Reptile House Tour! (Part 2!)

Are you ready for part two? last week, we did part one of our reptile house tour, which was the main reptile room in our house, And today we’re going to be showing you the rest of our reptiles [Intro] We’re just gonna start right here, cause that’s where we are right now on this table in this ten gallon tank is our adorable little larval tiger salamander. He looks very similar to an axolotl, but he’s not an axolotl He is in fact a salamander He just for some reason refuses to morph into an adult and we don’t really know why It’s been about four years since we inherited him after his owner suddenly passed away and we don’t know where his owner got him, other than it was somewhere in Wisconsin and there’s some isolated populations of the tiger salamander that stays in larval form or just Random individuals that don’t morph into adults and we’re thinking that’s got to be one of those that just refuses to change He doesn’t want to grow up. as you can see even though we actually just cleaned this tank about a week ago he is perma algae that has just Permanently affixed itself to the decor in this tank, but that’s okay You don’t mind if anything the algae kind of absorbs waste, you know And I’m actually gonna feed him and give him sinking pellets cuz he seems to be scared of anything live I’ve tried live worms and minnows. The only tough part is I have to drop them so that the current Carries it in front of his face. Aw really? It was right there dude Get it Yeah, all right and then he’ll just forage and find the others And I think we’re going to turn off this air pump just so that it’s it might Kind of be causing some noise in the background so we’ll just turn it off. next to the salamander is our adorable little baby false chameleon We won’t really cover her at all though in this video because we literally just a few days ago Posted a video all about her. So if you want to meet her Watch this video. It’s all about this baby. So instead we’re going to just move right along, to I think one of the biggest fan favorites on this channel, which is nearly headless Nick Look at that look, he shed! Wow, that’s a complete shed too man. Look at that. He even shed his face guys He’s getting so good at shedding nowadays He looks great too, it was a good shed some sometimes he sheds completely. Sometimes he needs my help but this time he was able to do it and he got, it looks like all the Shed off of his face too. If you don’t know of Nick’s story, He was about two years ago now hit by a lawnmower, is what we think happened anyway. he was actually found by a young boy and his mother and not young, he was like a teenager They took him in and gave him kind of a safe place to peacefully pass away, because the lawnmower had shaved off one of his eyes and it caused serious damage to this poor snake But instead of dying the snake not only survived But he healed up as best as he could and he survived with only one eye But that remaining eye was very swollen and risked rupturing. We got this guy They gave him to us about a year ago a little over a year ago And we ended up bringing him to the vet to have that I removed before it bursts and became a bigger problem than it already was. He’s made a full recovery other than the fact that he has no eyes now, and has a little sideways tongue flick But he’s now a permanent part of our family He is a trooper We have been debating when we want to put him downstairs and introduce him to our other male gartersnake But we haven’t done it yet because now it’s breeding season and we have our male paired with the ladies at the moment So we’re gonna wait until pairing season is over and then we’re finally going to introduce him to another garter snake It’s gonna be nerve-racking but we’ve just got to do it and hope that they get along. But there are social species, This is one of the only species of snakes that you can cohab with another individual, but I think they’re gonna be just fine Well, we’re gonna put him back in his habitat This is a smaller enclosure than what I’d recommend for this size of garter snake. And that’s because he is in fact blind I mean he has no eyes so we have things a little closer to each other in a smaller habitat so he can learn where everything is and he has Actually learned he pooped in this corner and he poops in that corner. He uses his humidity box when he’s getting ready to shed He knows where his water is and his favorite cave Usually he’s curled up in one of these front sections, but he seems to be doing really well in it, Although we are planning on moving him with that other male here relatively soon Just after the pairing seasons done. Now we’re going to move over to this room and check out the reptiles over here We have, let’s start with our leachianus gecko She’s in her favorite spot. Can you find her I’ll give you a few seconds to try to find the lychee She is Underneath her favorite plants Come here little girl Hi, come here there she is What a pretty lychee. Hi cutie. This is the