100 thoughts on “Rabbit eating own babies.

  1. This is normal. The babies were born prematurly and died. The mom will eat the babys so the predetors wont have the smell of the dead babies. Do some reasearch before disliking and bashing this guy, that didnt do a thing. Rabbits arent cute and furry, they can be very agresive and defensive.

  2. Show this shit to PETA and all their utter nonsense about how animals all get along and "socialize" with others their own species in the wild. BS. In the wild they'll do this and other brutal things to their own. I have more respect for crime syndicates than PETA and their lies.

  3. I cant bare to watch animals eating their own babies, but still, i tend to watch these type of videos. Like WTF

  4. Rabbits (and mice and rats) will do this if they don't have a good, sequestered hiding space. If not, they get stressed and eat their babies, feeling that they can't raise or defend them.

  5. Sometimes they eat their babies even babies alive and healthy
    This happens when you don’t provide them with water right after delivery

  6. Why is he just standing there poor bunnies that mother rabbit of urs is evil sorry but u need to kill it or leave it

  7. It's normal for this to happen because the predators that can eat them well the.mother eat them first like a bully comes up says I say hey walking down the street with my no knuckle sand with but your second cousin is like hey if any one picks on my second senoir cousin it be me EDIT also the guy didn't want this to happen because he said hey EATING yo Baines and my new pay checking in dat cage! Also please sing this sorry for Arthur refrences

  8. 1 dislike this video 1 good job! It killed the poor bunny and made it bleed! Maybe they did not feed the bunny the big bunny. How rude!

  9. Sometimes on rare occasion it thinks that the babies that is being birthed is actually the afterbirth… so as they think it is they start to eat it… and of course if it’s dead it will do the same… RIP youngsters RIP ?

  10. you thought other animals were disgusting, but this one eats poop, dead babies, hay but most worst of all VEGETABLES

  11. This rabbit was obviously forced to breed. She is in terrible living conditions and is probably very stressed. Her only choice was to eat the dead babies to try not to attract predators. Not a happy or healthy bunny at all.

  12. Bro do do that it's your babies Barney's I mean bunny are you killing your baby bunnies those are your babies miss Mama money my bunny I mean miss Mama bunny don't kill your babies still yours did you just bite its lights off now do you know they won't walk now we won't walk anymore

  13. Why didnt you do anything you didnt know that the mother will eat the babies actually my rabbit give birth too but she ate it and thats how i realize that you need to ummm……. Seperate the baby to the mother…… i felt so bad to the babies and you all saying th babies are dead but NO!!!…. The babies are not dead in 0:29 the other baby breathe 려차 ㅛㅐㅕ ㅐㅈㅜㄷㄱ

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