34 thoughts on “Rescuing 3 dog and 9 puppies in the desert. Please share so we can find them loving forever homes.

  1. What a good and brave man to crawl under the house to rescue the puppies ??? And the fact that he himself strugles to survieve makes it even more heroic ??? Now the sweet, sweet dogs and puppies are safe with Eldad ??????

  2. If I had 2 Billon dollars, I'd give 500M to the neighbor guy WHO SACRIFICED HIS RATIONS FOR AN ANIMAL!!!
    I'd give 500M to Hope for Paws for rescuing these amazing animals. And then Give 500M to the homeless and keep 500M to myself. (I feel so cold-hearted)

  3. I'm sorry to admit that after a rough day dealing with brain dead humans I use these posts to restore my faith in humanity.
    God bless all you animal rescuers!

  4. I would adopt one but my mom and dad said that they can be dangerous and you never know what to expect I wish I could have one

  5. 1:38 – 1:39 I think someone should call Guinness and see if that is a record for the quickest hamburger swallow.

  6. and who is gonna save that neighbour?


    Those of you saving only animals


    Remove the scales from

    your eyes"
    Midnite – Love the Life You Live

  7. That was sooo great…u guys r amazing..!!!…it was also awesome to see a stranger help like that..a man who had nothing ?..n still wld give ?..n make sure hope for paws (who r the best)..came n helped..what a bunch of amazingly…..beautiful people..❤❤❤❤?

  8. Oh dear!! 9 puppies! I am glad that they were saved. Hats off to you. The poor neighbour has done so much for the dogs and puppies in spite of having little money and food, he had fed them. His work is praiseworthy.

  9. I thought the name Lisa Ashe sounded familiar…Then I remembered the epic puppy cave rescue…? RIP Lisa M Ashe.

  10. What a sweet and big saving of the pack ??? Thanks for your commitment and also thanks to that kind neighbour who fed them all without having enough for himself. This is real humanity ???

  11. to rescuer.whenever you rescue see to it that all are rescued animals also have life they need there parents to survive any way thank you for rescue d the puppies but pls rescue them ther momies parent

  12. Ooooooh my heart! Will you look at that babys eyes!!! And look at the babies!!! Oh my!!! Are they catahoula's???????

  13. Is it just me who when they have a mommy and puppy rescues try to assume what the dad looked like considering the colour of the mom and puppies?

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