largest species of gecko They are native to New Caledonia, and this is an adult size for this particular locale but there are some like was the Grand Turk no, I Can’t remember there’s another locale that grows to be Considerably larger than she is and that’s the type of lychee. I would love someday, but I really love this little pyjama gecko She just eats a powdered diet we kind of Switch up the different the brands that we use because we’re still debating on which one to permanently use But the powdered diet is this is last night’s meal that she it looks like you didn’t eat your food last night girl But you just mix it with water until like kind of a pancake batter consistency and leave it in their enclosure overnight and If they’re hungry they come over and they lick it up. So really easy to feed. another thing I love about this species of gecko is that they don’t need UVB or any additional heat source Assuming your house doesn’t get you know above 75 degrees or so So you just leave them at room temperature given some things to climb on she loves her cork bark tube and We only have an LED light above just to make it a little easier for us to see here and to give her a little Bit of a day a night light cycle where are you going? They are leapers. She’s gonna take off? Although their feet, like their toe pads feel sticky like legit, they feel sticky but there’s no suction cups involved It’s just a matter of microscopic hairs that they can use to create an electromagnetic bonds to the surface that they are sticking to really cool adaptation that these geckos have and we actually made an entire video all about how geckos can stick to walls that you can watch it the thumbnail looks like this we’re gonna put her back I know it’s not where your plant is, but you can okay She’s gonna go right back to where she was. right next to the leachianus gecko’s enclosure would be our big enclosure for our Cuban false chameleons. now we just did a video again on the Cuban false chameleons, we showed you the adults that we have and the baby We did leave out one individual and that was This girl because about a month after we got this breeding group, this third female developed some sort of neurological issue So we’ve been giving her some TLC, and she eats as long as assist feed her like if I put the bug in her mouth, then she chomps it up and eats it but she has some balance issues. So I’ve been treating her with some antibiotics or some various medicines and I Can’t seem to get her to turn around So I think she was a wild caught lizard that just didn’t acclimate very well to captivity But we’re still trying we’re not giving up we have her own platform over here just for her to Have something wider to sit on and we’re really just hoping for the best but thankfully the other three are doing fantastic, although I’m not gonna take them out because again, we just did a video on these lizards But that’s where their enclosure is And then on the other side of the room is but not a reptile, but this is our fish tank I really like our fish tank. There’s some algae on the front. I should have wiped that down. That’s okay We have all sorts of barbs I really like semi aggressive fish these red ones here which are very active and very excited always begging for food our sunburst mutation rosy barbs the gold ones are neon gold mutation, gold barbs there’s also some Denison’s barbs also known as rosalina sharks or rosaline sharks Here is the Royal pleco that we have. It’s all live plants and driftwood try to make kind of a little ecosystem with this tank and Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. It’s really entertaining just to sit and watch all the fish. All right back to reptiles. Let’s go downstairs Alright guys, this is a species that we’ve never shown you before on the channel But we’ve had them for a couple of years We just really haven’t found a video to give them yet inside of this enclosure is a group Of Timor monitors their native to the Timor Islands. That’s how you pronounce the islands So that’s how we pronounce the lizard species there I know some people call them Timur monitors, but we like Timor this is a species of dwarf monitor So they actually don’t get very large This is, you have a little bit of growing still to do but they don’t get anywhere near like a Savannah monitor or something They’re kind of skittish as you can see, but I think with regular handling they would calm down This is just a group that we have together Just I guess for display purposes. We don’t handle them a whole lot. They are carnivores. So we feed them a variety of insects They’ll eat just about any insect. They’ll get raw chicken occasionally Sometimes they get fish we give them canned screen free dog food. Sometimes they just about anything they don’t really care You’re sure now your calm maybe eventually I’ll have to do a video about these guys Yeah the other two I don’t know where they’re but they’re in a 55-gallon tank with all sorts of things to climb on they spend A lot of their time