Replacing the Catch and Spring on the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

In this video we are going to show you how
to replace the catch and spring. This is the catch and spring assembly. To remove the spring
pull it out of the plastic of the catch. To replace or add the new spring, slide it over
the spindle as shown and push the end firmly into the slot.
Having removed SureFlap from its installed location all you require is a cross-head screwdriver.
First of all remove the battery cover, then place SureFlap face down and remove the four
screws that hold the unit together. Having removed the four screws you can take
the two halves apart, but take care not to stress the antenna wires shown in the top
right corner as we look at the unit. Next we remove the motor which simply lifts
out. Lift the back of the motor out first as we are showing here.
To remove the catch pull it forward as shown and then pull the two ends of the spindle
straight up and the catch will pop out of position.
Now take the new catch and spring assembly and place it into the unit as shown. To clip
it into place apply pressure to the two ends of the spindles and it will snap into position.
Now we are going to replace the motor. The grey cam on the end of the motor spindle has
a rectangular piece on it – rotate it so this points straight up. Now slide the cam
of the motor into the side of the catch and lower the motor into position as shown. We
will show you this process one more time. Now feed the wires from the motor through
the slots in the plastic frame. Apply pressure to the PCB and battery compartment
in case they have lifted up and ensure that the two plastic lens covers are in position.
We can now put the unit back together, making sure not to trap these antenna wires.
Place the two halves one above the other and slowly lower the tunnel section down while
checking that no wires are trapped between the two halves. When you have checked that
no wires are trapped you can screw the two halves back together.
Having put the unit back together check that the catch and spring are working correctly.
Push the door back and press down on the catch with your finger. The catch should pop back
up under the pressure from the spring. If the catch does not pop back up or move freely,
install the batteries and push the memory button a few times. If the catch is still
not working correctly you will need to open up the unit and reinstall the catch and spring.

4 thoughts on “Replacing the Catch and Spring on the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

  1. after removing sureflap from the door….yeh right – you shouldn't have to remove it from the door…design fault – i've got to remove all the stuff that seals it to the door – that cost me money to have done – that's just stupid!
    The product is a good product for sure but why not have it where you can disassemble the thing when it's actually in the door.

  2. Hi John, I'm sorry to hear that you have sealed your cat flap to the door. We will look through our literature to make it clearer that you shouldn't seal it just in case you need to take the cat flap out for whatever reason. It's rare that the cat flap would need to be taken out of the door. We have made improvements to the new model of SureFlap, our microchip pet door, which allows it to be serviced whilst it is in situ.

  3. Hi, I've had my sureflap for a year or so and gradually my latch has stopped working. Now it has stopped working and is locked in an open poisition.
    I have tried cleaning the sensors, spraying with WD40, all to no avail. What could be wrong?? Where can I buy just the motor,?

  4. Hi Matthew, I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue with your SureFlap. Please could you contact our customer care team, quoting the serial number of your SureFlap (found beneath the battery cover lid), on 0800 012 4511 or [email protected] and we'll get this fixed for you!

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