if you're new I want to see more videos be sure to hit subscribe and hit the notification bell for new videos every single day if you've done that be sure to comment down below hashtag big army Anna's will enjoy this video let's get this going by murrow's guys be sure to use code to foul and sweet me that you have used the code that maybe you want yourself a cool roblox web package for me as well so code filed inside of the roblox robic shop hey guys what's going on here welcome back to another video today Rebecca roblox a boxy simulator for another beautiful video and today as we're gonna be talking about of course the code that is the day with the new rain for something that's for wait for the little guys but we have it today which is absolutely amazing as well we're gonna talk about some leaks guys which people have found which is kind of crazy see if we can find them as well so could share them with you and otherwise have some cool images as well I already uploaded video today so if you guys are a big fan of the game legends of speed which is right now the number one game on roblox which is kind of interesting then guys I unless you made a code video if you guys wanted every single code it currently exists in the game go check that out guys it's on a channel will be highly appreciated so what are we to be talking about today guys like I said is gonna be the code we're gonna so we're gonna try to get ourselves a limit off some hats as well we've ourselves another miscast to open up so this we're gonna start off with so in three two and one there we go and we got ourselves let's see what we got let's see we got becomes zero cloves this time no I would myself another head potion that sucks how much actually is this one to buy a hundred and fifty robots it's actually quite expensive but I have some more info on this thing over you guys the coming soon eggs cuz I think guys if we would glitch down a little bit over I don't know where it is I don't know where that there we go and Finglas not over here we can see there's actually three eggs over here yes I see that we ever sells three secret eggs hidden inside I wish I could turn a little bit better I wish I could show more guys but I cannot sadly see the top of it like can I try I think it's right now it still doesn't have a name yes this is egg over there okay but it seems that we were gonna get three new eggs guys so that's a new over here as well we can see the chest hood you down below whatever that we spawned up there it's just a placeholder but it's really cool to see that we actually ourselves are getting any get ourselves three new eggs coming soon I don't know when really but that's gonna be absolutely insane let me know right now in the end of America and a comment section down below what do you think are these three eggs are gonna be so there are over years you guys want to check them out you can do it I don't think they look like any of the eggs we had before let's just take a look guys I actually don't know if I can even get out of here like I'm I stuck hello hello I think I'm stuck as I think I literally stuck so but I'm I'm a hundred percent sure that these eggs aren't in-game it's these are the new jungle eggs maybe I don't know what they're really gonna be cold but that's absolutely saying this will the chest over there so if you guys want to see some cool stuff underneath the map you can do to be a just go to this area fall down you can see the eggs yourself if you guys have more info on them let me know I definitely want to cover that so after every obstacle where I can even leave I have to leave the game because I'm so stuck oh my god guys that is ridiculous but guys but but while we're loading back to the game let's do a daily giveaway let's do this I'm super super out guys like I think it's time for a daily giveaway it's time for our daily giveaway on unboxing simulator so let's press play guys press play let's open up the I like she didn't wanna fall down over here okay that's interesting but I'm gonna open up the shop guys bump everyone do of course the premiere giveaway and the comment section yes guys yes it says what are we gonna give wait day hmm we're gonna do the same thing for both sides guys and it's even gonna be the same hashtag so it's not a confusing guys so we're gonna give away double gems today so if you guess one answer to double gems gave us what you have to do it's just comment down below hash tag gems in the premier chat and in the comment section of course as well ask our we got a thousand likes oh that's a nice video will be highly appreciate you guys right now smash the like button can 2,000 likes we're gonna go for it as well let me know if you guys want me to do like a very in-depth dungeon like see if we get it like way 60 or 70 I will be absolutely saying insane to see if we can maybe do that because of course a dungeon is so so good for you but I need to get myself super far and psychics we need high hats we like we're now at level two million guys we are level 2 million hats but we need to get ourselves more things going so if you guys want me to do like a super deep dungeon exploration that let me know guys so as well we are at 3 5 5 4 3 5 4 4 already so that means we're just um like 250 million away from the next area which is super super quick guys we're going extremely fast today which is amazing i'm super hyped about that like that's probably like at the speed of you guys are going right now it's gonna eat like 6 or a million tonight so probably 2 or 3 days we're gonna see another land which is crazy actually hasn't been absolutely crushing it is literally gonna be construction as well sucrose