up on this Basking platform that Ed built specifically for them. All right, we’re gonna put you back again We’ll do a video more in depth on them at some point All right Let’s move on next to the Timor monitors are our two garter snake enclosures in this 40-gallon we have several girls together Let me pull one out for you up top here is Twiggy, she’s just a common garter snake Oh the one that you see all the time up here in the Midwest But normally they’re very quick moving and they just have a lot of energy basically But this one surprisingly it was very friendly right from the beginning She came from some guys basement and he wanted to kill her because he was scared of her So we took her instead and she was pretty much this friendly right from the get-go So she has been an amazing ambassador animal and she even eats in front of crowds, or in front of the audience Which is a plus also in this enclosure would be, let’s see it This is the first California red sided we got she has more blue than red, but the blues are just stunning She’s a beautiful snake and she’s calmed down dramatically since we put her with other garter snakes and seen that happen quite a bit She was quite wild when we first got her, but we’re hoping to breed her in the future Although we can’t right now because we don’t have a male that is breeding size all of our male California red-sided garters are still babies so she’s gonna have to wait probably two years still before we can finally breed her I’ll set her back and there’s one more that I want to show you in here because the really pretty red-sided garter is Unfortunately, not very handleable unless I want to smell like musk for the rest of the day here I’ll show you in this tank. It’s actually that there’s four in here. This is Prius, she is our hybrid garter snake She is half eastern plains garter snake and half ribbon snake, she was born in a zoo But she was an oops litter the zoo had two Individuals together one eastern plains garter and one ribbon snake that they thought were both males or both females But then they had babies one day and she was part of that clutch. She is also one of our educational animals she’s a really unique looking garter because of the hybrid that she is and Although I normally bring her to programs. I’m not right now because in case you haven’t already noticed She is gravid. Look at the scale spread, which is the spread in between the scales here You can really see the skin in between them that’s called scale spread It’s either a sign of an obese snake or in this case, It’s a sign of a gravid snake or pregnant snake. Garter snakes are viviparous meaning they don’t lay eggs. They just give live birth So one day we’ll just see a bunch of baby garter slithering around. Last year, she had an accidental litter or clutch for us where we put an albino, checkered garter snake in here in this enclosure and I forgot to take her out in time and after a couple days when I realized it, It was too late. However, the babies their hybrid babies were gorgeous There are some of the prettiest garter snakes I’ve ever seen. Here’s some footage from part one of the tour where I’m showing off one of her babies This is one of our hold backs and it’s just prettier with each shed and not only were the babies pretty, but her baby hybrids were better eaters than the albino checkers that we produced, and they were calmer and more handleable than the albinos, making them an amazing pet quality snakes like they’re great especially for a first pet snake her babies were just amazing So we did decide to pair her up with that checkered male again, and I know a lot of people are anti hybrid But we are selling their babies as either singles or in same-sex pairs and I think the big issue people have with hybrid snakes is that there’s confusion as to what their lineage is because they’re like the buyers lied to on what type of snake they’re actually purchasing and We are being 100% Transparent and they yes, you will be having hybrid babies however They are some of the best pet quality garter snakes I’ve ever seen, which is why we decided to produce them again. In this enclosure We have our three albino checkered garters together, some are more handleable than others. This one isn’t too bad This albino female has a beautiful yellow dorsal stripe running down her back. That’s the male. He is in breeding mode right now That’s why we actually have him in with these two ladies paired up and that is fatness Everdeen she’s the mom of last year’s albino checkered garters on the other side of the room is our Stack of big enclosures for our bigger snakes. I guess we’ll just start from the top down This is Loki he is a xanthic, Black-tailed Cribo. These are incredible snakes. They’re very active. They’re very strong. He’s so muscular it’s just crazy and He’s a great eater. He’s voracious. He would eat every day if I let him but he for us it’s about once a week Decent-sized rat and it seems to be maintaining a good body weight on him this beautiful snake was