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[SINGING] Happy birthday to you… [SINGING] Happy birthday dear Zeus,
happy birthday to you. [APPLAUSE] Today is Zeus’ 21st birthday. In the wild, tigers usually
only live to be ten or 12. And at most other facilities,
that’s what we see as well. A ten-year-old tiger
is roughly a 60-year-old person. When they get to be 21 years old
it’s like being 126 years old. It’s just crazy that
he’s lived this long. Zeus was rescued in 2014
from a place up in New York State. They were not being taken care of
properly by the owner, who had lost her USDA license. -A lot of the issues that you see with Zeus as far as his eyes, those are from the inbreeding done to try and create white tigers. -For him to have been as willing to come with us
really meant a lot. Maybe he knew that he was
going someplace better. Our mission is to care for the cats
that we’ve rescued. Give them a retirement home
for the rest of their lives. But mostly, to put an end
to the use of these cats as pets, props, and parts. The day he stepped off the transport
he was chuffing at everybody. He loved everything about
getting fed regularly. I don’t know who found out
that he loves the hose so much. But oh my gosh, he loves to get
showered with the hose. But he has just been
an absolute delight from day one. [SINGING] Happy birthday, dear Zeus. [SINGING] Happy birthday to you. [APPLAUSE] Zeus is my favorite cat at the property. So, I’m really excited that it’s his 21st birthday. So. Luckily, I get to be the one to feed him. I really think he knew that this
was a very special day, and that it was all about him. Because he wanted to see
every minute of it. -Oh, my birthday wish for Zeus? Just that he lives the rest of his life in a peaceful environment,
where people love him.

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  1. You can keep up with Zeus from Big Cat Rescue on Facebook:
    ( and Instagram:

  2. Happy Birthday Zeus! I just know that you love it at BCR where you are loved, have plenty of room to romp and play and you get really great and plentiful meals every day. You are such a beautiful tiger and I really love ya fella. In honor of your 21st birthday, I played Happy Birthday to you with bagpipes.

  3. Let’s all have silence for the death penalty for Zeus he was a good dog he always followed romanoutwoods roman i named my roblox user

    ZUES died of cancer

    pray and hope these two ZUESes will have and live a happy life one in heaven one in middle earth

  4. Couldn’t fight against the tears! Very emotional video ❤️ Have followed this place couple of years and it’s a fantastic sanctuary with people who have a big heart and who love them. Happy birthday King Zeus ?? * chuffing*

  5. The most beautiful and regal animal on the planet. Everything we touch we destroy. There are exceptions, of course. The Dodo is one of them. TGFT!

  6. BCR are amazing people, and while so many shelters seem to fall into disrepair and fiscally collapse, they manage, in part because of their fantastic channel, to not only stay funded, but to have room to grow and rescue more cats.
    They really are a godsend.
    Look at that beautiful old man. I'm glad they have a home for him there.


  8. Even with his eyes not being normal, he’s such a gorgeous animal. You can really tell that he’s happy and loves his environment.

  9. This is so sweet!!!! But who else thought the lady talking about him at 0:43 sounded like Ellen Degeneres????????????????????????? Is that much me honestly pls!!!

  10. We have Big Cat Sanctuary in Sarasota, Florida love the big cats there amazing animals can teach humans a lot about compassion love all the work you guys do to save these amazing animals

  11. ?????????????an uncountable amount of shots in my heart and my survival is now on the edge of this beauty's tail ????????????I can't ~~~~~~~×~× such a perfectiooonnn♡

  12. Zeus has terrible arthritis and can barely walk.  He has lost his right eye and can barely see. But he is still one of the sweetest and happiest tigers there could be.  He is always chuffing and in a good mood. He is a very special tiger.

  13. To take a power from this animal is a sin! His power is freedom but its better for him to be with this angels then free in the land of demons…

  14. Zeus lived a very happy retirement at BCR, He is now gone but im really happy he got to enjoy this party before he went. xx

  15. Sadly, sweet Zeusy boy passed away not that long ago. He is now reunited with his mother Kimba over the Rainbow Bridge. Run free, you sweet pirate tiger, our forgiving gentle giant. You will be forever missed, darling Zeus.

  16. Wow! Thank you for that inspiring story. We feel so grateful for people like you doing what you do to help animals in need.

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