Rainbow Kitten Surprise & Caamp 6/11/19 Live from Red Rocks in Morrison, CO!

hello nice welcome you you [Applause] no I can't eat without you and I can't sleep without you stay up all night baby songs about you take me and I spend my days drinking so I go I have to spend thinking and I know lowlifes that's me we work in 10 miles I my best case new my chest rhythms go none of the rest falls to the side I said look I empty out writing notes why I'm thinking about love you folks okay [Applause] how we doing Colorado all right [Applause] exhibitors Oh see till later let's go this at yourself [Applause] [Applause] be like fully happy to do that you so you can't do the true [Applause] [Applause] rush you to kill [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] thank you thank you so much [Applause] [Applause] would you say we pack our things get out of here I haven't say even all my life just to disappear would you [Applause] [Applause] see [Applause] all right the song we're gonna play next is the oldest in the book for us and it's the first one that Evan and I did together as camping it means a lot to us to play it here tonight [Applause] [Applause] winger true rubbing their neither smoke can take my spell I wish though you were fine well Ricki [Applause] [Applause] you you natsu that's it Thanks everyone get a warm welcome to my friend no which did good too two miles to the gas burner she said to try it out after all this time you're still the man which is books of ownership see you give it up for mo everybody to call books we're in the night My Mind's running through the woods instead Bowser no and we're fasting what if I wasn't variable sipping whiskey by miles an hour in the fasting see the curve in the rivers bed well I'll get you when I see my friends all the miles are now in that fastly [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] thank you thank you so much [Applause] that's crazy this is crazy for us I know that every person that says on this stage we started like everybody else you know playing songs in our parents basements and I'm just so happy to be up here with my two best friends Evan and that [Applause] all right let me hear you give keys in the car we're casually drunken keys let's go if biggest bank in Chicago wrote it hey look easy rubs on the right behind she said cook me kiss your wife groaning screams Richmond mines I do that gives me just bear with me I'll be back someday out [Applause] you know [Applause] we're coming out with a new record and put a new song out last night and this is what that one sounds like live pack the bags this time the countess tax dodging cars cruise – oh boy early the cold always thinking you hey Joe though you're working on that college take a swim in their bodies yeah hey Joe get against the Shih Tzu I got one hey I got one question [Applause] okay six Berto he stays she's good Washington quality he was rich now he's working the world so right get back up with cheese is all the food speckled snowy woods [Applause] we must still be down to aspire yeah we're way over time Oh [Applause] [Applause] Colorado how are you lovely people we've been waiting a very long time to be aired and it's such a pleasure to share this with y'all and Rainbow kittens surprise as well a good letter once again this is Taylor Mayer he never left off my two best buddy well they gotta be I'll track it down the big mountain where they all died you people keep on white lies and why that when you saw that girl she stayed smiling this I was why little war perfect timing no time for hide in the finder sweet thank you that's called just wondering I'd like to thank our families for coming out to see us thank you guys says if we take a slope the country the country [Applause] kids go to the country you [Applause] [Applause] all right now this is rainbow kittens browsing camp we got a nice number from North Carolina this one [Applause] simple cat space we don't ba-baby say about Katniss good baby my baby my baby st. jude's that good old George good with the dagger skill with the sword [Applause] [Applause] oh no she goes she's gone say it on me man no she goes she's gone say it [Applause] [Applause] taking [Applause] Sam [Applause] [Applause] mother [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you you [Applause] what my hand on me in you orders when you call my name I'll be on my way kiss my honey keep my fever rising in the buckles – you'll never calm down see you come off your reels and it ain't going will you grown enough bills you were too can't see parts the shooting out streetlamps oh shoot let stars and now your creditors father heard it before the pilots whispered the fondest on the radio won't leave it alone Bertie once heard it twice heard it was enough to tell they say the mission of mom is destined to fail control I said coming down ha we locked our keys in our cars but I booted applause and now the movements lost and so blowing up God's phone they get us are hosting our own space but I read the frozen smoke to punch a hole I say fade fade away they traded for your replacement we never made it what you're trying to be three the chickenpox a pesticide I'm at the end of the street meaning we are in school we delay the show for rent you so inspired beliefs now we gonna release it take the title – you it is what you want to be you know it on a platter make nice package stand by please your friends are trying to leave countdown till you come off your rails they say the mission to Mars is doing pretty well I heard it once heard it twice I heard everybody tell they say the mission of Mars was guessing the south [Applause] we fed up with the prepay looking for a keepsake higher stakes and by dancing leave give me up I'm i'ma keep my good fighter jet boat spook I'm missing out or we get girlfriends row labels put in put image [Applause] Oh will you keep [Applause] let's go rocks people from all over the world you know probably what the North Carolina can hit sir it's allowed to be [Applause] picnic picnic land alone picture the color gray the black go back the light from the stars in our eye sees God spoke jokes with all of the lack of back – Taizo must be same long and the time