44 thoughts on “Rescued Fox Makes Friends With Everyone She Meets | The Dodo

  1. So beautiful. Imagine that Brits including the royals, except princess diana , enjoyed fox hunting until it was banned by tony Blair's govt. The princess was an amazing person and hated any form of hunting and may god bless her.

  2. I keep thinking that if she met my friends cat they’d be great friends, her cat used to play with this stuffed animal Fox when he got lonely bc her other cat came from a bad home and was afraid of him

  3. Amazing beautiful animal, unfairly often mistreated and bad reputed. Thanks for having rescued and raised him/her

  4. I have always hated foxes because they have killed many of my animals in the past, but watching this and seeing this beautiful fox happy, makes me love them

  5. Yes, They're really cute & adorable creatures, but very difficult to care for! They have very stinky musky pee & musk glands & love to mark territory constantly like cats..

    Thats all I needed to learn to make me be just fine settling with being friends with the wild foxes that come & visit me on my property at home. They can stay outside! I'm ? good! ❤

  6. FUR FARM? Dear God! What kind of monsters can build and make a living of such death farms?! It's pure psycho!

  7. If an animal is born in captivity it's up to experts to do what's best 4 the animal. It's no always possible to release them to their habit. We cannot control people's though who don't understand the difference. Wildlife should never be pets but if they can get the care 4 their disabilities and live out their lives in better circumstances I should think that's a great contribution in paying it forward.

  8. Just great. Now I'll have to add "fox" to the list of pets I want: Owls. Cats. Dogs. Squirrels. Parrots. Rabbits. Beavers. Tigers. Otters. Ravens. Platypuses. Cougars. Lizards. Cows. Killer Whales. The list goes on and on.

  9. And still have people who hunt these wonderful animals, mankind is really despicable, except others who are incredible, congratulations to those who are not cowardly

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