Reacting to TIK TOK Hamster videos

so a couple of people have actually
asked me to react to tik tok hamster videos and apparently there’s a lot that
just aren’t good examples of hamster care so today we are going to be
reacting to those so I’m just going to be reacting to the hashtag hamster tik
toks the ones that are like the most popular the first one I see is a hamster
leash thats lovely please don’t use hamster leashes or harnesses they are
really bad for hamsters hamsters aren’t dogs and cats and their body and bone
system really can’t support being walked and pulled on a leash
they are pretty fragile creatures so it’s just not a good idea to be putting
your hamster on a leash there are so many other ways to let your hamster
explore rather than literally putting a tiny tight harness on them you can get a
cheap playpen you can even sit in a dry bathtub instead so I think this girl must have gotten
some comments because it says since you y’all got mad about her cage here you go
so it looks like she did upgrade her hamsters characters is great for her she
got her a bin cage which is awesome but I see she gave her a container like a
literal container of yogurt drops yogurt drops are probably one of the worst
hamster treats that you could give and she just gave I think like there’s like
more than 10 in this container That’s so much sugar for your hamster please if you are
going to give your hamster yogurt drops give them like one a week why is this
hamster rolling around in the classroom first of all what this this poor hamster
just hi-yah this poor hamster just got kicked by somebody because it’s rolling
around in a classroom why the title is spoiling my baby and then
she puts a wire wheel in the basket and at the end her hamster is in what
appears to be a crittertrail so you don’t want to use a mesh wheel for your hamster
ever because it can cause bumblefoot and that’s not good
it can give your hamster an infection on the foot not good you want a solid
surface for your hamster same with cages you hamsters need large cages especially
Syrians so critter trails tiny tail cages they just don’t they’re not big
enough I love seeing other people have bin cages
and I love when it’s just like more popular I don’t know what you consider
popular on tik-tok but it doesn’t have a decent amount of hearts so I think
that’s good so based on the base of the cage its
cage is too small and that is why the hamsters biting on the bars but the
girl is getting mad but it’s because the cage is too small and it’s not your
hamsters fault and she bit you because you stuck your finger where she’s biting once again I don’t know what it is with
people and hamster leashes but don’t tie a string to their abdomen you can hurt
your hamster doing that especially making them push or pull something did they just… put their hamster on toast and then float them in a sink of water? what please don’t do that with your
hamster because one waters not good for them if your hamster fell in that’s a
stressful situation I don’t understand why do people do this I can see from the thumbnail -.- Syrians are solitary species of hamster
they shouldn’t be together those are two adult Syrians they’re solitary there’s
no benefit of them living together they can literally one day decide to snap and
kill the other one or injure the other one so you’re just putting your hamsters
at risk to get hurt or injured and that is your fault if you want more than one
hamster have more than one cage so we’re just gonna end this on a super cute
tik-tok right now because that’s what we need I love that that’s amazing
so yeah guys that is it for this video moral of the story is always do your
research before getting a pet even if you had that pet like ten years ago and
you think you know what they care about it just do a quick google search to like
refresh your memory to make sure that what you know is still up to date
because pet care is always going to be evolving and getting better and better
so it’s probably changed from the last time you owned that particular species
so yeah guys thank you for watching bye

100 thoughts on “Reacting to TIK TOK Hamster videos

  1. not everyone knows everything about hamsters when first getting them, he longer they have them the more they learn. your really critical towards new owners and it’s not fair

  2. Has she made a vid about hamster noises? What does it mean when a hamster chirps? I’ll hear it sometimes at night. And I notice that he’ll be in the middle of his cage kind of just there or up against the glass (standing) and when I go open it and give him attention or a treat he’ll stop.

  3. Hey I was wondering if hamsters only bite on the cage when it’s too small cuz my hamster does but the cage it quite big and she has tubes and entertainment so why does she do it x ?

  4. My robo dwarf has a MASSIVE cage and he bites on the bars only because he wants food, And I know this because I got a sunflower seed at Put it through the gap and he stuffed it in his pouch straight away :3

  5. I have a problem and I need advice.
    I’m caring for my aunts hamster for 5 weeks and she keeps chewing the bars of her cage, she has a perfectly sized. Cage however she just won’t stop chewing and it’s making me stressed. I’ve tried putting more chews in her cage, covering them with raspeberry juice, scatter feeding for entertainment, she has a wheel and many hides too BUT nothing is working ??

  6. I mean the last one you don’t even know that she doesn’t keep them in separate cages she’s just holding them. Ik you’re really knowledgable and stuff but that one you just assumed and judged which seemed a bit off.

  7. When I saw the title I was like oh no because all of the cages I’ve seen on TikTok are so bad. I’ve tried to also help someone and I can tell they just want clout because I very nicely was telling them that they needed there cage upgraded and they have that fluff in there so I told them it could kill there hamster and she says “sis I got YouTube I don’t need some 4 year that can’t even draw (I used to post my drawings on there) to tell me what to do” I told them, “okay then have a nice day if you need any help you can message me?♥️” there was more but after all of that she deleted all of her comments responding to me so she really just wanted clout. I also think she said she has owned hamsters before so I love the end of the video because even though you have owned any animal you still should do your research again. But I was trying to not get mad and just be kind because it bothers rude people more usually.