actually given to us by a fan, Kristen if you’re watching this Loki is doing amazing He has a fantastic snake. He is a little bit skittish but not too bad. He just moves around a lot I think he’s not bitey He’s yeah, he just has a lot of energy which is fun. Oh, I love you, too We would love to eventually find him a female for the future breeding project Preferably an xanthic mutation female just like he is. Oh man Loki. Hey, let’s go go that way Yeah, or we may have to do ah het xanthic since they’re a little bit less expensive than a visual xanthic but he is just so pretty the snake is normally now xanthic mutation kind of gets you a Grayscale looking variety of that snake, so he is a bit more gray than what they look like in the wild We’re going to put your cave back since I had to take that up to get you out Now this cage although it’s a decent size, I’d still like a bigger enclosure for him So we have a surprise coming on the channel later. I don’t want to give it away but we have something big on the way before I Spill the beans on it. We’re just gonna move down to the next enclosure This is one of Ed’s snake. This is a one of our retakes actually Basically, I’m using the hook because he has a very strong food response This is a titanium Tiger mutation reticulated python and he is so beefy But he is how old is he three years old now? He’s about three years old we recently saw a picture of his sister and she is like three times the size and he could be larger if we wanted to feed him more but we Honestly don’t want to power feed him just so he can breed sooner So he we’re just kind of letting them grow at a normal rate Power feeding isn’t the best thing for the health of your snakes that may make them grow faster, but it cuts down the lifespan Considerably. So we’d rather him have a full lifespan even though that means we won’t be able to breed them as quickly But that’s okay. It’s been a lot of fun watching him grow We feed him a frozen thawed rat a colossal rat every other week if you’ve never held a reticulated python You don’t hang on to them they hang on to you They are grippers this snake along with Doug and the other retic down there Which we’ll get to later have actually all been in music videos before they’ve they’ve done acting. Yeah, you’re an actor aren’t you I’ll put a link to the music video that they’re in in the description below This is one of the inclusions that Ed built. He did a good job Yeah, you built all four of these so we have Loki on top this is Murdoch The reticulated python in here is Doug. My boa constrictor. Aww you urated. Really? Get a boa, They said it’ll be fun, They said I fed him three days ago. So I’ve actually just been leaving him completely alone since I fed him. Man, yeah, you can still see the meal in there This was a rabbit right here and it was a decent-sized rabbit too this guy’s really good at he never regurges so I’m not too worried about holding him even though I can still see his food there. To feed this big guy who’s just a big gentle giant by the way We actually know people who breed rats rabbits and guinea pigs And whenever they have one that dies of natural causes They freeze it give it to us and then when we need to feed him We just thaw it and recycle the bodies with him. So we actually don’t kill any animals to feed this snake Everything is recycled, which makes me feel better because it’s like well, then their body isn’t wasted, you know Doug is a seven and a half foot boa constrictor just a common boa, BCI No red tail as you can see, he’s not a red tail boa, but he is super gentle He joins me at all of my programs. He goes with me everywhere I bring him to libraries and Scouts and birthday parties and he is so tolerant of Handling, which makes them such a great ambassador snake Doug is 14 years old, but they can live anywhere from 20 to even upwards of 30 I heard of a boa constrictor that lives 40 years once so we should still have plenty of time with this big guy your papers are changed so I’m gonna go back. All right, two bins left or two enclosures left on this level of the house. Looks like you just shed. Lemme pull that out Oh gosh These are our false water cobras Hey buddy You’re probably hungry because you just shed. I’m not feeding you right now. This is Roger Their scientific name is Hydrodynastes gigas and with their common name being false water Cobra It actually tells you a little bit about the snake. water, meaning that they actually do live near the water in South America, and as you can see they hood up like a cobra That’s where they get the false water Cobra part of their name from cuz they’re not a true species of Cobra There we go We kind of see it there they hood up when they’re excited or I’ve noticed he does it if he’s eating and he sees me walking by and he’s trying to Like scare me away, but it is there defense mechanism is just mimicking cobras His girlfriend is notorious for pooping whenever we take her out Jace if you’re watching this I’m sorry, if she pooped all over your pants