Real-Life Animal Crossing New Horizons! Jump Festa 2020

On December 21st, I made my way over to Jump
Festa 2020, in between Narita Airport and Tokyo. Since it’s run by the Jump Manga company
there’s a lot of things to see, but I only had one thing in mind that day. Located next to a thick Pikachu was the Animal Crossing New Horizons booth. I had heard that Animal Crossing would be
there two months prior, and since I had missed other similar events like the Isabelle handshake
one back in May I was sure excited. From what I can tell it was similar to the
Nintendo Live booth back in September, which is what I expected it to be. There’s something that I was surprised about
though… K.K. slider and Isabelle were actually there! Everywhere that I had checked like online
and even the Jump Festa booklet stated that you could take pictures with Tom Nook, Timmy,
and Tommy which made it seem like they wouldn’t be there but the Nooks were inside the photo
booth while K.K. And Isabelle were outside. The two characters took turns standing out
front, and every so many minutes one would leave and the other one would come out. When K.k. was there he’d play a medley of
his songs, strumming and occasionally hitting his guitar in time with the music. After performing for a while people would
go up and take pictures with him. Isabelle didn’t have a performance per day
but she did spend time posing for everyone besides just taking pictures. She was so adorable she walked and moved around
just like in the game and her bells actually jungles when she moved. It was fun interacting with her. And when I was standing in line at one point
she came over to me and my friend. I was so excited I stopped filming properly
but luckily my friend got it all from his perspective so we can see what actually went
down. As you can see, she’s still wearing her
summer outfit but since New Horizons takes place on a tropical island it seems fitting. Lots of people that were walking around starting
squealing when they saw K.K. or Isabelle and I saw some who had brought merch with them. Since there as basically always a character
out front I spent a lot of time just standing near the booth. Now, onto the booth itself. After standing in line we were let in in small
groups. The booth had different sections with each
section starting with a video message from Tom Nook himself. In the first video, he said that this information
section is for explaining the Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package that we’ll
be participating in and that through this we’d be able to see what kind of excitement
is in store for us. After the video ended we looked around the
first area which had screenshots from the September Direct. The video playing behind K.K. and Isabelle
early was also from the Direct. On the wall it says that the island is our
paradise and goes on to explain the bountiful nature that we’ll get to experience. The whole time the New Horizons theme song
was playing in the background. After that, we were asked to view the next
video. Nook said that while we may be worried about
living on a deserted island, Nook Inc had us covered and he asked us to check out what
we’d be provided with when we started our journey. It was cool seeing the items in real life,
and how much detail was put into them. You could see that the Nookphone actually
had the apps on it if you got close enough to check! The wall behind it said to go to Resident
Services if we had any troubles, how even the island had service for our Nookphones
and that the tent provided could be put anywhere we can go. As you might have noticed, each area was a
different color, and the final one was yellow. Maybe this is supposed to represent the sea,
the grass, and the beach. Here, we were told that while there may be
nothing on the island now we’d be able to craft the things that we need and to take
a look around the exhibit to see some of the things that we’d be able to make. I wanted to say how gorgeous he graphics look
up on the screen. While this was probably pre-tended the Direct
looked great as well. Anyways, this section had the workbench whet
we’ll be able to craft and miniatures of the tools we had make. When I saw pictures of these online I actually
thought that these would be big so I was surprised that they were smaller than my hand. There were also some more pictures and a wall
that asked how we’d choose to live on the island. Okay, so that wasn’t really the final part. Next was the photo shoot! This area was my favorite because of how immersive
it was. Sorry for how bad this shot is. I liked the details like the spots to dig
up and that even the cardboard boxes had the leaf on them. There were benches for us to sit on while
we waited for other groups to take their pictures. You could choose from four props, the flimsy
shovel, axe, fishing rod and net. The tools were well made and felt good to
hold. I wish they’d come out as merch in the future! Some people took full advantage of these and
pretending to dig up the spot on the group, use the net on the character, etc. the photographer
took four photos and gave time to change poses in between. I actually went through the booth twice, with
permission of the staff, so I have eight photos. I was a bit shy so I didn’t do anything
cool sorry guys. Also since I knew I was going to be lining
up for hours outside of the venue in the cold in the morning I really bundled up and dressed
for comfort not thinking that I’d be taking pictures that I’d want to cherish for a
long time and show on the Internet so sorry for looking frumpy. After the last photo we got a QR code printed
of which immediately had our photos up. On the way out we were handed a bag with some
