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Special rabbit today! We’re grilling it on a spit after handling it properly to enhance its taste. Today, also here with me will be Andreas because since the roast is eclectic the company is eclectic as well. -Oh, what..what are you bringing? Hello from me, too! A rabbit today, something that I really like, and I wouldn’t like to miss it, so I came here as soon as I could. SInce I cannot wait for the rabbit to be ready because it will take a couple of hours, Iike always, I like to serve something as an appetizer. So, I brought some sausage from Karditsa, Greece and we’ll also be grilling a few potatoes while waiting to nibble, and chit-chat to have a good time because grilling is communication. Let’s see all these, and we wish you “Happy Grilling”! -Happy grilling from me, too! Hello dear friends! Hello from me, too! We are brothers Mallioras, Antreas and George (Yorgos) We construct grills and ovens together. Our passion for grilling is great, and we share it with you! We upload a new video every Thursday with a new recipe, a new idea to get together with your friends. Because grilling is communication. So you can click the subscribe button and follow us on our channel. And remember to also click the bell button to get notified. Preparation and skewering The first thing we have to do is to pour half wineglass of vinegar on the rabbit like rinsing it. We’re making sure to spread it all over. Internally as well. Like rinsing it, that is. And we’ll leave it a bit with the vinegar. 10-15 minutes. This is the first step of the rabbit preparation. The vinegar will leave in the end a discreet and light scent, and it will also soften the meat. Now, we’re ready to start the skewering process. And we’ll also have some more steps to give flavor and color to our roast during grilling. Inside a bowl, we’ll put 2 tablespoons mild mustard and 1 tablespoon classic ketchap. And we’ll add approximately 25-30 ml (0.85 – 1 fl oz)
sunflower oil. We’ll mix well to blend them and make them liquid. And we’ll also add half teaspoon freshly ground oregano. We’re mixing them well to make a paste. We’re tying the back with a piece of string. Tightly enough. We’re tying it in three spots. One here on top, near the fronts legs, one in the middle, and one in the back near the back legs. We can see the tying: the back legs, the three spots in the back, and the front legs in front of the head. This way it stays perfectly put and it won’t move around the spit. It’s better to use a square spit. It’s enough to add inside the belly 1 tablespoon quality salt approximately and a bit of salt externally. Of the mustard and ketchap mixture we’ve prepared earlier we do a basting internally don’t use that much. We’ll add a bay leaf, we cut it in half. We’ll put one half in the front and the other in the back. A small onion cut in small pieces. We spread it alongside the belly. And 2 cloves of garlic cut in four alongside the belly. And we’re now ready to stitch the belly. Careful stitching, as much as possible to avoid losing much of the juicies. Surgical stitching here… And the last step with the mustard and ketchap paste we’ll baste externally the entire rabbit and we’ll leave it for about half an hour as much time as the charcoals need to be lit. This will enhance our rabbit’s taste, and will give a nice color. And, it will also keep it moist externally because the rabbit is dry, it doesn’t have fat. Lighting the charcoals We are ready to light the charcoals. We’re spreading the charcoals so the pile will be equal in length with the rabbit. Alcohol soaked cotton on top because the charcoals light upside down, from top to bottom. Our charcoals are ready, they have lit. And right on the side we have placed a second pile to grill sausages, potatoes and various other appetizers. The pile on the side has left-over charcoals from the previous grilling. When we cover the firecabin with its lid, the charcoals are put down so we can reuse them in the next grilling. And the grilling begins! We start grilling relatively far from the charcoals. Our hand should withstand the heat for at least 6-7 seconds. We’re also spreading the charcoals of the second pile to grill sausages and potatoes. We won’t throw charcoal ash because all need a strong heat from the begining. We’re ready. Our appetizers will be ready in 20 minutes at most. The rabbit will be ready in about 2 hours. While our appetizers are being grilled a bit of wine for the appetite to come. Andreas is a specialist in appetizers. He took it from our father who had the best appetizers in his ouzeri (a bar that typically serves ouzo). Here comes another one. It’s very hot. Bread. Give us some lemon, Andreas. Plenty of lemon. Plenty of lemon from our lemon tree. That’s it.
-Serve yourselves. -Have an appetizer. Very good! The potatoes are the last ones. And the rabbit has a long time to go. This rabbit, I believe, will have an exceptional taste. The company is what counts. The rabbit was just the escuse to get together. Grilling, to us, is a way of communication. Always accompany your roasts with raw salads, grilled or cooked. This season (winter) is for cabbage, wild greens, and potatoes that are always in season. Extra virgin olive oil. Salt and oregano. And a few drops of lemon. That’s it, dear friends, nice company, appetizers, and something on a spit. Because grilling is communication. The grilling progresses, we will lower the roast in a bit so we don’t have to spread the charcoals. During grilling, we’ll baste 1-2 bastings more so it has the required moisture externally and doesn’t dry. At 1 hour and 15 minutes, we’ve lowered it one position, and we’re almost just above the charcoals. We’re now grilling using the inner spit holders. We have lowered it more, we are grilling for about 2 hours. Now, we’re very close to the charcoals the heat they release is very strong. Our rabbit has an internal temperature now near 70°C (158°F) and we’re heading to the final grilling stage to also give color. As you can see, we’re grilling very close to the fire. At this grilling stage, we need the full strength of the charcoals. Our hand can’t stay for more than 3″. We make the final basting so our rabbit gains a nice color and doesn’t dry, to stay juicy. It has started to open in the legs. An indication that it’s roasted. Here, we can spread the charcoals to give their full heat. And now for the final grilling stage, to give color to the rabbit. Let’s check the temperature, we’re at 74°C (165°F). We’re good. We’ll remove it. After removing it from the fire we wrap it in alluminum foil for 7-8 mimutes to maintain its juicies internally. So, our rabbit will be juicy as well as soft. We have unskewered it. It’s very juicy as it seems, and we’re ready to cut it. Let’s try it. Excellent taste. – Come on and try, Andreas. – Take this drumstick… – That’s the one I was eyeing… – This one, huh? – How’s it? – Nice! Very nice taste. I believe it will go well with some more salt and oregano. – As was expecting it. It was worth a come over. And the stuffing is nice. And the final touch. Salt and oregano. Let’s go and share it with our company. Happy grilling to everyone! Happy grilling from me as well!

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    Να είστε πάντα καλά.

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