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  1. AWWWESEME RESCUE GUYS NIIICELY DONE…Timmy is a Great DOG..So Glad That He Made it Through The Larva and LIVING a HEALTHY/HAPPY DOG'S LIFE..he's Young That Would if Been a Shame if He Didnt Make It..He's Gonna Make a GREAT PET DOG for ANYONE Who Wants To Adopt HIM OUT…Live On Timmy??✌?

  2. Hello Takis. Thanks for saving and helping all the animals that you have in your shelter and house 🙂 I am amazed, they are a lot! Well, this msg is to let you know that there is a vet in Mexico (where I am from) who cures distemper, parvo and other difficult diseases in dogs . Yes, it cures, not only helps. I think it would be a good idea to contact him, because this way your dogs would get better and maybe save their lives. I leave you the information, please try to contact him. http://www.hidalgohospitaldemascotas.com/contacto.html Here it is with the translation: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=es&sl=es&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hidalgohospitaldemascotas.com%2Fcontacto.html

  3. Ich bin ihnen sehr dankbar das sie in ihrem land so sehr den Tieren helfen!ich hoffe die menschen fangen an um zu denken!wir menschen tragen die verantwortung an diesem leid

  4. Thank you for saving poor Timmy‘s life. He would have died without your loving care and medication. Takis is doing wonderful work with his shelter and I wish that he gets lots of support to help him save more dogs and find forever homes for them. ???❤️

  5. Such a sweet pup.. saddens me to see such beautiful creatures left outside like this. Thank God for you and people like you.

  6. Takis hola ?? and god bless you for everything you do your best friend gracias bravo ?? boy ???????and bravo for you takis is so happy ? Timmy good luck ??? thanks god end you

  7. God bless you Mr Takis you are a angel doing great work saving the dogs and cats may you and your family be bless with happiness
    And god bless you are a angel I’m proud of you saving all the animals there should be more people like you in this cruel world if only people
    were like you with a kind heart there would be no war god bless you and all the animals you save


  9. yet another baby saved by Takis you are amazing as always so many rescues and the love you give to them may God bless you in all you do

  10. Taki is the best with animals. So very patient, loving, and caring with the animals. I hope you give him a middle name, "Lazarus".

  11. muy lindas historia agradezco a ese hombre por salvar las mascotas sos un amor dios bendiga y muchas suerte????????????????

  12. ponre anomales la pegaron que mala gente…
    espero que te curen estan lastimada y miedo pobrecitaaa dios has milagritos que encuentre un hogar con gran amor final feeliiz dios te bendiga asi sea amen amen y amen??????????

  13. I think I watch your videos because it's sort of like watching a new star shining into the universe each time you help an abandoned dog, the love radiates outward in waves. I try to do the same with the homeless cats who cross my path and I have a colony of 13 cats at present, all spayed and neutered and loved.

  14. Aw, it is so obvious that this little boy is appreciative of you saving him, Takis. He is such a lovely guy!
    He is so lucky to have come through parvo, and the source of that luck is totally Takis Shelter. Thanks from the bottom of my heart – for you and all your supporters and donors.

  15. Timmy?  What a cutie!  When I get settled and hopefully in a place that will allow dogs, I want to get a rescue dog.  Sure wish I could get one like Timmy.

  16. Thank you for your loving service to God's wonderful creatures. Such a loving beautiful doggie. How people can live with themselves after being so cruel is beyond me. So sweet he is. Timmy is a very good name. M0y heart goes to the babies. Such a sweety, frisky and playful muppie. In the state's there is a saying "you are a man after my own heart", God Bless you and the wonderful animals cause I've seen your baby goat rescue video, also the kitties on your videos. Love it. Love and light, Godslove.

  17. Dogs Can Be nice Sometimes Everyone in This Earth Has still Hope Every bad people has still good inside of them

  18. この足の傷って人的ですか?もう限界に来てます‼虐待そろそろ止めないとお前らヤバイよ‼嘘じゃないよ 何も悪いことしてないのに 一方的でしょ 許す所は皆無でしょ

  19. Thank you so much from Spain,you are a great man,respect for your work,sorry for my english, greetings from Canary Islands Spain

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