Raw food can contain harmful bacteria, pose risk for pets, humans

a food diet it's more than just cutting up raw meat sales of commercially prepared raw pet food have soared proponents claim their pets have better health and more energy but as consumer reporter Marilyn Moretz tells us there are risks for the animals and their families Kaibab is a six-year-old mixed breed who loves to run his owner Gregory Kantor attributes kibe ABS health and energy to a diet of raw supermarket chicken her coat is shiny very healthy looking teeth but Consumer Reports says an exclusive diet of raw meat may not contain all of the nutrition your pet needs no matter if it's from the meat aisle or a product found in the pet section and there are safety concerns public health agencies and many veterinarians say that raw food can contain bacteria like salmonella E coli and Listeria even raw pet food that you buy commercially prepared in a pet store is still potentially dangerous because it can still contain harmful bacteria veterinarian daniela goldman's has seen the symptoms certainly seeing vomiting and diarrhea come in on with raw food diets the harmful bacteria and rob pet food is not only potentially dangerous for your pet but it could be harmful for anyone in the home too that's because the bad bacteria can be transferred to whatever the raw food touches if you do choose to feed your pet raw food Consumer Reports says take these precautions use hot soapy water to clean everything the raw food has touched and disinfect and remember to wash your hands vigorously after you peel the raw pet food and remember to wash after you play with the pets and after you clean up after it Marilyn Warren's case at 12 news and keep in mind kisses from your pets can also spread bacteria

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