goods which I’ll show off at the end of the video The final part to the booth was the lottery! After handing over Tom Nook’s business card
and getting it stamped you turned the wheel to see if you get a towel or just some tissues. Since I went through it twice with my friend
we had four chances and we got tissues every time. The amount of time in the exhibit was pretty
short, we had very limited time to look around and even with going through it twice I was
worried if I’d gotten enough film of everything since I felt pressed to keep moving forward. It’s supposed to last 10 minutes but it
felt shorter. The photos that people took were displayed
or front where the Direct footage was also shown. And if you notice some people and pictures
with Tom Nook but not me. I went once at the very beginning of the event
and another time a few hours before it closed but it seems like in between I missed my chance
to meet him. Also this picture taken at Nintendo Live implies
that both Timmy and Tommy were there but since they’re identical I can’t tell you I had
taken pictures with. Maybe both since Tom Nook was in between. Also here are the shots I took with Isabelle
the characters were all very soft. One thing I wanted to note is that a couple
of the characters briefly… uh… exposed themselves. At one point Isabelle’s shirt came undone
and a number of people took pictures with her before a staff member velcroed her back
up. Also a Nookling’s… something… came out
so that was was quickly adjusted and then the staff member gently patted down the fur
on his head. You might have noticed the shirt the staff
members were wearing. Yes it’s the same as what the Nooks wear
and under the collar in the back it had game’s logo. I was really moved by how good the booth was
and I spent almost all of my time at Jump Festa at it. That’s not to say that the rest of the event
wasn’t good but to be honest I haven’t read any Jump manga before. There were other things though besides that,
of course. I want to apologize to that I’m not a real
vlogger but I tried my best with recording. Some parts were a bit tricky since we were
rushed and if I didn’t get a shot quite right I didn’t have the opportunity to just
redo it by able you were able to get a sense of what the experience was like. Okay, next let’s go through the things I
got. First is the bag to hold everything which
says Nook Inc. then Tom Nook’s business card which was stamped for the raffle. I noticed someone with business cards for
characters from other franchises which they presumably got at other booths. These are the tissues that I got as a consultation
prize. And finally, a pamphlet with information on
the game. It’s fun to flip through it and get excited
about New Horizons but of course there’s nothing new in it. And you can see the comic that I used as a
thumbnail for my last video where I talked about Japanese reactions to the game. I’ll definitely spend some time admiring
this all later. When I was leaving the event I got this bag
of goods which was originally intended for middle schoolers or under. Inside there was a variety of goods from various
franchises. I was also handed some Jump manga books while
walking around. Keeping in mind too that Jump Festa is a free
event I was very impressed with all of this. And it wasn’t very crowded which I was surprised
by. Tokyo Game Show gets pretty busy and if you
don’t line up early and dash to the booth you’re interested in you could miss out
on getting a numbered and miss out on being able to play the game at all but this wasn’t
the case here and I definitely didn’t need to get there as early as I did. I left my home that day when it was pitch-Black
and got back when it was dark again, true to the Winter Solstice. The event was worth the hype and anticipation
that had built up in me these past couple of months which is something that I can’t
say very often. I really felt like I had accomplished some
kind of childhood by being able to experience my favorite franchise in this way. The only downside to Jump Festa 2020 was that
it made it that much harder for me to wait for New Horizons but at least there’s less
than three months to go now! Thank you for watching my video! I know a lot of people wished they could’ve
gone so I hope that I made it feel like you had experienced it yourself. In any case, I’ll continue to keep you all
updated on my perspective on the world of Animal Crossing.

15 thoughts on “Real-Life Animal Crossing New Horizons! Jump Festa 2020

  1. Really interesting, we need the bigger creators to do a video on your analysis of the event. I really enjoyed this, good job! P.s. I’m tempted to make a video about instruments in the game.

  2. Whaaat I didn’t know that the booth had miniature items! So cool! Sucks that you couldn’t get a towel after 4 times. Awesome video and editing job 😀

  3. Amazing! I really cant wait for New Horizons. I think this also confirms that both Isabelle and KK Slider will appear in ACNH.

  4. Before going, I hadn't noticed that there's a fruit hanging from the flimsy fishing rod! What stuck out to you guys about the event?

    I’m really glad that I was allowed to film inside of the booth. Actually, at events like this in Japan it’s not uncommon to see signs that say no photos or recording or anything, which even the Pokémon booth said at times. Since I had only seen pictures before of the Animal Crossing booth I had been a bit worried, so I’m glad that things turned out okay!

  5. yesss i was hoping that someone would make a vlog or something like this!! thank you for taking the consideration to record as you went through, you're really awesome!

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