takes lot to reach in time you'll find will block to the things we go picture Assad and biggest gun in bills before sure spelling I'm from New Orleans where we spent the we could befall and the stars in our eyes or the lights from the pledge pictures of us in black deal rolling on the red carpets little concrete counting billboards where we read that the stop said I my checkride is the dog by God and stop mothers and hearts in our call to myself strong guitar sing hear me when I call him me when I call me I'm sorry I'm sorry [Applause] picture us and God shaking hands just because we pay back whatchu gonna get we watch me murder this watch me murder my flower boys can play my view is the black pull the file when I start counting cards in the dark we sit and talk leading it off believing it all I'll try this is God and hearten are cold tonight strong guitar I'm sorry pixal accounting parts the dictionary [Applause] the wall I'm not going to keep you by the phone all these holes it rocks we've got monsters in my head do you wanna know my name is that how you wanna take from me your semi call me when you when you live call me when you're coming down hey I'm not gonna keep you by the phone when you're coming down call me with you oh and all its folded and filled with all its living [Applause] [Applause] but it's your life so live like how you like to live the type before the like the cost a lot they say wise man lenses ease but not thoughts often the same is true of undercover cops in the end share my blood morning since I would drink some water I did mine 15-passenger van doing legs phone so I'm feelings I don't fully understand started the match box the top slowly champ feelings is live it's the room in my car my career went as far that's the kid that I can down the road through I just settled in the order for change for charitable donors like excuse me sir miss could you spare a moment to support no one knows why not you which be the time keeping me happy minami you sees that I'm a master of flash bah it's all sessions your master a passive-aggressive magic tray like that's not the card they act with a pic but it's your life to live like how you like to live to the max [Applause] have it all did you love me too where I recently developed the propensity to push people away and my okay take it any way you want to she let her find your way standing over the flowers in our office information often Vincent lovely day I'll spend my days and daydreams wait till you meet saving every heart we were lying that you ever gave to me despair is a weather condition Oh inside no time or to sleep yeah we come to me find Sam No fine shameful wee-wee taking a change make it romance and breaking our promise trying to the rain put in my tone lay oh my see our space battle suit you then what do you want from me okay take it any way you want to find your flower in our office information not to mention inside your time or to say come to me find Shane Oh [Applause] I ain't tryna pinche conclusions pay to play rules and the day-to-day for super-tight celebrations now they have a loose enough bond hours she kicked at my shoes feel the spirit suzani up just over take world take to faking a baby I've been patient you're watching the way you move taking all your clothing feeding off your cues like one two three four five I'll get it right play nice soon as you do running off again running off of cigarettes front talkin it's a cakewalk that I misstep make it there take a breath start popping the sweat smiley got me and all my days I've never seen a showstopper like you calling I'll vote soon as you make a mark just touched you big boy yeah stupid take my delusions crying about the old bowl off on that till I'm blue brilliant server take it just take it out of my t that shirt what it all means but I can use the senior fool to me and I'll under my stand on juvenile baby we keep an amazing always go since McClean or what about pacing all my spine away from you our viewers Carmen is all we've been through Faison play flake off for I know you can sell me on anything reach 110 upon a letter ring she's been let it go I bring no love not there but us fighting when I'm driving teach me how to let it go verse 25 a train while I'm exchanged in silent service fell up in the upper ground but the light back to your basement came with Kieran my heart will sit inside Slovenia and to make is make us make up and you and I we come off the rails enough to break the silence a too much time I love the way I love the way i love the way [Applause] listen in addition when you're talking fine a namesake Jesus Mary Magdalene you what are you okay ceiling by the way do you follow me Jack and everybody laughs for me this love you sometime calming down never back whenever you never call the cops again I'll never call my I get along sometimes you find you see a friend of mine you see a frame but you call me when you want or just call me when you need if you only [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] my hand so we'll never mind on what you cared about for once you get it awful we got love we love diam what you get it out for what you get [Applause] in the time [Applause] from me [Applause] [Applause] what do you feel [Applause] [Applause] what's up Colorado [Applause] I'm not satisfied with better popping you up with a face you make when I call down around here lately baby I just wanna write with the cool kids kickin it watching all the other six fools on the interstate sugar shake you're making it live like this month lady blow up teacher honest honorable easy call don't you ever feel like you ever when everybody anybody 17 and I was the best you never hiding you want since you never say fire six seven six five four three two everybody's got a name everybody's got a number seventeen six flames Farfalla to us priests tumors if there's only one love it be calm to try don't believe that anybody ever felt this way cuz if they had they never would have made me they say hell nah wake me up at 10:00 tomorrow for my sake keep the volume down please doesn't everybody try to do the best at what they do best and do less of the bad to begin with doesn't leaving me mean a little left