Rabbit farming | Malappuram | കുറഞ്ഞ സ്‌ഥലത്തൊരു മുയല്‍ ഫാം

Namaskaram,welcome to another episode of “Organic Keralam”. This time we are going to visit a rabbit farm. This farm is in valancherry in malappuram district. The owner of this farm is Mr.Abdul Razaq. Here he breeds rabbits and quails. Then flock of hens too. He is managing a small scale farming. But he does this job neatly and systematically. Let us meet him and get to know about his nurture. He also goes for some other works to look after his family. He maintains this farm in between all his hardships. His love on pet animals made him to step in to this business, And he earns quite a good amount of money. Let us check out how he breeds his pets. Brother, could you please describe how you step in to this pet breeding? I came to know more on rabbit farm by Youtube. Since childhood I have an ardent love for pets. In the beginning I maintained only quails. Oh ok, how many quails you have brother? Including chicks the covey family numbers to more than 600. You do the incubation here itself right? Yes. Then how you turned in to rabbit nurture? I got a chance to watch a video regarding rabbit farm, on You tube, when I was in the gulf. I resolved to step in to this business only aiming at profit. How many rabbits you have right now? I have now 60 rabbits with me. When did you start your business? I had started my business 5 months ago. How you find marketing? I bought all these rabbits from a whole sale dealer. They had agreed to take the baby bunnies in return. These rabbits are for meat. Ok, how they distribute the rabbits? They give me matured rabbits ..male and female. We have to look after them for 45 days. After that they arrange things for mating. All these bunnies are born like that… Do you feel this business as profit? Yes..my friends buy from me for 250 rupees per kg. The dealer also gives you fair money? Yes,they also pay me the same price. How much they weigh? All these are now weight 1.8 or 1.9 kg each. This weight is apt for selling. We should not delay in selling as they are needed some more amount of money for taking care. So we have to sell them averting loss. So when have to sell them? I always sell them when they become matured rabbits of two to two and half month. Till then you look after them right? First one month goes by milk feeding by its own mother. Then I give pellets and grass for eating. How you take care of them when they give birth to young ones? When delivery nears the mother rabbits start to rabbit pluck their own fur. We can see the fur underneath their cage. Then we can confirm that their delivery time has come. Then I take a box and fill coir pith in it. I put the mother rabbit in it. So you put these boxes openly? No I put the boxes in each cage. So they get in to the box when the delivery time nears. Some says that rabbits eat their own babies after the delivery. As a remedy I give nutrient medicine for them every day. I believe they eat babies in order to meet nutrient insufficiency. So these three medicines are given to them one by one each day. Here the name of the medicine is visible to us… What is the dosage of this medicine brother? I use to give them 20 ml of medicine to each rabbit. Now I take a rabbit out of the cage and pat on them for making them comfortable. This makes them remain quite. I just hold their ears and insert the syringe in to their mouth and squeeze it. I also give a powder based medicine for five days. We need not to give those three medicines during these days. I also give a medicine for mange in every 15 days. In which ratio you get the rabbits from the dealer regarding male-female number? I get 10 rabbits in a unit from the dealer. Each unit consists of 8 females and 2 males. Do they show any symptoms when they want to mate? I don’t consider the symptom. I used to make them mate 10 days after the delivery. The dealers say that we can find some reddish mark on the female body at the time of their mating. But I have not noticed that. This is a rabbit which delivered baby 15 days before. We should hold the animal like this. We should not hold their ears.. Instead we should carry them by holding their back side. Now I put the female in the male cage. How many days you put the female in the cage? Its only for 2 ..3 times. Ok…could you please describe about their feeding brother? Because as you are a farmer, you need to breed fat animals to sell, right? I give them rice, wheat, tamarind seed and cereal powder to feed baby bunnies. All these are baby bunnies. Now I have 4 to 5 in each cage, Hence I have to expand each cage to accommodate them in spacious cages. One time per day? No I give them the same type food at night too. But