that one time, but this is the female she is about eight feet long Which is the max size for the false water Cobra They’re also known as the Brazilian smooth snake because if you look at their scales They don’t have any keels on their scales a keeled scale is a scale that has a raised Ridge down the center of it these do not have keels they’re completely smooth So it makes for a very smooth textured snake but a lot of snakes that are native to North America Like the hognose snake bull snake Fox snakes They all have keels so that’s why they feel so rough in comparison since they’re more of a tropical species. We keep these on more of a tropical soil They’re actually on a coconut bedding type substrate and actually all now that I think about all the snakes in this entire stack except for Doug are on a tropical soil Just to keep humidity levels up and Doug is on newspaper because he doesn’t necessarily need the high humidity and the newspaper makes for really easy cleaning with his big dumps We also give this species a large water dish big enough to bathe in course he’s not gonna want to go in right now. You get no keeps changing his mind Well, you know, I’m just gonna put you in back and you can make up your mind later this is Ed’s other Reticulated python. There we go. All right, you big girl. We’ve been handling this girl since she was a baby That’s why I completely trust her. She’s a very friendly snake. Of course, they are still wild animals. They are not domesticated So we are careful when we were holding her and when she gets bigger We’ll be making sure there’s at least two of us in The room when we do take her out for handling or even just for feeding Yeah, yeah, that’s true. Even now he’s still just to be safe. We make sure there’s two people in the room we bought this big lady as a Tiger golden child of mutation and the golden child gives you that reduced pattern down their back instead They kind of have this really pretty speckling effect down their back. It kind of is iridescent in the right light You kind of see a rainbow of colors on her So muscular, I can’t every time I hold her. I just need can’t get over it. Is your arm like six feet Yeah, it’s the same height, right? Yeah, so I probably pushed probably 10. Yeah. Yeah, probably close to 10 feet So currently she’s the longest snake that we do have she’s not the heaviest I’d still say that Doug is heavier than she is, but that could be because he just ate a rabbit I don’t know, but they’re pretty close and she will eventually Take that first seat as be the biggest snake in our house We feed noodle here just as frequently as we do Murdock above any gorillas fans on here reticulated pythons kind of like fossil water cobras seem to be a smarter species of snake like they intellectually seem to be with it more than other species like corn snakes and You can also see they’re very active snakes and they love to climb However, they get much too big for a lot of reptile keepers So if you want to retake, I suggest getting something like a super dwarf mutation that actually stays smaller as an adult. Ugh Yeah, Really. You are too active. I’m gonna put you back Well that concludes all the animals on this level of the house, which means we only have one level left and you know what animals are down there and We’re gonna of course make you wait for the largest animal down here for last, but in the meantime Snake on a stick? These are our green tree pythons, I have two of them out with me right now this is a female sorong locale and She is our newest green tree python actually She was purchased or we purchased her from somebody who just couldn’t take care of her anymore She’s captive bred, and she’s gorgeous She’s actually handleable too, which is great, unless she’s in food mode She can be a little bit testy when it comes to food. But that’s just kind of green trees in a nutshell for you over here Is the biak locale, he was the red one we unboxed in our green tree python unboxing video Oh That’s right during that video, he was actually shedding, and many sheds later he turned from red to yellow, and now he’s turning from yellow to green and eventually, he will be as bright green as the other one You just saw who’s now on Ed because she was being a little bit too Uh too difficult for me to juggle with this one. This is another sorong locale The reason why his perch is brown is because we’ve recently been trying out a new substrate for these guys we’ve been trying out a coconut fiber and the, that’s great to hold the humidity however This is our one green tree python that likes to explore at night and he is moving all around his enclosure so that means he drags the brown coloration from The bedding to his perch and he wipes it all over the perch. As you can see, white, he doesn’t explore the bottom of his enclosure and Brown, he certainly does you can also see it some of the brown staining from the substrate on him, like a little bit right there It’s not bad for him, at all. It just makes the scales look a little