41 thoughts on “Rescuing Cara – A Puppy With Demodectic Mange – PLEASE SHARE

  1. So, once again, a living being is considered the same way as a commodity. If it’s not perfect, then I won’t buy it. Dang, all she needed was a little medical care. How hard is that?

  2. I watch these videos & the like and I am so glad that they have happy endings. But then I think about the millions of animals whose stories aren't as happy…

  3. If only I can buy that dog but my dad wouldn't let me ? He is so cute and I want to buy him and just cause he sick does not mean you don't buy it you help it. ?

  4. Even severe mange can be treated. So compared this dog had no problem and so no need to euthanise. See Animal Aid India Mange treatment videos. You will know. Compared you have better tools medicine equipment and facilities. So to you guys it shouldn’t be a problem

  5. She is so cute… I am thankful for all the pet rescuers who give these beautiful creatures back the lives they deserve and are entitled to!

  6. Ahhh look how cute she looks in the bath and then been cuddled with after. She is full of energy playing with the people in the video. What a little bundle of JOY!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What a sweetie, and so cute! People are so lazy, and uncaring…thats why I would rather spend my time with my pets! Some people can't spend a little time, and a couple of bucks to help an animal in need, but that animal would be willing to give they're life for that person. Keep up the great work!

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