26 thoughts on “Rescue 10+ Cute Puppies and a Mom With a Broken Foot In The Forest

  1. No whining, no crying, and just right back to bed. God, what happen? Why human? Why am I not an adorable puppy?

  2. Linda história,emocionante.Muito cachorrinhos para uma cadela tão pequenina.Grata por salvar estes anjinhos.Vcs são abençoados demais ???????

  3. Gracias mil a estas damas x rescararlos imaginese la suerte de esta mama y sus bebes sino los ayudan a tiempo.

  4. Poor mother had to hide in a forest from people to have her babies. Even with a broken foot she fed and protected them Thank you for rescuing them. They are beautiful.

  5. Criminals chi abbandona Grazie mille da italia?????????poor puppi i love dog stop abbandono thahyou angels thahyou verymac

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