49 thoughts on “Rescue Of A Multiple Injuries Abandoned Dog | Dog Rescue Stories

  1. Thank you. I keep all of you in my prayers, we need services you provide to rescue God's wonderful and miraculous creation, the animals.

  2. Be gentle, take care of animals is so simple that I don't understand why some people can hurt animals. Those people show how unhappy and miserable they are doing horrible things to these precious creatures.
    I'm so happy the dog was rescued.
    Thank you so much for saving and helping these gorgeous animals.??????

  3. Oh tadinho ??, tão lindo parabéns anjos pelo resgate dele ?? e pela recuperação dele ?? parabéns anjos ????????????♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Como é belo pessoas se unirem para socorrer um inocente sofrendo. Deus os abençoe, e cure este anjo sem pecados. ALELUIA !

  5. It breaks my heart to see them in pain? . So sad what she went through. God bless you all for taking care of her and others pets?

  6. Could we have put a harness on the poor dog. Instead of choking it with a dog leash. Don't think the dog needs his neck broken, or choking him to death. Adding to his injuries. I DON'T get it. Supposed to be a rescue, not a hanging.

  7. She's so beautiful her adorable face I'm definitely praying for her, please give us some updates on her thank you ❤

  8. It broke my heart to see trusting the driver by laying her head on her back to ease the pain. What happened to her.?

  9. Ok…. of all the rescued injured dog videos I’ve watched thus far, this one got to me the most – and not because of the blood. I’ve never been able to sense – THROUGH A VIDEO – the way I did THIS one, the level of incredibly intense physical pain – and even emotional pain, that this poor dog was in. I would’ve been a snot-slingin’ MESS if I were there!!??. I really have to hand it to those rescuers- especially that lady who was driving, for keeping her emotions in check when the dog was writhing in pain trying to find some place of comfort or escape from the pain it was in on the way to the vet hospital!!?????
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a follow up for uuuuuuus!!!!!! We want to know how Gizmow is doing!!!!?????

  10. How any real human place a thumbs down to these site….
    for the love of all innocent animals of GOD.. please donate to this cause.

  11. Please help, and Save this precious little soul. She’s probably so thankful you guys came. Thank-You , and God Bless the Fire Company and you guys. ?❤️??

  12. Why the hell didn't they pick her up and carry her instead of all this crap with the tarp. The dog was in far too much agony to bite anyone

  13. Lots of prayers and loving thoughts for this sweet girl. ? I cried for her yet never heard her cry. So glad that she had such caring people there to help her. Thank you everyone involved in saving her! ✌❤? Hang in there sweet girl!?

  14. Como sufro y la impotencia que siento ante la maldad del ser humano. Ya la ley sea más dura y no sigan maltratando a estas criaturas. Y agradecer x los Ángeles que los rescatan Ojalá fueran más .

  15. I just love the fire department they are war heroes in the most difficult or simple task. God bless you all ? ❣️ for saving these innocent animals.

  16. Was she a bait dog ? What happened to her? I have a boy Pittie he is the sweetest boy.Prayers for her recovery.

  17. GizMow is so sweet, what happened to her? What caused all those injuries?
    Francis of Assisi
    St. Francis: Patron saint of animals – and activism? Today on the liturgical calendar is the Feast of St. Francis(1181/1182-1226), the day the Church honors a great friar from Assisi, Italy. He is the patron saint of the environment and animals because he loved all creatures and allegedly preached to even the birds.Oct 4, 2016

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