tip your left my life when I belong to dig in with you're not alone you never [Applause] you anything more than everybody 17 a night with the best you never hi do you want since you never said try I said 7 6 5 4 3 2 everybody 17-6 flames by for the two three stupid there's only a while [Applause] six months you gave the seventh month you keep you stayed for six days and the seventh day and every day oh here I come – you're gone seven six five four three two [Applause] you know it's such a pleasure to be here this is a dream come true thank you guys so much we love y'all [Applause] say you get married on in we're famous diamonds in every paper every news report is constantly to the people that you love and all the people that say you didn't see playing indirectly bearing down on birds with my weight [Applause] say you like you and will vacation first fight some breaking your fall to breaking my it's working on day eight nine all the bitches airworthy say you're okay you're faking are you drinking all day give me up [Applause] Oh like you say you believe me they'd be right for you [Applause] and will vacation first flights I'm breaking your balls you're breaking my hands you're working off it is not off the beaches our to say you're okay [Applause] so I knew a woman I knew a woman she went by Janie McManus her maiden name was Jenny Stein's but she kept them she kept the McManus after Creed I'd create McManus the streets name and uh she was my manager at at the first job I ever had straight out of high school it was a spot at a place called the good old pedo which was an ice-cream ice-cream slash putt-putt place and people mostly came for the ice cream and had free coupons for the putt-putt but that's not the point the point is a first day on the job she asked me to get some lipstick out of her out of her purse for she was dealing with the customer and I I reached into her purse and I pulled out a bunch of 22 shells and so Janey why do you have bullets in your purse she says uh well you know I'm here late you just never know you know I got to know what about Janey she volunteered it pretty freely and I heard some of the wildest stories I've ever heard in my life and I told her if I ever had a chance I'd write them down and share them with other people and this is the best I can do right now is sauce call heart [Applause] do the mama don't you leave me like that bring it on back bring it on back let me don't leave me don't you leave me like that bring it on bring it on back your heart you know fine but you don't say anything you got my heart of your head and your love in my heart you got my heart you and your love in my heart well the kid to get married it bless my soul reaches Adz then you really don't know let's uh my so you really don't know when a man loves a woman he'll say anything no to you when the kids died nobody cried for me don't you ever say anything you don't mean like you love me like you love that you're all the time and you're all that I Hey and I love you [Applause] I love the morning don't try to kill yourself today think a lot you've been missing prescription painkillers how to blessings only for the lotto hit the game when it's falling lucky living just a living just comes with a bit of heartache how'd it comes with a bit of young fish they stay young do you get your heart broken or froze up to become someday I never heard no one and no one ever hurt me I believe I believe I believe they're fled down to the docks Harley I believe I believe I believe I believe then I won't bother the people I speak I believe I believe I believe I believe in a name five for the soul so a lot of their pain my queen won't beat on she's impassioned of the summer side she's a long time running in the same she taxes oh she's not believer put it off Dan lazin she rips the hailer sob bangles for the fun of it and five she doesn't smile at you what do you need the round either price tae-yong black mama flower will you call speed mama round me the quiet diam their love the morning don't try to kill yourself today think of all that you be missing don't you ruining everybody I love the morning try not to kill yourself today think a lot of Shiva mission description painkillers [Applause] twenty years to send to the off reflected on subway trains 20 more before they fall head back to Tampa Bay spy when he died I took his place eighteen major palace to the kisses that you came across exchange apostle and I stood out in the ring you killed a man I cry master hurt behind your finger by the way you were that it hurts this we survived [Applause] [Applause] goodnight Chicago dog sir if the waters warm I'll take one I'm sorry 18 major callous to the kisses that you gave her and one more austere down we pile of good luck in life good night Chicago 20 years to see New York collect it on subway 20 more I'll be 44 back to Tampa Bay I killed a man inspired when he died Oh show me my don't shut down shut down don't shut down don't win tonight [Applause] love you too baby [Applause] she's better than I you know I guess I mentioned when I say I never loved you but you don't ask me ah say yes song Oh [Applause] it'll get about yeah [Applause] Oh the Queen of Babylon and all the sons ascended to the throne you ain't out of town [Applause] Thomas said to the devid ever do you lay drums stop and also opposite on the sundown Sunday's Christmas Sunday said oh and I need a few friends now and again I can never hope to keep them far to new friends when I thought that they wanted maybe they needed a good friend is happy don't give me Renton all friends who isn't Rufus all you've ever done has been a noose to hang on til they thought was a name recklessly fell into how will you both hang with nothing to do but scratch the gravity win light fall this they grab it and win light you can leave it all behind even the devil need time alone sometimes you can let it all go you can let it all go way far stop three far to the devil in the devil said quit can't be bothered you keep about your wits mine keep about your wits no y'all somewhere who you came in with miss Allsopp man all the same you walk remember the devil no cz let me show you Jeffrey but falling off Besh