20 thoughts on “Removing 10000+ Ticks From Poor Bone and Skin Dogs – Update Part 2

  1. Не понятно. Вичистили или нет? Половину видео костёр жгли. Чудно.

  2. Sao ko lấy cây nhan chích vào máy con ve thì chúng nó rút lại như vậy cho nhanh nhìn thấy ghê quá hút như vậy máu cho sao chịu nổi

  3. to get ticks you should bathe them with some thick oil, this will make the ticks difficult to breathe and will more easily release the claws of the skin

  4. Salviamo un cane dalle secche bravi ma bruciare bicchieri di plastica e polistirolo inquiniamo il mondo… usiamo la testa x trovare un'altra soluzione per eliminarle!

  5. This is not the video u had up b4 this one, cause the other video had another person removing ticks on the other ear. If u look good you’ll see the other ear tick free. What happened to that video. An burning the ticks in the toxic way was more dangerous than actually pulling ticks off with your hands, please put on gloves. U see the people in these videos shaking, that’s what I call being bite by a tick.. keep up the great work y’all do everyday….. please stop showing all the ticks an focus on getting them off. Have a blessed and safe day… subscribed from middle Georgia.

  6. Horror!
    Despre ce e clipul? Despre căpușe sau salvarea bietului cățel?
    Nu a primit mâncare hrănitoare și nici nu a fost spălat și curățat bine, dacă nu au avut posibilitatea de a–l duce la doctor ???

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