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Hayes is bullying was something that made me adopt her she does it when she's extremely happy or excited she's so chatty and we talk all the time really yeah and she always has something to say you have conversations throughout the day it's hilarious what she was living in a backyard for three years in a kennel just outdoors neglected they pretty much ignored her and only brought her out to Train breed her but she never got pregnant at that point they were like well she's a waste of money to feed she's so ugly nobody's gonna want her we'll just put her down my girlfriend tagged me in a photo of her because I had just put down my 13 year old pitbull and I had also lost my dad and then the next year my mom I really believe that she was sent to me from my parents and Kolya the first day when I brought her home we went down the driveway and they threw some balls for her and I mean she was wooing on the way up wooing on the way down she was just so happy it's like she knew it was home after being in the backyard for three years she was kind of shell-shocked to be in the house everything was so new to her and she was just kind of like huh she just would sit there and chew on stuff and I'd throw another stuffed animal at her and it was kind of like I mean she gave me something that I was needing I needed something to cheer me up I needed something to kind of reassure me that I wasn't alone and this dog she just came in and brightened everything up she would kind of sense that I was feeling down and she come over and pretty much smash her face into mine and just start licking me she just knew how to make everything okay my big cat motor was just in love with her from the beginning I have two horses of my own and she was just kind of like all right you guys are cool and big can we be friends take her to feed with the horses and she's like yeah let's go she thinks it's just the greatest thing ever it's all party he was always trying to kiss noses with the courses and play with them and she would end up sleeping in the stalls mazie is super good she will get kasumi's when we come home and we'll bolt from the front room into my bedroom she's got this big bowling ball of a head and they think that's part of her charm you know she's just such a stocky tank of a dog with just these adorable eyes and this face and these little chopped off ears everything about her is just like big stuffed animal you just want to squeeze her why you talking since Maisie has been in my life she has pretty much transformed it she brings just this new perspective to everything of just happiness everything is fantastic she makes life just so much brighter and there's humor too babe she put up with enough you just seeing everything through her perspective it's just the way that you would want to live my friends would have gone nuts over her what nice room oh nice neat okay you

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  1. I feel your pain just trade mom for opiates. But anyway my deaf pit bull UNO, white with a brown and a blue eyes, kept me from killing myself and restore beauty to my soul again. LONG LIVE PIT BULLS!!! The real emotional support animals!!!!

  2. What a sweetie!!! All of my dogs have talked in one way or another. Our scottie "roo roo's" at us ever time we come home from work, the store, etc. One of the best thing about dogs is the personality of the dog:-).

  3. Well if YOU were locked in hell, forced to sleep in your own feces for three years getting out would be the most wonderful thing in the world and the person that let you out would be the focus of your affections.

  4. Invest in dog food stocks all these females and their fur babies will make the stocks go through the roof. Why? because they refuse to have children and actually live a meaningful valuable life.

  5. Some pitbulls actually choose death over aggression in situations where they are being trained to fight. Unfortunately, some practically become alligators on a leash. Too bad the good dogs pay the price for the behaviour of the bad ones

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