Race Track Cats ? Triple Fortune Dragon ? Mega Vault ?

all right so here we are in the grandstand II then we'll dance or spread yes if they have the Washington Horse Racing Hall of Fame pretty cool and pretty guys there's all the trainer's very cool there's some jackets that's very pretty very nice little area here someone excited to be here today here's all the big horses jockeys so very cool hey everybody sigh cats here we're here at Angel the winds casino playing triple fortune dragon Unleashed and I got a bonus whoo all right so wish us luck here we go there it goes 15 free spins we love coming to Washington to play this game we don't have it where we live so let's get some dudes and drag in come on line it up o kings there we go whoo C dollars you did you spend we're betting the dollar and a quarter here we got some nine there we go we're up to 20 dollars so far so if we get three coins we reach trigger with 15 spins two dragons and we get five more spins so dragons coins dude come on something big let's do it come on oh we just missed the dude you got five more spins after this one come on come on point for more spin come on dragons where's my dragon Oh line up dragon two more spin strike it dragon dragon dragon alright make this one a big one Oh coin alright that's okay twenty-eight dollars in the bonus on a dollar twenty-five bit we'll take it alright thanks for watching where the suck at me out for now Wow he got 12 lifetime get the body top three finishes red white stare at sunset it's got three men trainee I pointed out you made threes but at this second place I find a good speaker while she's on the program hey everybody fun cats here we're here at and all the winds casinos Arlington Washington we're hanging out with cool cats here's a ROTC there she is she's so pretty with her ears and look here's Katie with your ears and here's Fred and Dan they don't have ears can hear they have ears but real ears anyways so we just initiated the bows on our favorite triple fortune dragon so it's just like here we go come on we got 15 free spirit with the dragon times three let's do it all right come on dragon oh wait trigger we need one more coin very chiggers you dragons I think also a checker I don't remember there's so many versions of this game go ahead come on Dragon Lynam up dragon all right we got some Kings here we go I know I need a dragon but that's right we're rolling in upsetting my fans $15 been there and we got ten more to go my dragon again darn it three coins would have reached rigored another 15 spin come on do it do it do it dragon Jews and Dragons yeah buy more spin news and Dragons do them dragon dollars all right we got three Spindler let's do it oh we're dragon fifteen all right we got it come on erotic glue it up all right two more spin I'm a dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon oh darn it 31:51 75 get set all right Anna Roxy's gonna finish up her bonus here thanks for watching I did place a bet on the two where's our versatility all right come on t3 two three so I have a 3-2 exacta box actually had the five horse in there $2.00 exacta box welcome back with what we went great to be in through today everybody's here megavolt oh my goodness we're playing high-limit think of all this well that's $20 but we're not doing that ready zero which is like everybody and try not to hold my breath alright let's do it baby oh so we need three of these for that bonus crazy come on baby there's our bonus symbol there when you three of those oh yeah I don't want to do that come on baby Razia back [Applause] [Applause] way to go all right you know I do like if we can't catch that bonus to get about four spins you got this baby there that would have been banana all right come on let's get that bonus single all right so let's do one more since we got a hit dollars you can do an $8 bit let's do that yeah one more way to go baby let's get it right I'm gonna cash out there with $1,001 85 way to go baby we're the black cat thanks for watching I'm out hey everybody so we are on our plane heading home from Washington SuperDuper excited for his scratching that's eat in front of him what do you say baby yeah for now hey everybody roll we made it home oh he's trying to headbutt me again oh my goodness baby after midnight are playing with a little delayed after Ms it all hang out Oh know what you say but we're glad important air class you are quoting Eric Clapton I know you are honey I just didn't know you were gonna do that okay anyways we're back in California yeah we're almost there and we'll be live streaming on Tuesday night I see you there a copy of coffee with a guest no type of yeah Tuesday happy cat mister yeah for now

23 thoughts on “Race Track Cats ? Triple Fortune Dragon ? Mega Vault ?

  1. way to go $300 on just a few spins sweet Also I play the horse tracks online it's pretty fun I have won a few bucks at Emerald Downs awesome Video

  2. Very fun vid. Love the side trip to racetrack and Heidi won! I think Gambleholic Queen (& her mother) is getting everyone hooked on Triple Fortune Dragon. Thanks and hope you had a great trip to Washington! It sure looked like it from the live streams.

  3. Congrats, Natasha on the program cover! Just needed to see her purple hair! Make sure it was really her!! Ha Ha! Thanks for another winning video! Paws crossed for feline fortune tonight on Taco Cat Tuesday!

  4. I've never played either game. I've seen Mega Vault at the Peppermill Reno, but never seen Triple Dragon Bonus. Great video. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. i wish we had Triple Fortune Dragon at our locals. The only place I've ever played it was at the Cosmo. I really loe that slot!

  6. This was fun to watch. Just love your videos. Smart gambling makes it fun! See you tonight on your livestream!????

  7. Looks like you guys had a great trip seeing family!! We were happy to hang out with you guys for a night! Have a great day an good luck on the live stream tonight!! ?

  8. Hi Slot ?'s, Enjoyed video today, thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great day, M4N Smiles ? Bonnie

  9. Those horses???so exciting to see the race! I want to play Triple Fortune Dragon! That Mega Vault-high limit was amazing-nice run! Thanks for sharing! Slot Cats Rule??

  10. That slot is all over in the casinos up here in WA. We will trade you for some of the ones you have that we don't!! Love that you visited Emerald on a sunny day-hope you visited my favorite margarita cart down by the paddock!

  11. Wow nice wins on that tough mega vault game. I love your Washington videos. Can't wait to see you on your next trip. Meow for now.

  12. Great to see Gambleholic Queen Slots’ favorite game being played there in Washington state!
    Fun footage at the races!

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