18 thoughts on “Red Bird – Episode 01 – “On the Precipice” – Western Web Series – Watch the rest on AMAZON.COM!

  1. Almost plays like a trailer. Nice moment when the sun shines into the camera with the final killing. Great look using Garden of the Gods backdrop.

  2. I love the locations (Arizona?) and I really enjoy the short-format you're working in. Keeps the audience wanting more!

  3. in 2:22 u gave ur audience something to look forward too. its different from the other web series thats out. i have my own called THE OTHER SIDE OF BROOKLYN on youtube as well and to see what life is like in another state and the scenery was a plus as well

  4. OK, the first ep hooked me! I loved the epic scenery, & as a writer, the fact that there was no needless exposition is right up my alley! Loved that strong female lead. We so need more of those. See you @LauraLaFleur3/twitter Great job. On to the next ep!

  5. Right down to brass tacks, but leaving so much unknown. I'm going to suspend viewing the next one to avoid binge watching it in a sitting; this is a show I want to look forward to watching at the end of the night.

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