46 thoughts on “Red Fang "Prehistoric Dog"

  1. those shots where the kitchen floor is shaking…so good….. could watch a whole video of just that.

  2. My wife listened this song on repeat during the labor of our second child. She ended up giving birth to a werewolf. I'm ok with that. m/

  3. the solo at 3:29 is amazing and I love the drop at 4:40 the sound quality of the instruments is incredible. wish this was in hd

  4. You guys should consider playing in a southern oregon hippie fest I just went to apple jam and it kicked off with rage against the machine. More rock and roll than reggae.

  5. This video is pretty funny. Fav part "Hey gandalf nice dress!" Haha them throwing up was not a nice sight though..

  6. I had to watch the advert at the beginning of this all the way through, just to prepare me mentally for the relentless crunching riffage! Ace!

  7. "you're totally OOC, dude" <– only a huge nerd would even know what this means, so the writer of this video is clearly a LARPer and is making fun of himself. which makes it even more awesome.

  8. i'm fucking speechless i feel like i felt when i heard black sabbath for the first time back in the 70's i gotta watch this again

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