I reduce the amount of food at night. How you feed the matured animals? I give them a mixture of sesame oil cake, coconut oil cake, peanut oil cake, cereal husk like maize. I mix them and roll and put it in the cage. I mix them and roll and put it in the cage. This is the way of their feeding. I also give them grass I collect the grass every night and give them in the morning. I lay the grass on the top of the cage, Then the bunnies stand straight and try to eat as much as they wish. Hence food is not wasted. This is an exercise too. How you treat the bunnies when they get ill? Bunnies normally affected by gas forming. Some of them eat more food. That makes them affect by gas. Next day they seems reluctant in taking food. By that I can confirm their illness and start to treat. I give them gas releasing medicine for it. what will be the dosage? That would be in accordance with their age. One or two ml will be sufficient. If they are reluctant in taking food, I will give this medicine to meet their nutrient deficiency. Then the major disease affect them is mange. I give them this medicine for mange in every 15 days. I give this in the morning to all bunnies . Do you get these medicines from medical shops? The dealers give these to me as the part of the unit and after that I buy them too from medical shops. The attack of mange may vary in each animal. Now do you have any affected bunnies with u? Yes one is here, you can find small dots on their bodies, especially on their ears. Is it an epidemic disease? Yes. It is. There is also medicine for smearing. It is mixing with neem oil, and applying on their body. Before applying the medicine, their body has to be cleaned with salt water and dettol. I do this in every 15 days. It is not a bath but a cleaning with Dettol drenched cloth. After cleaning I smear the neem oil mix on their body. So these are the major diseases that affect the rabbits right? When they get wounds, I apply these spray and ointment. Then I give this powder 5 days in a month. I add the 20 gm powder in 10 litre water. And I normally give water every day to them. I give them water in mud vessels. It makes them cool and the vessel is not damaged by their sharp teeth. What is the measurement of their shed? The dealers say that the shed should be 35 metre length and 12 metre width. Now I have to set up three units of shed further, because we should put only two bunnies in a cage. That may supply sufficient food for each bunny. It will increase their weight also. But as the shortage of enough space, I put 8 to 9 bunnies in a cage, the dealer has given me one inch gap net cage. The bunnies put their head in the gaps and they die. The remedy is to put them in spacious cages to play. They only can bear 30 degree of heat. Hence I hatch the shed with coconut leaves, beneath the grass mat. Now we can talk about quails. How many quails you have in your poultry? Now I have 600 quails including the chicks. You incubate here itself right? yes I am. Where you sell the eggs brother? I am a member in a society here. So I sell the eggs there. How much you get by selling eggs. Earlier, I had got only 85 to 100 rupees for a box of 50 eggs. Now as the cost of food increase, the rate of the egg also raised to 120 rupees for a box of 50 eggs. That helps a lot to the farmers like me. How many eggs do you get every day? I get normally 400 eggs every day. So you sell to the society right? My neighbours also buy eggs. When the eggs reaches to 25 boxes I sell to the society. Can u find out which is male and female? No I cannot, it seems to me difficult. How it is? We can find out the sex as we see the red color on the male’s chest and light shade on the female breast. How many days would take to hatch the eggs? It would take 16 days. How you give water to them? I give the water in a high-tech model, Hence water is not wasted. How many hens and cocks you have in your poultry brother? I had more than 150, Now customers have bought them in pairs. I had bought some eggs from the gulf and incubated them here. Hello viewers we have seen here his rabbits, quails and some flock of hens and roosters. He manages his business in a small scale. It means that the investment is comparatively low. Still he earns a reasonable profit. Even though his business is of less investment he uses high tech application in water supply to the birds. We can find his sincere endeavour in this business. Felt happy finding these in his farm. I feel respect on him since he manages the business bearing all the hardships. So viewers I hope you all enjoyed watching this video. Thank you all for watching us and do subscribe our channel.

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