Reanimated Mummy of Toilet Paper. The Cat’s Reaction

Interference on the video due to the mystical power of the mummy What is this big doll? Meow, I’m bored! OMG! It’s moving! Don’t even think about it! Well, I need to be safe… Is there anything interesting for me? Sniff-sniff! Don’t touch me, mummy! What do you want, mummy? It stroked me, OMG! And you’re not so scary! Pusic, this is dad! Pusic!

34 thoughts on “Reanimated Mummy of Toilet Paper. The Cat’s Reaction

  1. 😍😍😍woww friend.not bad you ideas.. Although totally not much scare.. But still beautiful and amazing ideas. Lucky cat had a caring and lovely owner..rise the pet must have so much love, patient and very very cool all time..wright boos… Bye

  2. Pusic is great, but it appears he has added a few pounds in the midriff area. Must be eating good.

    Maybe a commercial for Jenny Craig might be in store.

  3. Пусик и так всё понял, узнал папу по запаху.
    Просто, как истинный актёр, держал интригу до конца ролика=)

  4. Кот в замешательстве. Вроде бы запах хозяина и на хозяина не похож😂🤣😂😂😁😄👍

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