RABBIT MASK FOR HOLIDAY HOMEWORK रैबिट- खरगोश मास्क हॉलिडे होमवर्क

Hi Friends, Today we are going to make a Rabbit Mask For this pls take 2 different colors hand made A4 sheets,Black Glace Paper,Glue,Pencil,Eraser,Scissor,Cutter & one rubber string. First of all I am going to make Rabbit face design on Hand made sheet with a pencil After this cut the sheet so it comes down to Rabbit Face shape. Now take another sheet & mark Rabbit’s eyes,nose,ears & mouth with a pencil. Now cut these according to their shapes.We have cut now two ears,two eyes,one nose & mouth. Now stick/paste ears,eyes,nose & mouth on the mask with glue. Make holes on both eyes so it looks shiny & attractive. Now take black Glace paper & cut it to make rabbit mustaches.stick these mustaches on the mask with glue. Now make holes on both sides of mask for rubber string. Insert rubber string into holes & tie the knot on both sides properly. See your Rabbit Mask is ready. If you liked our video, then pls Don’gt forget to subscribe our channel “CraftAnIdea” Thank you for watching this video.

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