Rating YouTubers' PUPPIES! (1 to 10)

be wedded to so as you can see by the title I Julie a video called rating youtubers dogs from one to ten and I brought a dog expert a aficionado you would think yeah ready oh that happens what hey look at ginger here what kind is that I think it's like a little bad it's an ad yeah big-ass dog my favorite thing is when people's dogs look like that he does he has a Paul pace yeah it looks like it here's a dog that's weird yeah what would you give long as dog ginger I guess I give this one a 10 because he's a coma cat he's adorable well we can't be that easy on all the dog número new one of Dulles yeah oh just with this dog yesterday okay okay and the okay tiger the dog it's a rating of from Carrington I can with it what would you do yourself right myself just like I'm not gonna rape myself next oh this one kind of [Applause] yeah yeah 16 what a picture of our siblings on our faces and now we gotta be like we're on a date hello I'm 16 how are you I love paws sleepers no face ugly [Applause] that's the definition of puppy-dog eyes he said is he ten again you had twenty bro you're a 20 out of 20 you're perfect thank you I'm gonna control myself this time I got it I'm gonna show you three at once because it's the same person owns these dogs bow one it's too much cute in my face a little bit easily a little bit yeah what about this one [Applause] Herman that's just a little too cute with the tongue sticking out I hate provocative this is a PG channel crimin watch yourself keep it in your melon [Applause] individually they have different scores but to get there [Applause] Rollie blue spots like honestly looks-wise 10 I love Huskies same 10 but then Logan's there so ginger looks like you had that dogs way a dog was like warned this likely change yeah it definitely yeah which is you know husband awesome that's good you're cool exactly I met Wow okay here we go ready this is BA oh don't look forget that one in your size too big Joey is he does nothing looks more concerned yeah he looks more like concerned about you I give this one this one is one of my favorites it's been a while since I've seen this one one two Lord and wise dog a small dog with like big paws it's just like it's a cute thing I'll give him the ten that's really cute okay looking at all but here's our final top three Persepolis three Huskies I'm gonna give up ten I think I've been just did too much cute I want names you could help me get back to the manly man I am so I'm feeling kind of soft inside that's all I got for you guys today thank you for joining Alex a keratin breaking youtubers dogs from one to ten yeah fun make sure you give this video a big a subscribe to what she said until next time do me a favor if you did some youtube dogs actually you want some expert gymnast aficionados to judge for you let us know we got it comment down below and until next time don't forget to if you're not smiling he used

38 thoughts on “Rating YouTubers' PUPPIES! (1 to 10)

  1. Ok all these comments about moosie are sad but I’m more excited about the fact that Alex is getting more comfortable around bad words which is good he’s a grown man

  2. I miss Moosie Bear so much I don't I don't want to leave this channel I love you at least watching the video without crying. I'm crying into tears

  3. If everything is in chronological order… she has blue hair here. She has a video 3 months ago with blue hair, her two most recent videos, both 2 months ago have blonde hair. This could be an older video.

  4. Flash. Roman Atwoods dog! and Sacconejoly's dogs, there's 6 of them!! OH AND Alisha Marie's dog Chloe!! and Remi's dog Daisy!!!

  5. Who else died of laughter when Alex dropped the drink on the floor and thought it was a table????????

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