Record Breaking Rabbits: Angora Bunnies Get Blow-Dried

COMM: College Professor Betty Chu has been breeding prize-winning Angora Rabbits for
thirty-four years. 00:20
BETTY: I got into breeding English Angora rabbits because of a friend invite me to a
show, and I saw them, I fell in love with them and got to have them. 00:30
COMM: Competing in up to fifty shows a year she has a room full of trophies and is even
in the Guinness Book of Records. 00:41
COMM: Betty looks after fifty rabbits, mostly English Angora and French Angora. But keeping
them in competition wining shape is a tough job. 00:53
BETTY: I groom my show rabbits every day. I normally show eight to twelve rabbits at
any given time, so that means that I groom eight to twelve rabbits every single day.
After I comb the tips what I’m going to do it I’m going to blow out his coat and make
sure he is all clean and fluffy and pretty. 01:18
BETTY: If you are showing the rabbit and you’re serious about showing then it is preferable
to do it every day. You can see than I can put him in any kind of position which is convenient
for me to groom. And he just lay there. 01:38
BETTY: The Angora rabbits can grow their wool quite long but it takes a lot of work to get
there. Number one you got to have genetics. Next you have to have very good care and a
person or the owner has to be very vigilant in keeping the rabbit not matted and keep
them in good condition, and to be groomed on a regular basis. 02:04
BETTY: In a high quality rabbit it grows about an inch a month. 02:08
COMM: These baby bunnies are the offspring of Betty’s record breaking Rabbit, Franchesca. 02:14
BETTY: Franchesca achieved the Guinness Book of Record, of 14.37 inches of wool, in August
of 2014. 02:25
BETTY: But it comes a time where she got to become a mother. And unfortunately the boyfriend
does not have the equipment to find her hidden treasure with her long coat, so she has to
go naked in order to be sexy. She’s not as pretty as a year ago but she certainly is
very accomplished, and she has perfect, perfect babies. What else can you ask for a rabbit? 02:54
BETTY: How do I feel about getting into the Guinness Book of Record? On one hand I’m very
honoured to be invited on the other hand my most important goal is to breed the best English
Angora rabbit in the world so that they are competitive in the rabbit show circuit. 03:15
COMM: Betty says her husband isn’t jealous of the attention she gives her rabbits, but
it has had an effect on their travel plans. 03:21
BETTY: Last time we went on vacation with two of us going out of town together, 1992.
Because one us has to stay home to feed the rabbits. Do I want to take a break from the
rabbits? No way. I will bring all my rabbits with me wherever I go.

100 thoughts on “Record Breaking Rabbits: Angora Bunnies Get Blow-Dried

  1. I have a wooly rabbit thats about the size of a cat. He is currently 2 months old. Is it okay to blow dry parts of him when I wash his feet and bum?

  2. 0:41 She’s abusing the rabbits there living on fenced flooring that can hurt the rabbits feet ja DINGUS

  3. Just now here in the philippines this rabbit i think was in the news as the guiness book of world records as the longest hair francheska is the rabbits name i think im sorry if im wrong

  4. The fact that they live outside is horrible. A raccoon, dog, hawk, snake, and many other animals can get to the rabbit. Also rabbits are really bad at handling certain temperatures over 75-ish. Rabbits also need a variety of vegetables and cannot only survive on pellets and they also need hay. And he really needs a haircut because they need to be groomed for about an hour And a half. It’s really good if you shave their hair it can really help them during the summer

  5. I understand this is for shows, but this is cruel for them to have this much fur on them. Also can we talk about the poor rabbits in these tiny cages?

  6. That was a wire bottom cage she doesn't know what she is doing wire bottom cages cause foot infection and the rabbit will dude because it's really fuzzy, the foot is not visible

  7. She takes care of them for awards…
    I know they are show rabbits… but the rabbits probably don’t get exercise…
    They have wire bottom cages!!!
    Rabbits get hurt in wire bottom cages

  8. it's a shame that she doesn't have an aprentice to trust enough to look over her rabbits so she can go on vacation.

  9. I met her at the 96th ARBA Convention this year. She is so sweet and nice! Also, Her Bunnies are absolutely Gorgeous!! ??

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