Ramshorn Snail Care | Beginner's Guide to Caring for Aquatic Snails

hey my fish mom welcome back to raise aquaria today we are going to talk about one of my favorite aquatic animals now these animals are often overlooked underappreciated and sometimes even hated within the aquarium community however we're going to talk about proper care of these animals no matter what kind of water you may have the animal that we're going to talk about is of course enormous true broom also known as the brand torn snail they come in a wide range of colors and I happen to keep the Blues epigrams fern snail and the pink ram's horn snail now chances are you have probably encountered the snail whether you wanted to or not they can be pretty prolific and their execs often hitchhike on plants purchase from hobbyists in stores but despite what people say about them their population is easy to control and they don't eat live plants in fact they can make wonderful additions to the overall ecosystem of a planet aquarium they are known as decomposers and they break down decaying matter keeping these wonderful animals is extremely easy since they can withstand a wide variety of parameters but if you want to keep them as healthy as possible you do need to meet one major requirement regardless if you have saltwater or hard water that requirement is calcium like most inverts calcium is needed to build and repair their outer shell the shell itself is made mostly of calcium carbonate and a few other organic compounds without access to the proper amount of calcium a snail will eventually suffer from what's known as shell erosion like the snail that you see pictured here now let's do a comparison of these two snails don't worry they were only out of water for less than a minute now both of these snails are about the same size in age and also from the same line of pink snails but this now that you see here on the left has found their way into one of my tanks that does not get calcium supplementation you can clearly see white banding and a flaky shell however if you look at this feel on the right there's minimal erosion which is a clear indication that this nail has received the proper amount of calcium during its lifespan while a slight amount of erosion isn't detrimental too much erosion can lead to stunted growth and premature death and let's be honest part of an ornamental snails appeal is their shell so a healthy shell is a healthy snail now there are several ways to deliver calcium to your snails if you have hard water with calcium then you're lucky with the regular water changes you might be able to get away with your snails needing little to no calcium supplementation for those of us who have salt water with little to no calcium present we need to either use things like crushed coral to raise the hardness pH or mineral content or supplement the snails diet in my opinion you should always give invertebrates a calcium rich diet just to be able to safe-side I plan on doing a full video on feeding your snails in the future but for now here's a rough list of calcium rich vegetables that you can use to feed your snails and other inverts this list includes kale and other greens such as spinach mustard turnip and collards and you can also feed some fruits like oranges and raisins careful feeding your snails raw fruits and veggies some of them do contain various levels of phosphorus which can file your water pretty fast of course there are also prepared foods that you can use which include just about any food geared towards shrimps and crabs but be careful with some algae wafers even though some bags of algae wafers list ingredients that contain the word calcium they're generally low amounts of calcium people have also had success giving their snails eggshells cuddle bones and even tums for calcium sources my personal favorite method of calcium delivery is making good old-fashioned homemade smell oh it's an all-in-one food and you can make it pretty cheap from stuffy you might already keep in your home I will show you guys that recipe in a future video so aside from their dietary requirement nails are actually pretty easy to care for they do incredibly well with docile community fish but can sometimes have their int in a pet dog by more aggressive fish like lettuce and cichlids also keep in mind that they do have a higher bio load for their size and they can crash smaller system if that bio load is not kept in check by keeping the population in check and that's it caring for rammstein snails is incredibly easy and they're very resilient animal in the future I will have a complete tutorial on how to feed your snails including a recipe from my favorite snail oh then I use in all of my invertebrate takes if you guys have any specific questions that I did not answer for you today in this video go ahead and leave a comment below also don't forget to like or even dislike and subscribe and as always thanks for watching

30 thoughts on “Ramshorn Snail Care | Beginner's Guide to Caring for Aquatic Snails

  1. Organic produce actually has more pesticides, if you want it to be safe for small animals i'd use GMO's.Though it might vary.

  2. Hey I'm just wondering what kind of fish would be good to share a tank with snails. I like the fish you have in your tank, What kind of fish are they?

  3. Pleeeease help… I'm on my second (once beautiful) magenta apple snail. But even with regular liquid calcium added to the tank, her shell is getting pitted with small cracks.
    Where are your videos on feeding snails?

  4. Question: I think the biggest reason for the hate is uncontrollable population. You said it’s easy but haven’t showed how (And your tank does look overrun for my taste). How do you control population?

  5. What if the population explodes to a point it's unhealthy. Like competition for food and such? I have a few nerite snails in the tank as well so i don't want to use an assassin snail. Any advice?

  6. Oh how I wish I could get such pretty snails locally.  My local fish stores (all of them) only have Mystery Snails ugly ugly ones.

  7. They’re a superb food source for fish. I put some ramshorn snails in a pond near me and now there are thousands of them in the pond. Now the catfish in this pond are obese!! The catfish no doubt are eating dozens of the snails every day

  8. Hello,I want to start breeding Ramshorns.What is the maximum limit of Ramshorns can I have in a 5.5 gallon Tank?

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