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they were like long-lost brothers and why like they just they shared something special we're just step by step in line with each other they communicated with one another I've never seen dogs do that before it was really special but then it was super super heartbreaking when he passed away he was just five aegis like he was just a sassy little cloud he was such a great dog he didn't want to do anything like he just got to the point where all he wanted to do is sleep and it takes at all like that that emotional strain you don't expect dogs to be able to register that I tried everything to make him happy it was so hard we realized that it's just so much better to have two dogs instead of one dog because of the companionship they offer each other he's just like so desperate for looking and jumping up and barking and he's just like please please love me save me Pat me hold me there's just like oh my god I have to have this dog I live out exactly a miracle it felt so magical the fact that it came together like that was just the most magical Christmas gift ever immediately they just kind of like started circling each other they sniffed each other that positivity that he brought just like completely uplifted and changed Banksy's perspective I'm assuming he had just lost someone that he loved dearly but here's this tiny little spitfire coming in and being so incredibly happy and that excitement that he trots just immediately made think see excited for life again when they go on walks together they walk with their bodies touching each other like they walk completely side-by-side and I hadn't seen him like really really be like Diana in quite some time and so you know just to see him like completely in his element no sadness just loving life with his best friend that is everything to me they fill in that spot for each other they really complete each other like comment and subscribe

44 thoughts on “Rescue Dog Completely Changed His Brother's Life | The Dodo

  1. I'm sorry that these beautiful dogs had parents that gave them such terrible, clichéd TACKY names. Talk about ppl who are the very DEFINITION OF WHITE, UPPER CLASS PRIVILEGE lolololololololololololol

  2. If I was an Evil terrorist …. Dodo These stories force deeper emotions out of not just Myself but close to Everyone who views to a point of Extreme life changing enlightenment That Will One day indeed Save The Inner soul core of Humanity Making The future a better place ??

    Animals Remind us to exercise unconditional compassion & remorse

    And with Remorse comes Understanding & with that Understanding follows Grieving and in Grieving Healing Takes Place, These Videos inspire.

  3. I'd be devo'd if my little poseesm past away she was so depressed bc she had so many brothers, but they all got taken away, and for my birthday I got a puppy, and she absolutely fell in love with him,

  4. Thank you for making sure that you found him someone else to love and walk with and enjoy life. You are such a good mom and such a good person

  5. How wonderful!!!! I pray they have many many long happy healthy years together….thank you for sharing.???❤

  6. Most people don't realize that if you loss a pet the other pets mourn that loss also. Doesn't matter if it's dogs or cats or birds, it's heartbreaking to see. We must understand that all animals have emotions as we do.

  7. Do you think Banksy just thinks Mochi is Hamilton? That would be kinda sad if they just saw him as a replacement/carbon copy

  8. That's great, but the one thing i could never do is get the same dog twice. It would feel like i'm trying to literally replace the previous dog.

  9. Depressed humans love to see dogs with friends and companions while they live alone and wonder why they can't be happy.

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