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hello guys welcome back to my channel today is a video that you've been literally been asking me for full months and that is going to be a cage tour of my rat's cage I've had this cage for about three months now and how would really showing you any of it and the main reason for that is that I just wasn't happy with the cage so I wanted to wait until I was happy with the way it looked before showing it to you but you guys have been asking me to show you this cage for months so I'm finally getting to do that for you today so in this cage behind me is the pet panic Bratton ferret cage I've had this since June and before that I had 2/3 prospero cages stuck together so this is definitely the biggest rat cage I've ever had this cage is very similar to the Liberto Explorer style cages that many people have it's just a little bit cheaper and has a few differences but before I get into showing you the cage and the layout of the cage or something I quickly wanted to show you first and that is that a company called dainty pause ek was kind enough to send along some hammocks for the boys to try out and we're really excited to show these to you and put them into the cage now the first thing I saw when actually open the packaging was this really cute letter ally has a sticker on the front with a really cute hamster which I'm kind of tempted to peel off and keep because it is so cute so that itit just says hi Emily thank you so much for letting us send you this gift we hope you like it sorry again about fig but then it will look hot I hope these were able to brighten your day lots of love Millie from dainty paws if you don't know recently I did lose my mouse fix they're getting this package in the mail definitely made my day so thank you again many for sending these to me so many was kind enough to let me pick the fabric and the style of hammocks I wanted to go in my cage and the first one I picked I think it's called a double hammock and it's absolutely massive this is what it looks like and it's got this little compartment here and then another one down here this is definitely too big for the two rocks I have now I do plan on getting more rats and I'm adopting to you at the end of this month so I'm hoping that they'll all enjoy getting along in here together so all of our hammocks do come with it rings and clips to attach the cage because it's not online right now because I've just taken them out the cage to show them to you but that's really handy because you don't have to go out and buy your own and then the second hammock that I have to show you is just a flat hammock and it has this pattern on the outside and then on the in it's just green fleece and again this has the rings and the clips that come with it along it's like how much he does also have a lot of other items for small animals such as toys and treats in her shop which I will leave linked down in the description she's been kind enough to give us a discount code which is I'm we tend to give you 10% off at checkout if you do decide to purchase anything from her this discount code does run out on the 27th of October 2018 so if you're watching this far ahead in the future and the code is probably not going to work you should definitely take out with her shop anyways so without further ado I'm going to go ahead and show you my cage and show you everything I have inside of it so this is my rat's cage and is the pet panic Braton ferret cage this isn't how it looked when it came if you see this little bit here that was actually a second level in here kind of like a tray that had a hole in it and then a ladder that came down i've actually made the decision to take that out just to give them a more active layout and to allow me to hang more things in the cage because the level that did come across here didn't have any like grid or anything i'll show you in a minute what the levels look like but it didn't have a grid or anything to hang anything underneath so i made it really hard for me to actually fill the cage and put things in the cage and also i really didn't like it because the level that was here did have a hole for the ladder to come down and all the bedding that I do use was falling through the hole and that level was ending up there so I thought it was just bad to take it out to give them an active layout and to save me the house that I'm having to keep putting bedding back into that level this is what the latches on the door look like and you just slide them to open like this so this is what the bottom level of the cage so exciting spiral is about to jump out come on jump on the actual door of the cage or just zip tied a basket that I got from Poundland and that just has the same bedding in it that's on the bottom of the cage just to absorb anything if they do decide to pee in there and then a buffer is a wooden shelf got from ebay I believed from a seller on eBay as you can see in the back corner I just have one of these hanging to nose and these are great to use either hanging in the cage or on the floor of the cage too and then next to that is just the ladder that leads up to the next level over the cage and then below that is a foraging toy this one on the left is a foraging toy which I have a couple of treats in but they have to roll around and get the food out of and then next to that is just a little cat toy and then moving on from that I again have another foraging toy this one is actually aimed at cats and it is in the shape of a little mouse or rat I'm not entirely sure but I really like this one this is one of Sunday's favorite toys and again this just has a couple of treats in it not behind this I have this little blue her and this is something that I've always had in my cage this was what I got when I got my first rats and they really loved this so I always kept it in the cage I know I don't have them anymore I kind of keep it there as a little like not to them so the tray on the bottom that the cage comes with is about an inch deep I have looked into getting perspex trays made to increase the depth at the bottom to allow me to put more bedding in but also to prevent it for being kicked out because I have carpet in this room and it does get kicked out really easily but perspex like that is around 50 pounds so haven't gotten around to buying it yet the bedding I'm using is a recycled cardboard bedding called fin a card although this is not the most absorbent bedding I do use got to feed my rats to encourage them to forage for their food which is why I don't have too many items on the bottom to allow space for this and this bedding works really well for this purpose but this is actually the last of this bedding that I have and I want to try something else so I think I'm gonna be switching beddings quite soon attached to the side of my cage is a water bottle and you're probably thinking oh my god what the heck why is the water yellow that is really disgusting but don't worry this is actually vitamins and minerals I've added to the water the one I use is called daily essentials and this is just added vitamins and minerals that you add into the water are another beneficial thing to their health and I'll add this in about every week to two weeks and they really enjoy drinking this in fact the other water bottle gets pretty