RC SnowKing Snowplow / Groomer, Unboxing and Quick Look

69 here and I got another little project thing to work on got it cheap you've seen it before it's the snow King 27 megahertz for $35 that's pretty good so we're gonna turn it to two point four three channel I don't know maybe we'll see how much we can do to it first we're gonna pull it out of there paint it up make it a little custom even have little beacons on the top awesome all right well you seen the other guys do it Carla Ted and so on I'm gonna give it my shot see what it turns out like get back at you all right so as we pull it out of the box I didn't even realize we get this back grooming blade or dragging blade or something I seen in other videos it goes behind it I guess it just kind of leaves a nice little groom okay little added bonus I like this snow effect everywhere get rid of that anyways this is a 1/16 scale I believe when 18th but I think it'll fit on the trailer look good behind the truck – anyways I'm working upward oh very didn't saw lighted a package late son Amber's flashing it's nothing special but it's gonna be fun to mod I'll see you next time get some extra footage oh the Southerners – look what the groomer on the back and this is manual there is no control so we'll have to figure out a way to get that to go up and down

5 thoughts on “RC SnowKing Snowplow / Groomer, Unboxing and Quick Look

  1. Good purchase! Have fun with the conversion! Mine after a lot of heavy mods became a great machine, powerful on either snow or dirt. look for my video "Schneesturm: my modified Snowking"!
    Greetz from Italy

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