Random Acts of Kindness Dog Adoption

Bellana: well by a miracle we might be taking her home Jessica: Wowwww… Bellana: we don’t know if we will actually take her home Jessica: well you don’t know yet Jessica: well you have to visit a couple of dogs and see yea and know… Bellana: yea that’s why we asked umm to go take her outside and try to meet them Bellana: and play with her for a little while Jessica: for sure for sure Bellana: and then if we all get along with her we can take her home Jessica: That is so exciting Emily: Uppp there you are Jessica: Did you guys make up your mind? All the kids: Yea we are getting her Emily: Yeaaaaa Emily: whats is your name Emily: Daniel Emily: Eric Emily: Nicholas Angel: Angel Emily: Bellana Emily: those are all great names Emily: so what do you have to do now? Emily: we just trying figure out how this all works. Mom: uhh we had to go fill this out and then we pay them for the adoption fee Jessica: Hi we are from GiveNGrow and Jeff: we are paying for your adoption Mom: what really??? Jessica & Jeff: yes yes we are Mom: Oh my God Jeff: and if there are shots and some dog food Mom: That is awesome Emily: awwww why you aww why Angel: I was like whooo you guys are paying for our dog Emily: well you doing a good thing adopting her and we we want to thank you for doing that Angel: thank you Eric: Thank you Daniel: Thank you Emily: you’re welcome your nice people Mom: you been waiting 3 months for this Emily: awww Emily: did you lose your dog 3 months ago? Angel: no it was longer but we been trying 3 months ago Emily: aww this is great…let me give you a hug Emily: I am so happy for you Angel Emily: that’s the main guy Emily: Jeff and Terry Emily: those are the main 2 that came up with this Jeff: we glad your happy Terry: congrats enjoy you new puppy Dad: are you happy now Angel: yeaaa Dad: are you sure Angel: I been bugging you forever to get a dog Dad: yea yea yea Emily: oh your welcome Angel you so sweet Emily: ohhh her she is Emily: here comes “June” Emily: all the kids Emily: June june Emily: June Emily: opp heres the clinic Emily: Opp shes leaving you again Emily: this is the last time Mom: last time she will be ok Jessica: Say Cheese

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