Re’disc’ulous Frisbee thrower headed to the big stage

It’s called ultimate frisbee because
it’s meant to be like the ultimate sport it has different aspects of all
different kinds of sports it’s super athletic and really
entertaining because it’s a small sport everyone who plays knows each other and
everyone’s really tight and we’re like a big family and we all look out for each
other. My position is what I call a handler so
it’s someone that gets a lot of touches on the disc, keeps the disc moving it’s a lot of pressure sometimes because
you’re like relied on to pretty much never make mistakes and like always be
really solid but i think it’s sort of like a a privilege to have a role like
that so the world championships are coming up
in a few weeks they’re in London in England I think I’m most excited about getting
to play against the best athletes in the whole world and the best ultimate
players in the whole world no age restrictions just the best of the
best and i get to be one of them i get to play against them and we’re hopefully
going to do really well so it’s super exciting

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