bit discolored. But I mean he’s having fun he’s enjoying cruising around and exploring I guess so it’s no harm to him And then the last green tree that I have out with me right now is another locale, and I want to hold them all next to each other – A few seconds I need to put somebody back, goodbye All right, so the sorong has been put back since she is the most active, but she’s a sweetheart, so it’s okay these three however are still sleeping. It’s daytime So if we took advantage and took them out during the day The one on the left here is the merauke locale and they’re known for kind of that lime green coloration on their sides Beautiful snake and very sleek looking. I love her kind of lack of pattern actually the one in the middle is one of these sorongs and they are known for the blue coloration down their backs and kind of Scattered blue spots throughout their body as well And the one on the far right is the Biak locale and the biaks have the widest variety of Colors as adults. Some may maintain a bit of the yellow, some may have kind of a darker green dorsal stripe Some may show pattern, some may not it really just depends You never know what you’re gonna get when you raise a baby biak. Another cool thing about green tree pythons is although they’re called green tree pythons, and they are green as adults They aren’t green as babies. When they first hatch from their eggs, they are bright yellow or bright red There’s also some that are maroon almost black I’ve seen but they all turn green as adults Some breeders are actually working with green tree pythons to try to get adults that stay with their old baby colors And there is actually a line bred Coloration called the canary yellow green trees, which hang onto their yellow coloration as adults, but that’s not genetic It’s just a line bred trait. Another really cool thing about green tree pythons is the end of their tail is very skinny, and it’s very dark that’s because these snakes exhibit a behavior called caudal luring caudal means tail, and luring means to lure in which for these guys they’re luring in prey items. And they’ll actually take their tail and they wiggle it around Near them, and when a mouse walks by thinking it’s a worm that they get to eat, and a green tree python will reach out and grab whatever animal it is that’s interested in their tail. after catching their prey The green tree python will constrict it and they will eat while still hanging in their branch We have a couple videos that show our green tree pythons eating and they almost use or they do use gravity They hold their mouth upwards and gravity kind of helps guide the food down their throat. for a color in size comparison Here’s one of our adult biak. This is Dolores actually yep Dolores This is Dolores that she as you can see maintains some white flecks and again biak kind of Unpredictable when it comes to their adult colors, so she ended up being a really pretty adult I mean they’re all pretty but you can see he’ll he’ll turn into something like similar to her? Or maybe a little bit different He’ll be green for his main color. But who knows what his flecks or any remaining pattern will look like although these snakes are beautiful animals, they are especially the Biak locales are not very handleable I mean if you get a captive bred green tree python They are generally a lot better at handling like that sorong female I had off earlier But these two were farm raised so they’re a little bit more unpredictable. They also have very fragile bones and ribs So you have to be careful when you’re handling so that you do not injure the snake and it’s really just a good species of snake to leave as a Display animal rather than one that you hold on a regular basis as long as you watch their behavior, you can avoid any bites really You just have to know how to read their body language. We have two more adult-sized biak green tree pythons in the closet behind me. It’s a heated closet for them. So it’s nice and toasty warm for them It’s also our incubation room. It’s where we incubate all of our eggs Unfortunately, it’s really dark back there and we can’t get this light to sit back there and make it look good Plus those other two green trees are wide awake right now So there’s no chance we’d be able to take them out without getting bit Ed would prefer not to get bit today So we’re just going to end our green tree python tour here and maybe we’ll do a more in-depth one at a later date behind me, cuz you haven’t seen them already are our Turtles I won’t spend much time on them because we just did a video on our turtles like a week ago But this is a softshell turtle. We have a painted turtle up here. We have a map turtle over here and down here our This is Mitchell our newest rescue. He’s a little painted turtle with some Shell deformities due to lack of UVB in his previous home and over here We have one of our three stink pots or musk turtles. We feed them a variety of different brands of pellets So they kind of have a variety of nutrients in their