100 thoughts on “Rabbit recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

  1. And here in Nigeria we call it zomo! Can u smell that? it smells gooood! Loving it and am definitely gonna try this recipe someday.

  2. What's with the half a gallon of vinegar? Up to that I've been using the same stuff for ingredients and throwing some pork instead of rabbit. Also some nice potatoes work fine in there.

  3. I've fried my own rabbit that I've harvested on my ranch. And it's always really good eatin, but I wanna see how the Pit Boys handle fried rabbit…

  4. Wild rabbit is probably the best tasting meat to someone who isn't used to hunted food. I've never had farm-raised rabbit but I was seriously impressed the first time I killed and cooked a wild bunny. I was also surprised by how good alligator tastes. As a hunter I claim these are the best game meats. I've hunted deer for decades and I still can't get used to venison. The only way I can enjoy deer meat is if it's heavily seasoned like jerky or sausage.

  5. Nagyon ízletes és egészséges a házinyúl !
    Bizonyosan nagyon jó ízt kölcsönöznek a zöldségek…

  6. Out here in Arizona we got big jack rabbits (a lot of em), just grab my .22 long rifle and go out for a walk, come back with a couple nice ones and were on for supper, there are so many rabbit recipes you will have a lot of fun, and good eats, I dam sure guarantee, very lean and healthy as well, BBQPB4L

  7. Hey Pit Boys!! Love your videos!! What model or size is that FLO Grill setup you've got there? I'd like to have my Weber put in one just like it. That is sweet!!

  8. Nice recipe. but I wouldnt use a cleaver on rabbit as you end up with a million tiny shards of bone in the finished dish. You can break a rabbit into cooking portions just as quickly using a knife and cutting the joints.

  9. "Lots of veggies in this one, the veggimatics will love this one", lol, the immediate next scene is continuing of chopping the meat up, lol. Love it~

  10. I need to get out and go rabbit hunting again. It has been a many years since I went hunting. Rabbits were always good to eat. Now I have a new recipe to try! 🙂

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