Red Sea’s new REEFERs: XL 200 & XL 300 at CIPS 2019

Hi, I’m Paul, and I am going to introduce
you to the REEFER XL 200 and XL 300, the newest additions to the REEFER
line-up that we are exhibiting here at the 2019 China International Pet Show. These off the shelf reef ready systems follow the rimless design and clean lines of the
REEFER series but with an extra 7.5 cm or 3” width and a bit more height than
the current 170 & 250 REEFER models which allow for enhanced aquascaping. So, let’s take a closer look at these
new models starting with the XL 200. This 60 cm or 2 foot system holds a total of 200 litres
or 52 gallons and is made up of super-clear glass on all three viewing panels. The sump has an adjustable
height skimmer chamber a mesh filter bag and an RO reservoir. The XL 300 is a 90 cm or 3 foot long and has a total
system water volume of 300 litres or 80 gallons. The sump includes a mesh filter bag and media
cup combination an adjustable skimmer chamber an RO reservoir as well as an optional refugium
chamber that still leaves enough room for a powerful skimmer such as the RSK 600 which
is operating in this system. Both of these models come with the REEFER
silent, regulated down-flow system with the emergency overflow and assembly-ready piping and sits
on a durable laminated plywood marine-spec cabinet for greater water resistance and has
fully adjustable feet for perfect levelling on any surface. Both of these models also come with the new “Y” shaped outlet nozzle that splits the
water return from the pump into two streams enabling a more powerful pump to be used or
to improve the water distribution throughout the aquarium.
All of the REEFER tanks are featured on our online “MyREEFER” wizard that allows
you to customize your REEFER by adding our smart devices such as the ReefLEDs
ReefWave and REEFER Skimmers at a significant discount at the time of purchase.
Lastly all Red Sea systems come with a 2-year warranty plus an additional 1 year aquarium
glass warranty for original registered purchasers. For more information on the products I’ve
shown you here today or any other Red Sea product please visit
our website at And if you’re an avid reef hobbyist don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel
and come and join Red Sea Owners Group on Facebook – the largest and fastest growing
branded community of reef aquarium owners! Thank you for watching.

6 thoughts on “Red Sea’s new REEFERs: XL 200 & XL 300 at CIPS 2019

  1. I would want the 300. I have been looking to upgrade and will definitely go with a Red Sea tank. I would love for Red Sea to donate a tank to me. I would do a build vlog showing off there company.

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