diet There’s some sinking ones for the stink pots. Although they seem to prefer catching the ones as they float above their heads So, okay that works this little foraging challenge for them I guess. up above a foraging toy and This makes them kind of work to get their food, so it provides them a little bit of enrichment You just set it down and they have to bat it around to get the food to come out. Guys over here. Come here quit following my hands There you go Well, then our softshell, softshell’s name is taco he just sneaks up and grabs the food in front of the face of this but – alright here’s the thing that everybody commented about, what was tacos name before -So taco’s name used to be pancake, and then I learned that there’s another youtuber out there that named his softshell Pancake and I have no idea, but I didn’t want to seem like I was copying his idea plus the name suggestion of taco came around so We switched it to taco. So yes, this is originally pancake. But now he’s the softshell taco while we’re feeding Turtles I think I’m just gonna feed our, that’s gonna go on the floor. I’m gonna feed our snapping turtle This is Chloe our common snapping turtle Here’s some food. You know you love your pellets We also like to give em live fish to hunt it down for enrichment and she’ll sometimes eat mice when our snakes don’t want to eat Their rodent meals, but she’s actually a pretty friendly snapping turtle She’s so gentle there you go. Get that one, too Yeah, I bring her to programs she’s actually so friendly I can bring it up to schools and such but I Do use a head guard on her just to be safe, even though she doesn’t snap I still for peace of mind like to put the head guard on her Honestly the worst part about her are these back claws and as she pushes it can like break the skin I might have to give you a nail trim actually, we may have to do a nail trim, but she is Stunted she is older than you would think. I don’t know exactly how old, but she should be much larger She was kept in also too small of a tank She was taken from the wild as a hatchling It always kind of irks me when people say I saved this baby turtle from the wild You don’t save a baby turtle from the wild, you take it from the wild and she should have stayed in the wild But she went through the local Herpetological Society as a rescue and we decided that because of how friendly she is We took her in and now we use her as an ambassador animal as well Oh, I guess she doesn’t like your head touch today though. Alright, here you go Now she does not as you can see does not have a Basking platform that’s because snapping turtles are not a naturally basking species like all of these other turtles are these turtles rely on being able to come out and bask in the Sun and under the UVB and they out stretch the legs to Kill the bacteria on their feet but snapping turtles spend the vast majority of their time in the water They still do need UVB, and it just shines through the water at them. That’s what this lamp is for. That’s her UVB however The only time they come out of the water is really when they’re searching for a new body of water or laying their eggs So she does not have a basking platform. In the summertime, we take all these Turtles out and we actually let them best in natural sunlight outside We have them set up in kiddie pools with some rocks in the middle so they can stand in the middle of the rocks and really enjoy that fresh UVB because even with the best brands of UVB lights We cannot exactly replicate what the Sun produces so the best lighting out there is natural lighting outside so we make sure in the summer months they go outside and get some of that natural lighting and Finally the animal you’ve all been waiting for Next to Chloe’s enclosure is Rex’s room. Rexy looks so enemies You know what the the day this gets uploaded Friday March 1st, that’s her 32nd birthday Rex, Happy birthday! Everyone should wish happy birthday to Rex in the comments, March 1st You’re 32 years old girl Rex is surrounded by her favorite toys She has her kong wobbler, which is the red toy the yellow buoy is a buoy that was donated by Worthington waterways barriers, and Near her tail is a tube, actually used for the canister filters We used to clean our turtle tanks but she likes to take them in her mouth and drag them around, and sometimes she’ll even drown them in her pool like that one that’s one of her victims. But her favorite toy in the world. Is this black dog food bowl It’s like one of those indestructible bowls. We got from Ed’s parents. I don’t know who manufactures them, but never perfect. There you go flee friend That is her favorite Toy in the world Because I think she gets satisfaction in chewing on it and then killing it and she drowns it and we’ll see it sunk in somewhere in her pool If you haven’t heard Rex’s story since there’s so many new people on this channel first off I would never recommend that anyone including myself get a pet alligator Rex was taken from the Everglades as a little Hatchling