Remembering LIL BUB, an Internet Cat Sensation

Hi, this is LIL Bub she’s a cat celebrity and that happened by accident sort of I mean I’ve posted photos of all my cats because this is a recording studio and people would always become friends with the cats and everyone knew my cats and I’d post photos and
people liked it and so when I got Bub I did the same of course The response that I got from those photos of Bub were “Woah what is this cat” you know And you know I joke around like “ha ha my cat’s gonna be famous” you know to my friends
like as a joke you know not really expecting anything to happen Eventually a photo went viral as they say Bub is now two and a half years old She has a lot of funny things about her Her teeth never grew in her tongue sticks out all the time She’s got extra toes on all her feet and she’s tiny for me I guess what I didn’t realize when I got her it was sort of a mind-blowing experience for me
like I call her the most amazing creature on the planet and I really thought that I was like
there’s no other animal like this and beyond her looks just like this
energy that she has I didn’t realize that other people would
sense that too even just from photos That’s a funny face she wants to let people know that there’s
pets out there that need homes if you want a pet, the best thing to do is adopt one I think she would encourage people to go out even if you don’t have room for a pet you can
still volunteer at a shelter the relationship I have with Bub is something I’ve never experienced
before I mean this is maybe the first time i care about someone more than myself all the book, show, all that crazy stuff that occupies my time but the best part
of having Bub is actually having Bub and you know people see her in photos
and stuff but as just a cat that I live with she’s remarkable she’s like a really
really special companion and I’m just very lucky to have her

100 thoughts on “Remembering LIL BUB, an Internet Cat Sensation

  1. So very sad and sorry to hear about the loss of such a wonderful furry angel. The  passing of Grumpy cat earlier and now Lil BUB makes the world  darker.  She made us smile and happy ..Thanks so much for sharing the life of such a beautiful little soul. We will miss Lil BUB. She has crossed over rainbow bridge to a loving warm welcome from the angels. darn it somebody cutting opinions around me?

  2. Love you lil Bub, i miss you your not gone you just went home. Once more under Green skys Fly free lil Bub i love u forever!!!?????????????????????

  3. Bub was a cat that most people who would go to an animal shelter would ignore. I would have adopted such a beautiful cat immediately. It was not her fault to be special. But cats like her who see many people passing by and take another cat are so thankful when someone finally chooses them.

  4. Firs grump cat now lil bub!!!!!!! Why 2019 why!!!!!!! 2019 is killing me!!! This year has been really hard. RIP lil bub have fun with grumpy cat and you make us smile even when not here… love you bub so much!! Your legacy will live on forever in your fans Hart's girl!
    All of your fans will see you again one day. Sweet angle…. fly high baby girl.

  5. Three adoptions and one life saving later (long story, but the mother was dying under a young lady's porch when she took her in, pregnant) I would never "buy" a pet. There are far too many animals in the world that need homes and need someone who cares about them. I aim to adopt every animal I get from now until my last day. People who say that pets like Bub should be put down to minimize suffering and other stupid stuff show that they do not understand the complexity that comes with owning an animal. I can only hope that by both living and passing that Bub can encourage people to make sure that the animals no one wanted can find homes.

  6. A salute to the Humane Society of America and Lil Bub's owner. If you aren't a caretaker of the animals of this world, what kind of person can you be? If one person does it better than you, than you aren't keeping up. Lil Bub's owner is amazing, and I contribute hundreds of dollars per year to shelters and you can too. These are our wards, we are measured by how well we do.

  7. Lil Bub blessed us while she was here and taught us that all living creatures have value. We won't forget your lesson, Lil Bub.

  8. I love her…….???? Thank God you were her Daddy……she knew she was loved by MILLIONS❤️❤️❤️❤️?

  9. Rest in peace little beautiful angel <3 And to the 350 people pluss disliking this video…what is wrong with you 🙁

  10. Few weeks ago i thought what will happen to this channel if bub is gone?

    Now i realy happened and i feel like it's my fault becouse i was thinking about her death

    I love you Bub still crying while writing this❤❤❤

    Rest in peace❤

  11. What a wonderful story and a wonderful kitty!  My wife and I have one cat but now I'm going to get another one to love in memory of bub.

  12. I can’t imagine how tough it is losing Lil’ Bub. I just about cried when I found out….I can’t imagine being her owner.

  13. Four paws in heaven my angel precious baby cat is gone not to be forgotten god has another angel for Christmas ? we are hurt and hurting but little bud is walking streets of heaven on pure gold we will all miss you ?❤️???????????????the queen is gone ???????❣️?????

  14. What is different made her special. What a beautiful baby. You were very lucky to have her. Rest in peace little one. My sympathy to you for your loss.

  15. Honestly one of the most inspirational cats ever. Her sweet face but most of all her strength is going to be missed so much. RIP LilBub. ??

  16. Wait how could you make a video about the future that's really weird this is about remembering Lil Bub but it's 5 years ago

  17. Rest in Peace Lil' BUB, thanks for all good times and memories you have given us and your owners.

    On another note, LIL BUB will be receiving a very special and very unique memorial….

    …She will be cremated and her ashes will be released into space, and a satellite will have a permanent live stream link to show us she will always be watching over us from above.

    Now that a true memorial for a cat that has had such a unique and somewhat sad life. You will always be remembered Lil' BUB. ^_^

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