Rainbow themed hamster cage! ??

hey guys so in today’s video we are going to be transforming Bumble’s cage into a pastel themed hamster cage and today
before I get started I do want to say this video is sponsored by carefresh and
I want to say thank you to them for sending me these four giant bags of a
carefresh we got the pink one we have the blue CareFresh the white CareFresh
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the description bar for you guys to go sign up with club carefresh so that you
can get some money off some carefresh so here is an overview of the cage I
think it came out so cute so starting off on this side we have a very adorable
pastel coloured hideout I actually got this hideout from pet value but it
originally was the natural wood color and red but with some non-toxic safe
paint I converted it to a very pretty hideout instead and then on the sides of
it there are these tiny tails I think they’re wand chews then coming over
here I just have this little rosewood rainbow bridge and then this I think
it’s one of the kaytee nut knob nibblers and a very adorable purple hippopotamus
house next I have this DIY platform that I made for her in the color theme and
then there are a bunch of different chews so there’s a candy chew a cupcake
chew and then a tiny tails rainbow chew along with her food dish and her food of
course then there is this sea grass tube that leads over here
and we have this little teal mug and then a ice cream chew, we have another
platform that I created. There is a tiny tales crown chew along with a bendable
bridge from Petco then she has her glass living world water bottle and then her
silent runner this is the 9 inch one and it just is on like this little stand I
made so that bedding doesn’t get caught underneath it and then lastly she just
has her sand bath which has some little stars in the front that I have glued on
there so that is bumble’s pastel cage

100 thoughts on “Rainbow themed hamster cage! ??

  1. My hammy has a party themed cage he has aspen, and cupcake confetti bedding sprinkled on top and he has a little like a can holder that looks like a pineapple and I hung it outside his tank

  2. Should you take out big pieces of aspen wood bedding or just leave them be for hamsters?
    can you poke holes in bin cages?
    Can you reuse a hamster water bottle after it passes away?

  3. the platforms are soooo cool, I can't believe you made them!! that's a lot of creativity and effort to put in, I could never do that.
    Your hamster is so lucky <3

  4. I really want to make my hamsters cage theme a fun, pops at your face cage. I am really contemplating it but I think people might think I am treating my hamster like a toy. Should I?

  5. Victoria I love your channel I am not new but am re going through all your videos and learning more than I know. You have taught me so so much eg you informed me that my cage is too small and a few years ago too much cucumber can harm them. U helped me learn my mistakes so my third hamster will have a great life and don’t let haters get you down when your hamsters pass and btw AMAZING CAGE!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. I have 2 questions : no 1 did you make the lids for your deltuf ?and no 2 if you did can you make a video on how ?

  7. Ive been seeing ur videos bc i want to get a hammy for me and my son, and honestly this video is so adorable. Makes want to get it today lol

  8. Where did you get these supplies? I had 2 hamsters when I was 11 but they died. :*( plays sad violin audio but, eventually I might get a new one and I’m going to watch LOTS of YouTube videos to help me get started. But I don’t really know what to put in to their cages. Like, I want cute stuff in my hamster’s cage. >.<

  9. Hey just like to say I love your vids you always make me happy and laugh not asking for likes just wanted to let you know

  10. I wanna keep all my hamster babies but we can’t afford extra cages ??? 7 babies plus mom and dad. I have two cages rn

  11. I wish I could be a hamster to live in purple bedding and die after 2 years of dealing with humans XD (No their lifespan is like 2 years, it has nothing to do with humans, they just have really bad telomeres.)

  12. Hello Victoria I love your vids and I have 2 hamsters I have Mama Fluffy and Rosie unfortunately my baby fluffy died at 1 year old because of a heart attack so I have her mama Fluffy and it’s her real mom but I was wondering if you could tell me what is the name of the cage you have from IKEA the one you were cleaning. Plz respond. I ❤️ hamsters and all animals I cry and fell so bad for hamsters and other animals that get treated bad and small cages thx to you I would like to start my own Channell about hamsters ? Plz keep up the fantastic work

    Love :Marlene Baby Fluffy in heaven ? Baby Rosie who is with me ❤️and Mama Fluffy ???

  13. Can i buy carefresh in indonesia?
    Cuz i live in indonesia and i cant find carefresh or kaytee in indonesia ?????????????????

  14. Hammy the hamster
    Huddling around
    He almost crowned
    Like a king of the ocean
    King of the sea
    Butiful rainbows
    Over you an me!

  15. Hammy hammy ware are you
    Hiding behind me
    That's not true !
    Under the wheel?
    Oh wow it true!
    I love hamster
    You should to
    If you get one
    Itll love you

  16. Just an idea. Maybe you should consider putting the water by the food so she doesn't have to go to the other side of the cage. Btw love ur channel

  17. I have a question I’m getting a hamster if i put a blanket that is light over their cage will they be quiet because that’s what I’ve been hearing and you are a hamster expert?

  18. I’m 10 years old and have a fish and 2 dogs
    Do you think it’s a good idea to get a dwarf hamster cause I’ve been dreaming of having one since I was like 4 and watched so many of your YouTube videos

    So anyway I just wanna know if it’s a good idea or if I should get another type of hamster

  19. You’re a great mom to hamsters !! I watched ur videos and learned to give hamsters bigger space like tanks instead of cages !

  20. I saw your hamster (at this time I don’t remember who is in there) below the detolf and I thought there was a bug on my screen ???

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