10 thoughts on “Rainbow Kitten Surprise LIVE at Red Rocks 6/11/19

  1. This brings the biggest smile to my face… I can't wait to see where y'all go from here! ? love you so much

  2. dudeeee i want to see them live so bad but i don’t have the money ? i’m saving up until i can see them i know all their songs ugh

  3. Full Setlist
    0:00 Pacific Love (Cutoff)
    0:02 Mission to Mars
    3:04 When it Lands
    8:21 Counting Cards
    12:07 All's Well That Ends
    16:39 Matchbox
    19:47 Shameful Company
    23:58 Moody Orange
    27:53 Cocaine Jesus
    31:42 Devil Like Me
    35:16 Seven
    39:23 First Class
    44:55 Sam’s Story About Janie
    46:17 Heart
    50:16 Painkillers
    54:02 Goodnight Chicago
    58:37 No Vacancy
    1:02:34 Holy War
    1:05:54 It's Called: Freefall
    1:08:53 Fever Pitch
    1:11:54 Hide
    1:15:30 That’s My Shit
    1:22:18 Possum Queen
    1:24:36 Polite Company
    1:29:36 Dancing in the Moonlight by Thin Lizzy (Cover w/ Caamp)
    1:33:57 Recktify
    1:36:26 Thanks/Shout-outs
    1:40:21 Run

    Love this band so much <3

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