74 thoughts on “Redbarn Protein Puffs (Astronaut Dog)

  1. We love our redbarn treats!! We haven’t tried the protein puffs yet, but we’re planning on looking for some to pick up today!

  2. My LoLo would love to try your treats! And I also think she should star in your next ad. But I'm her mama, so I'm biased.

  3. What a patient and clever pup! We sure are glad he didn't have to make a rocket to get his paws on some treats!

  4. These look like wonderful treats. I love that they have a lot of and I really think my pups would enjoy them.

  5. My dogs would love to try these puffs because I like that they are full of protein and good ingredients. They would love them if they tried them!

  6. yes i would let my dog try them because i like things that are healthily and no i haven't brought any yet for my dog but i will if i can get a sample first because i have picky dogs

  7. The "Mailman" video didn't load; "Astronaut Dog" did. Can't say I'm a fan of the video although the dog's soulful expression is precious. However, my dogs LOVE all the Redbarn products. Look forward to trying the Protein Puffs.

  8. These looks good for my dogs!we would try it! No my dogs haven’t tried yet but want to win so they can try! Thanks

  9. We would absolutely try these! One of my dogs was just diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer & we're read that high protein, low carb diets are good for MCT dogs.

  10. My dog would love those so much. She’s picky and she loves red barn. One of the only treats that will get her attention during training!

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