back in the 80s and she was kept in a 4-foot wooden box for the first 27 years of her life. She didn’t have the right lighting. She was not fed properly She was given one mouse every 10 to 14 days. And that was it So not only was she stunted, but she was malnourished when we adopted her I actually spent about six months convincing her owner that she needed more room And finally, he asked if we wanted to adopt her and although we didn’t want an alligator We made it work just to get her out of that environment. So we renovated this guest bedroom for her She has plenty of space now She was only about three feet when we first adopted her and she is about she’s about four feet now So she has grown foot but we think that’s about as much as she’s going to grow if anything She’s just gotten stronger and maybe girthier in more recent years when we first rescued her she can only take a few steps and I should have to sit down and rest and in the water she wasn’t given a pool and her she was given a litter box about this big with like an inch of Water in there. She couldn’t hold her breath in the pool that we provided her. But now she likes sleeps underwater So she’s come a long ways really rewarding to see how far she’s come She has a condition that’s called a rubber jaw which is why her snout curves upwards and that was caused by as she was growing Up in this box. She would hit her snout on the sides of and it slowly deformed it and because of Lack of vitamins and nutrients in her diet, the bones were they were soft and they were rubbery that’s why it’s called rubber jaw, so they became deformed and Stuck in that upwards position. It has gotten a lot better since we rescued her I mean it’s straightened out considerably, but she’ll never look like a normal alligator. You’re fine. I’m showing them off your room So she has a basking area a daytime night and a nighttime light the daytime is one of the solar gloves that’s both heat and UVB and that’s what we had been using for quite a while But we just recently since she spent so much time in her pool. We recently hooked up a pure UVB lamp for her So she gets plenty of UVB whichever one she’s at there’s UVB shining down on her and her pool here Is actually filtered by a canister filter, that sucks up the water here and She will actually break all these tubes unless we have it caged away Like we’ve learned from experience things will break and she will bite them unless they’re completely Barricaded. But the pump in here would in my old bike basket will suck up the water Push it through this filter which then cleans the water and strains out any gunk or any debris and then pushes the water through a heater that’s in that PVC tube which was accidentally left on without the pump running one night and Now it’s scarred. So that’s what that Brown mark is for. Anyway, the water gets warmed up in there and pushed into Chloe’s tank Hi, Chloe and then when the water reaches the Strainer level it which it just maintains that water level this high it drains from the strainers back into Rex’s pool and the whole cycle starts again Over here we have her cave. She doesn’t really use her cave anymore She used to when we first got her and then behind the cave is her poop corner Rex you pooped You pooped Italy it looks like can you poop countries now? That’s your newest trick Well that covers everything in our house except for the animals that are still in brumation so we will plan on doing a 2019 breeding plans video once those animals have warmed back up and are We kind of have a better idea of what we’re hoping to produce this season But we’re just gonna end it with these cute little lovebirds, this is a pair of albino checkered garter snakes let us know which one was your Favorite out of all the animals in our house from part one to part two of our reptile house tour Let us know which animal is your absolute favorite in the comments below. We’re always curious We always want to know which ones you like. Thank you again for helping us reach 1 million subscribers I still can’t believe that we made it. But here we are Thank you to not only our subscribers but our patreon supporters too for backing this channel and everyone who’s just watching this video Thank you so much for your support and we’ll see you next time Got what we think hit by a lawnmower This is our false water Almost said chameleon So I am editing this part 2 and I keep hearing thumping noises coming from Rex’s room so I’m kind of nervous Rex what are you up to Rex? Where are you? Are you in your corner? You’re not in the Heard hissing Oh You’re in your cave You never use your cave. What are you doing in there? I was gonna feed you. I can’t feed you in your cave You’re just sitting in there and hissing Are you trapped did you want me to go in there? Do you start? It’s a piece of plastic Rex. You can lift it up Well, I was going to tell everyone that alligators are the smartest type of reptile, but now I’m not so sure [Outro]

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