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babies were nice a fat mom was skin loss everything she had was going to be so kids right now in a gigantic beautiful minivan we are turning it into the puppy movie Oh got three or four crates bunch it in the back doggy pelvis these puppies haven't seen their moms since coming in off the streets she comes we are about one minute into the drive star is already oh this is nuts we've got three humans we've got five dogs two of them just have not shut up since we pulled out of the parking lot but until then we've got them we are gonna love them and take care of them was distracted and violet got to the iPhone charts Persian dude vomited all over the car you doing okay cleaning up at there yeah and then I stepped in it this is a poop parade we are five minutes away from touchdown we're gonna deliver these puppies this is sad he's very attached to these little nuggets this is how my mom and dad must have felt it dropped me off in college she was yapping the whole way and touching down here she has not made a peep No bye baby Rose is about to go home she's got a big fenced-in yard – I am just gonna have a happy home rose you hit the jackpot this is the last stop Rose promise you and I got myself a great [Laughter] you

29 thoughts on “Rescue Dogs Go on EPIC Road Trip to Find Forever Homes | The Dodo

  1. When you commit to any animal's well being – it's about everything: the barking, the throwing up, the yapping, the pooping, you get it all. But at the end, these wonderful guys got the best gift – all the dogs found homes with great folks who are going to love them..say bye bye…sniff…who's got the tissue box??

  2. You guys just proved to a lot of women that you will make great dads. Babies are messy. Awesome gentlemen. Well done!

  3. Could feel some kind of salty liquid dripping through my eyes. Tears of happiness. The journey was everything ?

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