Rescue Of A Poor Starving Dog | Dog Rescue Stories

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33 thoughts on “Rescue Of A Poor Starving Dog | Dog Rescue Stories

  1. I really love that rescue thank you for sharing and keep up the good work I'm watching your videos every time they come out pretty much I was really worried about that tell when I saw that thing what wagon I was really happy and hearing about it going to a good foster home I can't wait to hear it go to a permanent loving home that would be great God bless you and your work and saving God's creatures that's what it's about if more people are just understand that the world would be in a better place and so would their hearts

  2. Sir, I am very impressed from your work.. God Bless you..
    This is a link which may be usefull for you..

  3. Dios pobre mi niño cuanta crueldad así a ellos pero hay muchos de buen corazón que lis ayudan mil gracias que mi Dios los bendiga siempre

  4. His broken spirit broke my heart ? and his happy tail wags melted it! ❤️❤️❤️ At 3:45 the large buckets if food ?? I know where my charity funds are going when I'm back at work after this baby is born! Can't think of a better use of my money!

  5. Look how this poor abandoned dog “Amigo” recognizes the human who saved him from that horrible life he was living and gave him another chance to live with someone who will love and care for him. Bravo Takis!!

  6. Everyone wants to be loved by Takis. Glad to see them walking, running, playing, sleeping without worrying that the abusers come to torture them. One of the best shelter so far. May you can find them a loving forever home ?
    Thank you Takis and teams.
    Adopt don't shop and spay or neuter your companions.

  7. Does anyone know how I can reach the person who runs this shelter? I really want to adopt the leopard looking dog in this video. I will pay for all cost.

  8. Buenas tardes que triste ver cuando abandonan y repudio hacia estos Angelitos perrunos disculpen por lo que voy a decir bestias salvajes ignorantes hacen sufrir estos animalitos abandonados siguen sufriendo estos Angelitos perrunos dios permita su recuperacion gracias orare por su lavor y a los resctistas y veterinarios dios bendice soy la señora Ivette Leon defensora de estos animalitos abandonados desde Puerto Rico necesita mucho amor orare por que asi sea.

  9. He acts like you're going to beat him. I think that's why is so cautious. Poor thing! Hopefully you will get him fattened up and healthy again.

  10. pobre animales tan hambrienta se ve los huesos horrible….ayude oor favor darle una mano con gran amor que llene de alegria y que encuentre final feliz un hogar dios los bendiga asi sea amen amen y amen?????????????????????

  11. Che significano.quei pollici in giu?? Se sono di critiche..queste persone facessero loro qualcosa di concreto per gli animali

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