Rescue Dog And His Family Go On A Road Trip To The Ocean l The Dodo Destination: Firsts

Brady definitely just thinks that he's a little dog this big he was the runt of the litter and I don't think he like ever got over that he's still living that mindset when he was still really little he was afraid of everything literally wouldn't leave house and just sit at the end of the driveway back I'm not going anywhere and then just slowly every day you'd get a little farther down the road and were like all right cool like baby steps and now this I'll go anywhere like he loves the outdoors loves this world just wants to see it all pretty vocal come on let's go so today Brady is gonna go can a beach for the first time and clean the ocean he loves to swim but does have a lot of ocean experience definitely more of like a river and lake dog so we'll see what he thinks so Brady is definitely loving this like two feet of snow that we got those knees and he loves that we live pretty much like right on the Deschutes now because he can swim every single day so I'm sure he'll be like super stoked to see the ocean free gonna make it good stuff it makes us feel great that Brady gained all this confidence and experience and that we were able to provide that for in [Applause] so when an I first moved to beds unfortunately Anthony had to stay behind because his dad was really sick and it was about three months before Anthony was finally able to make it down here so we get to the redmond airport and walking around bridge is excited and Anthony sit in a bench by baggage claim and breathe like looks around and he's like I think it's not my dad and he like creeps up and then as soon as he confirms that it's Anthony it just completely loses it and it's just over the top he's crying he's jumping all over Anthony Anthony's mom's crying people the airport are crying like everyone just stops to watch and it's just it was just so heartwarming and just so big and it was awesome waiting at the airport just kind of like these big oops I mean they have the same hair for sure but uh a bet aside they're just so similar they're both just always happy always kind of goofy always down for anything like they like morphed into the same person it's actually really nice let go you won't get help the sand finally it's really hard to honestly picture our life without him anymore and thanks man it's just great I mean it's just constant smiles in this guy okay you're great sucker she wakes up some mowers dude great you want some s'mores some or what super excited we're glad we came it was worth the drive we'll definitely make more trips to the coast yeah vamonos

39 thoughts on “Rescue Dog And His Family Go On A Road Trip To The Ocean l The Dodo Destination: Firsts

  1. Dodo makes me dehydrated! I start out crying with sadness and end up crying with happiness…every video!! ?????

  2. What a beautiful doggy! You can tell Brady is very happy and loved. Wonderful video. I wish all dogs could have such loving owners. ❤️??

  3. Sooo sweet. Brady is absolutely adorable. Might sound bad but I swear I like dogs more than people. I mean, look at 1:44 how he is so over the top in love with Anthony that he can't control himself.? Just cute. ??

  4. Oh people Worship Allah the one god who created you and follow the last messenger Muhammed so you succeed and be happy in life and afterlife

  5. 'Brady definitily thinks he's just a little dog' no, you think that, he's just climbing on you because you let him xD but thanks for rescueing him, he is stunning!

  6. What a wonderful, wonderful scene at the airport. Brady sure loves and missed his Dad. It is so great to watch the three of you all sharing the fun. ??

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