much ignored when this is in and they actually really enjoy the taste of this when the other water bottle that has nothing in it is also in the cage though much prefer to drink this which I guess is a good thing because they're getting those added extra minerals and vitamins so moving on from that a little bit of both what I just mentioned I have a wooden bridge which is attached to the Shelf here and then above that acting is kind of like a rope ladder is an Ikea tie holder these you can get really cheap from Ikea and there's a really good thing to add into your cage a lot of things in my cage aren't actually meant for wraps but they work really well and then right above that I've just zip tied a bendy tube to the side of the cage and that goes all the way up to the second level in the cage so then above all of this is the first shelf in the cage and I actually line these with a bath mat from Ikea ideally I wouldn't have to have anything in there but I do want to protect these shelves from getting rusted so this is already the next best thing for me and I just attach these with binder clips and then at the front is a water dish because I'm paranoid about my rights water bottles not working so I always like to have a second water source for them just in case and then to the left of this is another foraging toy which I really like because it's in the shape of a right which Sabonis and that's when the holes are a little bit bigger so just put things like fruit or vegetables or dog biscuits in there a little bit harder for them to get out and then above this is the triple hammock that dainty poles UK centers and then to the right of this is a foraging wheel which is my favorite following toy I use this to put their main food in when I'm not scatter feeding it on the floor if I have time to fill this up because you do have to take it off of the cage and fill it up through the little holes so when I do have time to put this in I'll use this and they have to work really hard to get the food out this so I really love this toy and then in the back corner of the shelf I just have a litter tray I found that if I didn't have anything here the rats were using that as a toilet so just for the litter tray that you kind of prevent them from going in that corner I also have a pee Rock in there to encourage them to pee in their litter trays so moving on to the top half of the cage this is what it looks like with a door shut and this the way it looks like with the doors open Sunday so starting with the door at the top of the cage you just have these three wooden shoes these two are from pets at home and I think this one was from zoo plus and I really like these ones because they are like realistic looking and they really enjoy chewing these so starting with the left hand side of the cage I just have this wooden ladder that is above the turnable and hello there's above the tunnel and the IKEA tie rack and this just attaches to the shelf on the right and then behind that I have another of the wooden bridges that I showed you below this is just to fill the gap in case they do fall behind this is another corner litter tray and this one just clips onto the side of the cage and it's really easy to take off and again I just have a pea rock in there to encourage them to use the litter trays and then above this I just have this foot and hanging toy it's a little bit too small for them to actually climb on but they do really enjoy chewing this so if this we just have this dog rope I picked up from B&M for 4 pounds I found the ones that are targeted at rats or birds are a lot more money so I've just got a dog one and I've zipped idea to the side of the cage and this one just goes all the way up here and then all the way round bear to attach up there and then directly above that is just another one of those wooden purchase and then behind that is another IKEA item this is just a storage thing that I found in the kids section and it just works really well to zip-tie onto the side of the cage and inside of this I've just put some really soft bedding for them to go in and sleep in and suddenly actually really likes to use this and then directly in front of that I just have this fruit holder which I'll sometimes attached fruit and vegetables onto just to make it a little bit harder for them to get them and then in the middle of the cage right at the top is one of the dainty paws UK hammocks this is the flat hammock and Sonia is asleep in there right now he's really not fazed by how loud I'm talking and then next to that is just the rope that carries on around and behind that right at the back is a Sputnik and then below this I just have a lava ledge which is supposed to help to keep their claws down and this just acts as a step up into the Sputnik so this is the second shelf in the cage and again I've just used an Ikea bath mat on here which is attached with binder clips and then most the shelf is taken up with this Heidi house thing I really like this design it's open on both ends so if you do have a lot of rats and they are all going into one high to sleep together and they don't feel too trapped and they can get out of both exit and if one of this is a foraging toy which sprout has decided to demonstrate with this one's a little bit harder than some of the other ones I have but I've just put really small treats in here or bits of cereal and they have to pull all the different levers to get it down to the bottom but I find that if they just knock it and some of them will fall down and then they have to stick their heads inside yet the treats out and then lastly on their shelf I just have this little donut chew toy that I got from pet show home and then on the outside of the cage I just have another water ball so this one just has plain water in it so they have plenty of water sources in the cage so it underneath the cage I just have the spare tray that I took out of the cage some extra ladders over here there carry cash and dog biscuits to put into the foraging toys and then all the storage boxes that has their food in some extra toys things to hang hammocks with some props or photos and then all these things here this is Mouse food and then this is rat treats and then that is what treats and then this is a box that I go out when I play with them so that's it for today's video guys I really hope you enjoy seeing my rats cage I know this video was definitely over Zhu Zhu Pets checkup danger wars UK in the link below and don't forget to use my discount code and we tend to get you some temps and discount at the checkout also don't forget to subscribe to see any future unrelated videos from us and we'll see you in our next video bye

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  1. Everything that I showed in this video (the cage, accessories) is linked in the description! Don't forget to check out DaintypawsUK if you need hammocks and other small animal items, and use our discount code 'IMEE10' before it runs out!

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  10. Hi – I couldn't see in your list of products where you got your "pee rock" from? Please can you let us know?

  11. I miss my rats soo much, they both passed away within 2 months of each other, they were brothers and I had them for 2 years.

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