Rabbits Mutilated, Monkeys Driven Mad in University Labs

Deep inside the laboratories of the University of Pittsburgh, thousands of animals—including mice, monkeys, dogs,cats, rats, and rabbits—are cut open, injected with chemicals, and killed for a wide variety of experiments. Unfortunately, this abuse is far from unusual. PETA has exposed dozens of animal laboratories over the years, just like this one, and the misery that you see here isn’t the exception. It’s the rule. Time and again, we’ve seen experimenters treat animals like nothing more than disposable laboratory equipment. This is suffering, loneliness, and desperation. This is animal experimentation in the United States. Some monkeys were restrained in chairs, their heads clamped into vise-like metal collars. Others in cages slowly lost their minds—pacing, rocking, and displaying other repetitive behavior. This monkey pressed his hand to his head so often that he reportedly developed a bruise. Another monkey who desperately tried to escape confinement eluded his tormenters for three hours before being caught. A plastic surgeon, Sandeep Kathju, cut into rabbits’ legs and contorted them in order to cause trauma to the ligaments. Wires inserted in their knees held their legs in this painful position for eight weeks. Rabbits used in this experiment lost significant weight, indicating chronic pain and distress. An experimenter named Rajesh Aneja punctured the intestines of these mice so that harmful bacteria would leak out into their abdomens, causing painful septic shock. Another experimenter, Ira Fox, injected rats with a chemical to make their livers fail. These rats and mice endured a painful, prolonged death. Experimenter Gregory Cooper deliberately breeds rabbits so that their babies will have malformed skulls and misaligned teeth. The infants, such as Tiny Tim, who developed an infection following surgery, and Tully, who was discovered with three broken incisures, suffer almost constantly. When these mice couldn’t, or wouldn’t, drink water laced with an antibiotic, many slowly died of dehydration. The desperate survivors cannibalized their bodies. Mice only exhibit this kind of behavior in extremely stressful or life-threatening situations, just as humans have also been known to do. Many animals at the University of Pittsburgh were deprived of adequate veterinary care. One mother rabbit died after a worker failed to report her stroke-like symptoms. The laboratory didn’t have any rabbit formula, and her hungry babies were euthanized and their bodies harvested for samples. When this rabbit developed an abscess, a veterinarian cut into it and pressed on it for over 10 minutes, putting the rabbit through agony before fully anesthetizing her. This monkey was bitten on the hand, all the way down to the tendons, but a veterinarian reportedly refused even to look at the wound. Many mice suffered from painful sores that could easily have been prevented. Animals were even denied a painless death. Mice were crammed into crowded enclosures that were then filled with carbon dioxide. These newborn mice were stuffed into a plastic bag to be gassed to death. Mice drowned or died of hypothermia when their cage flooded. This is the misery that PETA sees time and time again in government funded animal laboratories. The University of Pittsburgh received more than $475 million from the National Institutes of Health in 2016 alone. And much of that money was spent tormenting and killing animals. Scientists and other experts agree: Experimenting on animals is wasteful, archaic, and cruel. PETA is working with top scientists and governments around the world to put an end to this cruelty, but we need your help. Tell the National Institutes of Health to stop wasting your tax dollars on cruel and wasteful experiments on animals and to fund modern, effective, non-animal research methods instead.

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  1. If you don’t like this, please sign this petition that can helps save more innocent lives! http://chng.it/kw9SpCRPGJ

  2. Why don't they take the prisoners on death row and do the goddamn experiments on them instead of using poor helpless animals that are defenseless the prisoners on death row is going to die anyway so use the goddamn experimentals on the prisoners on death row I need the Damned animals alone animals don't deserve to be treated that way the prisoners on death row they need to be treated that way because they did something to be on death row the laboratory stop and think do your experiments on death row inmates not poor helpless animals new people to do that stuff for helpless animals are very sick people you have no heart and no soul you're just like the prisoners on death row m4u doing experiments on poor helpless animals you should be on death row

  3. This is just disgusting it's just an excuse to torture animals science does not need to experiment on animals full stop the government's are a fucking disgrace to all life all of this needs to be banned banned banned for life strong forceful laws need to be put into place to protect all animals all animals of every kind governments stop this fucking cruelty before all of us good people will go on the rampage professionally to destroy all cruel and disgusting abusive people

  4. They say it then do it!!!!!! get all of this senseless disgusting practice shut down and give animals the protection they need there innocent babies for fucks sake

  5. Look @ how beautiful they are. Yet humans take a vantage and harm them! We don’t deserve animals. They do us so well yet this is how we repay them smh. Like to stop animal cruelty!

