Rat/Mice Control–Bait Stations

Rodent bait stations are the most
commonly used product in rodent control programs. Whether that be for a
single-family home, or for a commercial shopping center, or a school you’ll notice
these all about if you look hard enough. To show you exactly what they are and
how they work, I have here a brand new bait station
that has not been used before. And, we’re also here with one that has been
installed and is being used. To understand just what they are and how they work,
let’s take a look at the brand new one here. As you can see they look like black
boxes–most of them are designed this way. There are some that are designed to look
like rocks so they can blend into their surroundings. They require a special key
to be opened so that people can’t just easily access the inside of the bait
station. On the inside you’ll notice in here, at the center, this is the area
that’s designed to hold the bait–the product itself. It has two openings at
each side and they’re designed to let the rodents go in and then out as they
travel through it. The holes are small so that you can’t stick your hand and get to
the bait itself. You can see I could not get to the center part by just
sticking my hands into it. The rodent has to come in, travel inside find the bait, and then take it out. The most common misconception about rodent bait
stations is that they are traps. As you can see they’re not actually designed
like traps. They are not designed to hold rodents inside of them. They’re designed
to hold the product inside so that rodents can travel in and out, taking the
bait back with them. As long as they are installed and maintained properly, they
can definitely help make sure that rodents don’t go inside your home and
stay away. To conclude let’s take a look at a properly installed bait
station here. Bait stations should always be locked, secured, and labeled. As you can
see here, the label clearly indicates the name of the product being used inside,
the name of the company that the bait station belongs to, as well as the
contact information for that company. They should be locked so that they can’t
simply be opened by anyone except for by the use of the special key that the
technician will hold onto. You can see that this bait station has been secured
by a stake right here so that people can’t just pick it up and
shake it. In order for them to be effective, you’ll notice that the entry points for
the bait station are close and flush with the wall so that rodents, as they
run along the side of the wall, will come into the bait station find the bait, take
it out, and then return home with it. For best results in your rodent control
program, bait station should be maintained at least once a month. The
product should be refilled, and the station should be maintained to make
sure that rodent traffic can go in and out with ease. Thanks for watching! Please tell us what
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  1. Thank you for the video. I was unaware that it was just a bait station. I wanted to put a trap inside but this makes perfect sense.

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