it's easy let me show you how [Applause] live they're then I'll meet you at the girl sinking when the field 6-month you once officer came to live between our two hearts just beat Hey it I'm looking at you [Applause] I you find intimacy let it simmer down I got the holy rule I got the holy rule about the fever that the fever pitch I'm at the fever pitch [Applause] – my CI per second you might be falling from there and so strangers from my garden party drunk enrollment [Applause] running from a place where they burn me people like me I keep a phone I keep my backpack I don't want to leave just don't want to leave less I've been praying for your church you're playing and he's a better kisser than you think he's a better singer than we took pretty pictures by the sea and when the phone you don't [Applause] [Applause] Redbox thank you so much we got one more [Applause] [Applause] pray for me if you still believe sometimes I just feel like nobody's listen remotes in a way my dreams go bad baby might rise a darling my to stay hard way they should live circle in my mind I'm ma fille I'm gazing darling to the back with a bad baby crying phone now this damn and it's all saying that's my that's my that's what everybody wants tomorrow you may be the death no disrespect baby but that's my that's my that's all good have you been half a time and now I'm here it's been 13 years lying on the crowd I don't know where homeless but I suppose you're saying rabble they're singing put it on tell my father my dreams go waving my tribe they dialing my Tuesday hard with Haitian little circle in my mind I'm all things I'm gazing dilated to the back of the bad baby that's my that's my that's what everybody's on-the-fly parsing humane Oh – maybe Oh Oh man [Applause] that's my on somebody else truck time open up you buy to my to my my [Applause] [Applause] instilling sometimes I just feel like nobody [Applause] [Applause] thank you so much celibate you just to watch it come out I took it to the Western said you're free you'll be living like this for a while [Applause] see see it's between the sacred and profane and me one other language we will never speak in polite company she's a dancer long Willam and the answer she auditioned for romantics no calls from the right company she only wants the man she thinks is you we're the dance among the drunk legs the contest between on telling spot shoegaze and made away half way we both pop the face to all be our feet no speech dream and not that but what I'll hold you in the dance is through Oh [Applause] so I feel like we're missing somebody out I mean don't get me wrong it's been real and it's been fun and it's been real fine but we started this whole thing with a couple of our good friends and I think that's not the way we'll go out so if the boys who can [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] as I recall tell you what you once told me that this next song we're about to play this was your parents favorite song and also my favorite song [Applause] my father he's going crazy he says I'm living in a trance but I'm singing it in a moment streets again I just made another warning I should have been here Tim now I won't get out til Sunday I'll have to say I stayed with friends Oh what is a happy woman if it means to justify the well this song it's got me raivo can surprise give it [Applause] I should just shut up and cut to rectify my gonna say [Applause] thank you guys so much for coming out tonight it's been a pleasure an absolute pleasure I hope you've enjoyed you stay here as much as we have but please give it up to the staff and crew here Red Rocks for making all these shows all possible all year-round for you they're awesome to work with and approach on our end we got a few folks of our own that we brought out to make this production possible for you at front of house you got Mitch van who's running sound on lights you got max Lennox right next to him you got JJ guitar second you got Rob Jones stage managing Matthew plunge Mitch Mitchell Kenny – or managing you got Rachel McKinney to a manager and Mitchell Kinney production land ringing excuse me you got Kenny G powers on Myra's y'all you got noodletools you got Ariel Griffiths making showery look the way she – I'll merge you got a rose boys they're not forgetting anybody thank you to our producer Jay George for making this album possible because without him I'm crazy eh yo you got Audrey Dennis down here on instagram on social media taking pictures to the making us look good or at least as good as we can be made to look and obviously you got one more time Taylor Evan and Martin from camp [Applause] but the folks that you know and love can't get enough of this is the man with the hat the man with the hands your lead guitarist in classic cowboy [Applause] on rhythm guitar and harmony vocals singing the songs demand men and angels give a warm up the tax buzzy [Applause] Queeny our dreams face paced in the magazines you may know her at your place the stone faces charlie all [Applause] last but not least is your tin-can preaching hands he's your rhythm drumming man from another Lam doing all he can to make you dance out Japan's give it up for the headband himself [Applause] I'm saying Melo a rainbow getting surprised thank you guys so much for your night view top [Applause] I do better ask for one more thing before we go right quick I gotta know some of you folks already know but I don't so let me yes or no do you mind it do you mind do you mind do you mind do you man I'm sorry I just thought there were 10,000 people here [Applause] well if you really really really really really really really really don't mind would you try the out [Applause] and stick all the money they come running by the artist Monica brought us all wrong and Buddha run boo [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] finding money money [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Hills Marley Marley Marley got him under for the kill [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] thank you so much you get home safe please thank you so much Colorado see you next time baby [Applause] your money you

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