  6. How heartless are you to just fk put this stuff in a littel monkey,bunny ,mause or rat i hope the peapel who are doing this for work just die DIE STUPID HUMANNS THAT WPRK THERE

  7. Like I said in 'n previous comment!!!! Don't use innocent animals that can't fend for themselves!!! Use the scumbags in the prisons… Those who stole from people, those who rape children and woman, those who murder other people!!!! Why do such things to animals???? And then you will make space for new scumbags. So will the problems of full overgrouded prisons be solved!!!

  8. These pepole are retards I believe that animals insects and humans are all living so we should all live and be treated nicely and the same

  9. I think some of these experiments are actually being in action due to finding out cures for diseases and stuff like that

  10. They should allow for free for all unlimited animal experimentation with no restrictions to the method to test and research for cures and medicine.
    Cost shouldn't be attached to using animals but rather, for each animal used,the chief research officer or lab handlers will get a physical punishment, or a lash of a whip.
    Researchers when have to ensure that they make the tests count with proper studies thoroughly before moving to animal testing.
    E.g. using 100 animals = 100 lashes of whip. Researchers can cut short programs if they are not ready or confident.
    Yeah, cruel, crazy and just as barbaric.

  11. Viable experimentation is useful to our knowledge however wanton cruelty is a whole different thing. If we're going to regulate everything else then we really should regulate what we do to test animals. It's illegal for 21 year old to smoke or drink alcohol however they can take a weapon and shoot somebody in the United States armed forces. I think our priorities are truly askew

  12. They should experiment on death row inmates that truly deserve to die! Like instead of killing death row inmates send them to be tested on only death row inmates


  14. My two bunnies Maddie and tia are legit going into hiding..

    I’ve only one question I believe in reincarnation if we came back as animals would we also be tortured like this..
    It really does show that humans are the cause of death ,cruelty,misery and extinction of most species on this planet.

  15. Pittsburgh University? P.U. See what I did there? PU? PU is gross? Pittsburgh University is doing this, so they're bad? The abbreviation is PU? No? Forget you, I'm hilarious.

  16. Wait a minute. PETA is technically supporting Pittsburgh University because they're using this labs research….. ????

  17. I'm not a fan of PETA and believe that lots of good for humanity can come from certain types of animal experimentation, but honestly some of these procedures just seem super unnecessary. Why would they deliberately breed rabbits to have deformed skulls and fucked up faces? It would be nice if we could get an explanation or a documentary that doesn't sensationalize or spin something and just flat out explain why some of these procedures are necessary, that way those of us who adhere to healthy skepticism and the scientific method rather than emotions for discerning concepts could make informed decisions rather than the shit we have now. Just a bunch of videos that make it seem like these people are hurting the animals for no reason at all…I'm sorry but I find it very hard to believe that a scientific laboratory could exist just for people to get their jollies off killing and hurting animals. There must be some reason they get their funding, some greater purpose to this all, and it would be nice to get both sides of the story FROM the people who know it, not just people who make assumptions.

    Of course that doesn't mean its not horrific and sad, but our society and progress as a species is built upon horror and sadness. The end goal being that there doesn't have to be any more of that.

  18. I am extremely shocked!!! Sad to see this in a govt funded university lab such cruelty against animals. Tax payers money applied for cruelty purposes should never be supported. Let people support Peta in masses so that all the politicians across the world have fear of Peta. I am with PETA.

  19. I don't understand why they would cut into rabbits legs and insert wires and be held there for eight weeks, and how is this supposed to help scientist get a better understanding of how to treat this when naturally this would never happen to humans or any animals.To me it just sounds like their doing just to do it,none of it makes any since.

  20. Most of the disease we have fought today have been brought to light via animal testing, it may not be the most pleasent way of doing things. We could test it on humans but any drug that is given to the public needs to be tested on animals before a human to see if it is safe other wise a human could die. That being said every single time you take a drug you should reject it since it is made by being tested animals. so all you vegans should know this before you make a comment on the way things are done. other wise just dont take drugs according to your logic

  21. Ban animal testing and experiments world wide, they do not know how to fight back , let us be their voice, Nasi bastards stop animal cruelty.

  22. Attention people at PETA, anyone for animal rights , like the ALF. The following footage is of a poor baby macaque being abused. Not just neglected, but outright abused. The poor baby is crying and is getting beat up. The worst part is, no good people come to intervene and save the poor little one, who was tortured to the point of having a bloody face!!! Take a look and see what you can do please. I’ve donated $20 each year to you guys for the last 3 years. Would love to see this poor baby’s situation addressed. Thank You fellow animal lovers ?✌???

  23. Wwhhhhyyy am I watching this ? like WTF people are awful this so wrong and not fair these animals deserve to live and be loved!!!???

  24. They’re sickos. All the testing is about inducing death. I do believe the animal testing can be absolutely necessary in some scientific cases. But it should be as humane as possible with safe, large living environment (unless it affects testing) and medications should be administered to reduce suffering. They should pay a hefty price for each animal they test on and only legit scientific institutions and corporations should be able to test (no makeup companies).

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