ocean area is gonna be awesome it will add new eggs here but what about like what I'm thinking guys what I'm thinking is let me know right now in the premiere Chad and in the comment section what do you think about this what is gonna happen in this next era cuz of course I think we're gonna get ourselves new tools but if they're gonna flop new eggs over here what's gonna happen at the land behind dad gasp because it means normally it would be like right now it would be a chest then we'll be sores and there would be a new egg but if the eggs gonna be placed here what it's gonna be placed there let me know guys right now in the chat what he has thing's gonna be plays there do we see double eggs could it be like a mid tier egg will they be eggs like maybe even plopped in tonight or tomorrow I don't know it's just a really strange place to place some eggs and have like a coming soon sign make everyone hyped for something that is actually very out of the ordinary which I'm super hyped about cos like one of oximeter always does is that it makes everything super super mysterious that's really cool as well as the code will be coming in a little bit so don't worry about dad so we're gonna first want to get myself my chest of course we're today because I need to get myself more money guys cuz I will probably need like a thousand OC for the next weapon so I'm gonna have to grind for that which it's gonna be quite a fortune because I only have right now 4 OC but that still is gonna be worth getting at a hundred percent so double damage post you guys always do damage potion if you're getting your chests cuz chest always give yourself some more stuff if you have double – boom there we go and of course it's too the thorns and for paper balls of fur that's a boom there we go we are totally Gucci let's go back through the toilet and then we can go walk all the way up and together sells a load of coins follow yes can we get the second batch of coins as well following its Oh Larry oh there they are let's go from 4.70 see two oh nine point two six that's inside so we're almost ten OC probably a few more chests and then we are there so what I do I do work work you guys right now I want to do this every single video because I need to get myself the mythical of this area already ever golly guys which is insane my big all the Edit is amazing guys explore for over 67 million guys but I want to go I sell the mythical so I'm going to be guys I'm gonna do like four minutes on the top guys who need a four minutes of opening see if we got something interesting guys and of course we'll cue to timeless I'll see you guys back in the four minutes hi guys we're almost done 24 seconds left sadly we have not received anything new yet which is unfortunate but of course that is kind of expect this we already have a dolly as we couldn't get that anymore maybe we guys had some duplicates though so that's what we have to check out in a little bit but of course we don't have to the extra hat chance so that's something we have to have next step so hopefully we're gonna get to play over the next time because they're just so rare guys why did I not get another one so let's just do like five more chests guys one two three four and five boom there we go Spink of everything alright let's take you for good luck at speed for good luck let's see if you ever see me maybe enter any other more godly so be absolutely insane so ah let's go check it out boom open of entry go to that guy's do we get anything new we didn't even get a legendary come on game we got zero legendaries we only got some other stuff my lord that's what we did let Jerris guys this is what he does we don't even get them right now oh my god at least they're still like one I need I probably did level up a little bit more I should probably have like two hundred thousand levels because that would be absolutely insane but sadly huh no legendaries at all so the collection is all guys didn't get it gained anything else today we got the last time of course the legendary snake and the golly I'm down we didn't even get a golly or legendary guys that was new we didn't even get an extra legendary so that's just that's just a guy said we probably the double head post you guys to get those things we really need to grind those clovers I read originals extra ways to get clothes instead of only doing the dungeon but I guess that's just the only two chests right now but it's so cool that we have two chests so I'm thinking oh it's time to do to go guys I hope it actually works in the server because maybe it needs to be updated a server so if he doesn't work for you sort of right now go to a private server of a friend and it should work there guys and it's gonna be the code a monkey and boom that's gonna give you a hundred percent coins for 60 minutes that's absolutely insane an hour boost again that is super super awesome and maybe will be some more coats tomorrow and otherwise we have to wait for the update guys will probably be in two days anyway like we're going so fast guys who keep on grinding those boxes guys keep on going at it enjoy yourself at that code and as well be sure to be on the lookout for this new update because it's got to be insane I'm super hyper guys that we found this leak is crazy guys eggs underneath the map I'm super duper hot so guys it's gonna be attributed abs are of course not subscribed and hit the scrubber number let's leave a like button I like as well Ruby I appreciate see you guys later today or tomorrow for another video and of course take care love you bye enjoy the Boxee similarly code and of course take care


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