27 thoughts on “Reptiles That Don't Make Good Pets

  1. I feel like I'm gonna get too comfortable with a snake thinking oh she won't bite me and then next thing you know CHOMP my heads gone

  2. wow…i got my first reptile at twelve-a leopard gecko. i love him and still have him, and now will own three lizards and a snake in april!

  3. you notice all the examples they show are rescued animals…with likely questionable backrounds as to who has owned them…which might have a little more to do with their restlessness than just being what they are.

  4. Since when are turantulas not good pets??? wtf. Is he still 12. And a green iguana is an extremely hard animal to keep, especially for a child and for a first pet.

  5. Y’all getting upset for no reason, like he said, they’re good pets for ADVANCED keepers. But there are so many more convenient animals to own other than a green iguana or a Burmese python

  6. They're bad pets for most people. Mature, responsible people who are willing to put in a ton of energy, research, money, and work can keep amazing exotics. Sadly too many ignorant people and kids get these more advanced pets. But even common pets like hamsters, birds, cats, and dogs often get substandard care. I keep snakes. I spent hours and hours researching the species I keep before I got them, and always am learning more ways to keep them healthy and happy. Animals can be a pain, if you're not prepared to deal with their many "difficulties" such as expenses, vet visits, proper nutrition, ample space, time, and other parts of their care, don't get any animal. And please only buy your kid a pet if you're willing to care for it yourself for the animal's entire life (often 20-50 years for many species of reptiles if kept properly) and RESEARCH.

  7. Iguanas are terrible pets. They're vegetarians, sure. But they hate being held, they have strong jaws, they have sharp teeth, and they can rip off big pieces of you when they're mad.

  8. Burmese python:i agree,not something you should really give to a child..a good alternative however is a Ball Python or Red tailed boa as their temper and personalities are really mellow and are easy to handle.

    Iguana: okay,as somone who has owned more than one iquana growing up il tell you dtraight up,Iguanas
    make fantastic pets they are inteleigent and can get along well with people,and even form bonds with
    them.,and unlike most lizards they have a range of expressive body language that can tell you its temperament or mood. if raised and cared for properly,when they are comfortable with people they like they will even show some behaviors common with cats and dogs.they can eat a wide range of food and you can even buy harnesses for them and take large iguanas for walks.the only real trick is dependent on the specific iguana as they have enough social intelligence to recognize individual people and can decide if they like a particular person or not.

    Aligator: okay i agree completely here,only a fool would think keeping an alligator for a pet is a good idea.

    Tarantula: so long as you dong have an alergy to insect bites,there really isnt anything bad about keeping one. you just need a careful hand with them.though to be frank,there is not much interaction you can do with atarantula,so im not sure why poeple would want one as a pet.

    Snapping turtle: ive never heard of anyone keeping a snapping turtle as a pet…not a really smart idea if you ask me,considering they can take your whole hand off.

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