Reaction: Watch Dogs Legion (E3 2019)

TGR he's watched ice 3 yeah yeah Big Ben greatest city in the world well used to be mess governments fucked off extremists a grabbing power organized crime slicing up the boroughs the war dogs are out and freedoms are bloody joke but they sang their London this is our London well and there's a new power growing it's all of us together we're building a resistance 1 recruits at a time gameplay footage Scott and talent badly so gob shop eyes peeled yes that was a Ubisoft Joe me a joke report it before it's too late keeping you safe interesting impressive skill sir sure but we need a drawing expert Raj did people have stuff like that in the previous games not that made I randomly it's like they're building up like oh did you see that yeah my guess and for those watching at home I'm spoiler free my guess is that you can take control of MPC's he mentioned like recruiting them yeah so you may have like a you're recruiting them to the cause yeah there's this oppressive surrender a resist ok Captain America whoa stealth whoa yeah that's interesting I'm gonna swatch dogs techy stuff well futuristic ones that's that's funny Jarvis yeah oh that's not good get out dude you're bleeding you're bleeding out man didn't practice that's cool there's no yes they made this like a robot people joke yeah that's cool man that's very unique that's a big change of its music is a hacker so can't be fighting up people obviously alien oh the best chemo you get to play an old lady and actually like okay come on that's awesome that's good Wow way to switch it up man yeah so you could play a character that could die randomly yeah yeah that's funny as hell did isn't that be a fun game to just like to mess around yeah like I hope they don't take themselves too seriously yeah so far this trailers not yeah oh all right why the drainer oh oh hi I wonder how contextual that is yeah right it's definitely alpha if there's more than one they could have just recorded like we've lost a few operators yeah or we haven't lost any one today don't worry a Yank yeah yeah three or three lines versus right cannabis is fentanyl oh my god Wow yeah that would be a very it's human trafficking found Jimmy how you get lots of hugs and kisses whoo that was cool what if that's just a button press that was yeah that is so cool she's a trained assassin I don't think I've seen that where you can like grab him in a shoot that could be out like John wick a contextual thing why is she rolling oh that is hilarious that's probably I started souls like gonna stun state maybe you can do like killing animations you know Oh Rockets you think you're better off alone you think everyone else has given up and there's no one to trust that's what they want you to think and that's how they'll take us one at a time it doesn't have to be that way together we can change things wait what happened to that bloke who helped me he didn't make it Wow how many lines of dialogue are they gonna have to record for this or like if you just go get him ask the bloke and now you're playing is him okay so we're not going to meet the rest of the crew you don't need to go anywhere look around you everyone has a reason to fight and dead-set is open to anyone anyone welcome to the resistance that's really cool damn impale yeah hell yeah ambitious too yeah that's that's legit shot makes sense for the name to legion yeah yeah yeah that what a great way to open and not just that he's speaking farther than just in just video games in general yeah yeah and people thrown in cages like animals hello you can forget the killer robots everywhere so yeah that's all gone a bit shit it's up to us to take our city back there is you can't do it alone we need to recruit a resistance I know what you think where do we start open your eyes and take a look around okay look at him he's no not him in forward mi5 GT never ends it can get anywhere and erase anyone she got kicked out of Oxford robotics school for teaching him to reproduce sit that old granny was a robotics expert my thing is how many origin stories can they make for like all the grannies you know example [Laughter] build the resistance let's fuck this world early 2020 yeah Oh three days after final fantasy seriously how how stadia oh really yeah like what you saw check out some of our other videos be sure to click the subscribe button hit the little bell and let us know your thoughts in the comments below thanks for your support and thanks for watching

5 thoughts on “Reaction: Watch Dogs Legion (E3 2019)

  1. Just wow. I've never been interested in Watch Dogs but this is the one that's pulling me in. The granny sold it to everyone I reckon!

  2. I am very impressed! Reminds me of Freedom Fighters, but with a modernized set of gameplay mechanics. Cant wait!!

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