Reacting To Awful Craigslist Pet Ads

hey everyone today we will be reacting
to terrible craigslist pet ads oh boy so first off we have two bearded dragons
in a twenty gallon tank yikes you should keep a adult bearded
dragon and probably a forty or fifty gallon and they have two which I don’t
think you can have them together I could be wrong I don’t really know much about
them but I don’t think you should keep them like this so next we have a rabbit
that looks like it’s in a wire bottom cage which not the best yeah and it
looks pretty dirty I I wouldn’t keep a rabbit like this I have four big
goldfish two commits one chew bunkin and one fan tail I’m looking to rehome
them as soon as possible we’ve had them for a few years but going to be going
out of town for a while and will not be able to take or leave them behind that
long we’re asking 25 or best offer wow the water is so cloudy you can’t
even see the fish I don’t know how big the tank is but you should definitely
have at least 30 gallons for one goldfish yeah I hope this fish went to a
good home and finally we have this super small hamster cage if you even want to
call it a hamster cage which is way too small I’m not sure on how big a hamster
cage should be but I know it’s bigger than this

24 thoughts on “Reacting To Awful Craigslist Pet Ads

  1. Man sucks to see people doing that to animals. Great job on pointing this out! The goldfish were the worst in my opinion.

  2. Hi there, this a great video. It's sad to hear about these situations but I hope these pets go to loving homes.

  3. Hi friend,nice video,I am your new subscriber ,please sapport me?????????????????????????

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