief. – [Tom] Are you happy to have him back? He’s, I know. – You have no idea . – [Shaun] We love doing
this and we’re gonna do it for as long as we can. You said you got a cat stuck in a tree? – Bella! – We don’t really
consider ourselves heroes, but we do like to think of ourselves as just two guys that are out there restoring the faith in humanity.

100 thoughts on “Rescuing Cats From Super Tall Trees

  1. These are the kind of people that will change the world , everyone can do it in their own way, just have hope for humanity!

  2. Why don't they pass a law against cats climbing trees that they can't get down from Then all the cats stuck in trees would be criminals and would deserve everything that happened to them. The same thing for turtles.

  3. My thinking is they probably should wear a mask or definitely don't go into public places where they might be recognized because they would be laughed out of the building the people that believe cats can't get out of trees or the same people that Elvis never left the building hahaha no cat skeletons ever found in trees I have actually seen cats jump out of very tall trees and that's the phenomenal footage that should be seen a cat can land from a hundred football and get up and run away with no injuries funny but I have seen it a cat is a wild animal no matter how domesticated you try to make them they are for Wilder then you might imagine

  4. I was hoping that the narrator would mention why cats get stuck in trees in the first place. I've heard or read that it's because they need to continue to face up the tree and then move backwards so that their claws still stick in and they don't fall, but if this is so then why don't they simply do that? I've watched my cats do that quite naturally, but only from a short distance up. I will ignore responses to the effect that cats are just stupid because I know that not to be the case.

  5. These guys are awesome! I'm a tree trimmer and I would rescue a cat for free. In 30 years I've never been asked to, but I'd do it.

  6. Cats are agile. If it climbed up, over time they will climb down. When was the last time you saw a dead cat carcass in a tree?

  7. The phone call: "My cat's been up there for 3 or 4 hours…" Good God! People are stupid and guilty of projecting their emotions on to everything around them. I've never seen nor heard of a cat skeleton in a tree, EVER. The farm I grew up on had 150 foot Douglas Firs right next to the house. Farm cats would sometimes climb WAY up. They ALWAYS came down on there own. They have claws and can creep down backwards. Waste of time to think cats need the help of humans to get down. Aren't there BIGGER problems in the World? Gimme a break!

  8. Thank you guys for doing this, I'm a cat lover and know how appreciative these pet owners feel when you rescue their babies. You are heroes.

  9. If i had to get somene to retrieve my cat from a tree, and the gave me the sack, I'd probably poke my nose in the bag and ask her

    "How does it feels to have someone else drag your stupid sorry ass out of the tree?"

  10. Ever seen a dead cat in a tree,……NO……ya know why, the damn thing didn't materialize up their, IT CLIMBED UP THIER,…….. WHICH MEANS IT CAN CLIMB DOWN.

  11. …you're a fucking idiot, they'll come down when they get hungry enough. call as many tree trimmers as you want and ask how many cat skeletons they have found in tree tops, go ahead, call…

  12. Saw my Moms cat way up high in a pine tree. I had never seen a cat that high in a tree before. It came down later all by itself.

  13. Aren't you impending natural selection by rescuing those cats? Come on, let nature do its thing and let the stupid turds die.

  14. Then why have I never seen a dead cat carcass high on a tree limb or a dead cat under a tree where it's dead carcass would have eventually fell down? … These cats will stay up there until they almost starve to death because they will finally get that bird. It's just their method of operation.

  15. I have to disagree with the assumption cats can't come down. My neighbors cat climbs trees often to get squirrel babies. It has no problem going up or down. Cats that climb up and never come down is a thing of nature and when we interfere, we are also interfering with nature (survival of the fittest). I think what you are doing is honorable, but sometimes the cat doesn't wish to be rescued.

  16. My cat is stuck in a tree now 48 hours my husband has emotional issues and cant remember to close a door behind him. No one will help me. I have a broken ankle and prior an broken spine.

  17. Has a cat ever bitten you? Because I have to go save a stray cat that’s stuck on a tree, in my back yard, right now. Brb

  18. The 185 people who disliked this video is not human, they disliked a video about ACTUAL PEOPLE HELPING CATS ?

  19. i thought this stuff only happened in tv or cartoons, but today my fucking dumbass cat, sprinkles, got stuck in a tree today and we had to shove a broom up and scare it crawl down. that dumbfuck.

  20. i just saw a kitten in a tree but i was too short and it was raining so i couldn’t climb up the tree and my net was too short

  21. Hey can u guys help me out my cat is stuck in a tree my dad thought he is in a 100 feet tree or 110 feet can u guys help out I have schools tomorrow and my dad has work but if u can come tomorrow or the next I would appreciate it plz help

  22. I need u man here in Pakistan I wish you could come right now a cat stuck on a tree but couldn't find herself comfortable to get down she's frightened and more terrible is it's raining here now…

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