Real 24 hour Bird box challenge [CC]

Sandra Bullock: Under no circumstance are
you allowed to take off your blindfold! A young girl’s voice: Do you hear that? *Sassy is wearing a blindfold throughout the
entire video* Gary from behind the camera:First challenge
is brushing your teeth Saving water by turning off the taps
*Sassy struggles to put the lid on the toothpaste, she and Gary are laughing about this* Why is it taking me fucking ages to put a
lid on toothpaste? Gary: Turn a bit more towards me, yeah that’s
it. *Sassy is brushing her teeth the video has
been sped up considerably* *As she puts her toothbrush back she knocks
the toothpaste into the sink and giggles* Oh god! *Giggling* Sassy turns to face the camera: all done! Gary: Challenge 2: picking out an outfit. *Sassy goes into her wardrobe to retrieve
a jumper, she accidentally knocks another jumper to the floor.*
Sassy sing songs: jumper’s gone flying! *Sassy opens her wardrobe doors and retrieves
a thick winter skirt* I’ve got a skirt and a jumper.
Gary from behind the camera: yep, that’s very nice And we will join you again once I’m dressed. *Sassy twirls around; at the beginning she
is wearing her pyjamas and by the end of the twirl she is wearing her outfit that she picked
out.* Tah-dah!
*Ida the guide dog walks into camera view and says hello to sassy*
Hello dog Sassy reaches down to stroke the black labIda:
hello Puppy *Sassy is walking down the corridor blindfolded* Gary: Challenge 3: cooking Gary from behind the camera: so what are you
cooking me then? Sassy: it’s a surprise!
Gary: it best not take too long if you are getting a chopping board out
Sassy: all good things come to those who wait Sassy goes into the fridge and makes a decision.
Oh yes. *Sassy hums to herself as she retrieves the
items she needs to peel and cut the carrots* As she begins to peel a carrot she asks Gary:
so, have you guessed what we are having yet? Gary: well, I can definitely see it’s carrot…
i’m not a bloody rabbit! Sassy giggles at this: well… we are on a
health kick, after all it is the New Year! Sassy: it’s one of your favourites actually Gary: I do like a nice carrot
Sassy: yep, they help you see in the dark! *Sassy and Gary both scoff at her funny comment* Sassy: you watch, the dog will come running
through in a minute! Gary: so, what’s next then?
Sassy: well, it’s a culinary masterpiece! *Sassy continues to hum as she goes back to
the fridge to retrieve hummus* Sassy: tah-dah! ‘pièce de résistance’ *Sassy and Gary giggle *
Gary: hummus, that’s just cheating. That’s just cheating, you can’t just give me hummus
and carrots! Sassy smiling broadly: what? You asked for
a nice tasty snack! Gary laughing: well thank you… Gary: Challenge 4 Sassy: and what do we like with our tasty
hummus and carrots? T! *Sassy continues to boil the kettle and make
a cup of tea* Sassy: oh no, where is the spoon?
Gary: you didn’t put it back Sassy: I didn’t put it back!
*Sassy finds the spoon and stirs her tea* Sassy: I’m a genius, look, the perfect amount
of water. See? *Sassy adds the milk, stirs her tea and then
picks up her large Harry Potter mug and turns to the camera*
Sassy: mmm, a Nice cup of tea! She takes a sip and smiles at the camera.
Gary: are you not going to make me one then? Sassy: well you know where the kettle is! The scene changes to sassy sitting down holding
the blindfold up to her face, the music dramatically changes from upbeat to slow and emotional
music as she brings the blindfold down from her face she says:
For you this is entertainment, for me this is my life. I love a good laugh like everyone
else. And I definitely love laughing at other blind people.
I am one of 285 million people on this planet registered with a visual impairment. And I
feel that bird box has really missed the mark in educating you guys out there about what
it’s really like to live with it. After watching a lot of the bird box challenges
on YouTube i’ve come to realise that your audience, although, they have found it fun
and jovial . What you all fail to realise is that real people live this life.
We can’t just take off our blindfolds and get on with our day. We have to carry on with
the card that has been given to us. Please be considerate and please understand
that this comes from a place of love and warmth not hatred and animosity.
I challenge perceptions every day of my life, people believe that I cannot cook, or clean
or hold down a job. And sadly these videos exacerbate that.
I am one voice but my voice counts too.

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