  8. omg i hate when these pop up on my for you page. then everyone in the comments are like "WOW EVERYONES APPARENTLY A VET" or "THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT" ugh

  9. So i got my hamster stuff and i bought apple orchard sticks from kaytee brand and i wanna know should i sanitize it it doesnt say heat treated because im getting my hamster on saterday

  10. Theirs a video that was put on Tik Tok recently of a Chinese hamster the person is literally squishing the hamsters face to the camera and at the end THROWS IT ONTO A BED FROM A FAR distant and you can clearly see she threw the hamste ??

  11. 5:31 my elder sisters say they used to do this to their old hamsters(3 of them). I did research but they told me to stop acting so smart 😛

  12. Can you pleaS make a video on how you maintain your vegetables fresh and how much you buy weather it’s daily/weekly for your hamsters ? 🙂

  13. Some of these made me sick…
    I looked on tik tok for others and sent them to your channel for hamster tips really hope they see my comment and improve there hamster care ♥️?

  14. Hello so I know that your hamster went to the vet because she was losing her fluff and the same happened to my hamster but just one little patch and I don’t know what to do idk if he’s just old or what so I would really appreciate it if you even saw this to give me some tips…he’s a male robo ??? thank you

  15. I'm getting a tiny tail cage with a few extensions then I will get a big bin and the big bin can be for burrowing and the smaller one could be for like just maybe a sleeping are for him I'm not sure! What are your thoughts on this idea?

  16. Hey! I have my syrian in a 40L by 21W by 18H bin cage at the moment but I want to expand so I can put in a bigger wheel and more space to explore. I need something deeper than the detolf because he is an escape artist so I don't want him to be able to reach the top + I want to give him a lot of burrow room. Minimum requirements are that the length is greater and the height is at least what it is now (18 in). Any suggestions?

  17. My brother has a hamster and it makes me so sad it's a Syrian and the poor hamster has no room to run all that fits is a wheeled and a food dish I'd say its maybe a 15×15 or a 20×20 and I'm a very quite person so I'm to scared to stick up for her so when I'm over at there house I take it out as much as possible and the sad this is there foster parents are rich so they could afford so better for there hamster and it makes me so sad to see the poor thing it doesn't even have a hide out the also have dogs and there dogs dont like rodents so that's also a bad sign and so I gotta be upstairs with the adorable hamster I wish I could stick up for her but I am to scared it just breaks my heart ? ?

  18. In a hamster compilation video People ( Some stupid people) but there hamster in a bathtub full of water And the hamster was supost to swim in it.

  19. I googled hamster care to see what some people might find if they searched it after watching this video and you were the top hit with your basic hamster care video and I’m so glad ?❤️

  20. Whenever I see these types of videos, I always try to offer them advice to help make their hamsters lives better, sometimes they are rude but sometimes they are open to it. I always be nice about it and try to help them!

  21. Hi Victoria I was going to get a hamster and I chose to feed my soon to be hamster a mix of Higgins sunburst and Mizzuri rat mix, but I don’t know how I should mix the 2 brands. Should I give her 1 pellet and a tablespoon of Higgins sunburst(every 2-3 days)? Please help me! If you do thank you sooooo much!

  22. Fyi the girl saying spoiling my baby and got the wire wheel she posted that a while back she has it in a giant bin with a plastic wheel

  23. Rip Aspen You're wonderful hamster owner I loss my hamster Maple on Sep. 15 from tumor Sadly it's was 3 weeks later It's was her second year birthday… I loss all her sisthers and bro with her too…

  24. Just cause it’s a small cage doesn’t mean anything.. I have a Syrian bear hamster and he is perfectly fine with a small cage… I critter trails..

  25. the first girl said in her comments that she won’t do it again after finding out the risks and she feels very bad about it if that means anything

  26. my hamsters stomach has recently been making weird growling noises every few minutes. i’ve tried to search about it but can’t find anything unfortunately. what could be the reason her stomach is doing that and what could i do to help her? i am so worried

  27. I got a new hammy on monday and she is acting very scared and sometimes she shows her teeth i don't know if this is normal, but I'm scared to hand her seeds? Can someone give me some tips?

  28. Hi victoria I’ve been really sad because my hamster pebble just died can you give me tips how to get over it since you have bin through it before

  29. When you were saying about the Sirians living together and how it wasnt good cause they are solitary I get that, but you dont even know if they were living in the same cage, she could have just held them both. That doesn't mean that they share a cage and live together.

  30. Hello Victoria, my hamster is in a Prevue 528 cage with plenty of toys and things to do, he has enough food, water, and bedding. But he is chewing the bars aggressively! He started doing this about 1 week ago, and he has never done it before. It’s very loud and annoying and I don’t know what to do. Maybe you could help?

  31. Hello Victoria, my hamster is in a Prevue 528 cage with plenty of toys and things to do, he has enough food, water, and bedding. But he is chewing the bars aggressively! He started doing this about 1 week ago, and he has never done it before. It’s very loud and annoying and I don’t know what to do. Maybe you could help?

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