good morning everybody welcome to Myrtle gaming this vegan Marvin and we're now tackling the designated pet and the suggested pet and recommended pet for each job class or build for each class if you're a bash or a pierce lord night I would be suggesting to you for you to get baby desert wolf or a devil Chi you need that ignore defense or if you already have a 100% ignore defense on your bash or appears Lord Knights on your equipment then a devil root would be better for you now if you're an advocate Lord knife well I would be suggesting either yo yo for attack speed mandragora seed for a crit rate or a Batman jr. on the late part of your game for additional crit damage on your Lord knife now if you're a tank lord nigh or Aladeen Isis would be suggested for you since an Isis increases the healing effects that should receive by a maximum of five percent all right so if you're an ADL or an ail sniper then yo yo mandragora seed or Baphomet jr. would be your choice as your pets now if you're a full support high priest then a green pet it would be very very good for you since it increases the healing effects that you give out to your friends and yourself if you're a madness priest Isis or so he would be better for you since you need the casting time and you need more magical attack same goes with high wizards for the early parts of high wizards I would be suggesting in do Natick then you change it to Isis once you get a meteor storm and then when you achieve a very good cast of cast time reduction on your equipments and on your enchants then so he would be your late-game partner alright now if you're an assassin cross baby the circles or deborah tree would be better for you if you're a patched paladin then be the same baby desert wolf or the fitted sheet now if you are a dagger or a triangle shot stoppers then big desert rules and the brooch it would also be good for you but if you're an AVL stopper mandragora and Baphomet jr. would be your partner's for champions there are a lot of build for champions so the best bet for that would be fitting for you would be a devil chief now for white Smiths maybe desert group same and develop chief for creators you need additional nor defense so that baby desert wolf would also be very good for you or a delivery chief all right so that's it guys if you haven't subscribed to my channel please do subscribe if you like this video please do leave a like and share this to your friends and to your guild mates into your office mates on everyone that you know that would be needing to understand more and to make their pets work more efficiently in their favor all right let's all see you again next time bye [Applause]


  1. Hi Everyone! Before you say anything, this video is clipped from the Ultimate Full Pet Guide since some would be saying that I make very long videos and they requested for me to upload short videos with just one topic SO..
    — I made a long video which includes all, as many already liked,
    — I made these types of videos that are from the original full video for people who requested shorted videos with straight-to-the-point and one-topic type of videos.
    There. Happy? ^_^

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